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It looks like another 0-for-3 weekend for the watchdog, as it looks like any questions that are going to be asked — and answered — before election day already have been.

With election day around the corner and the candidates (all but one having appeared on the Sunday shows) campaigning until the last moment, what we got were spokepersons and surrogates who weren’t about to stray too far from the scripted predictions of victory on both sides.

For his part, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis spent more time talking about how the polls are weighted against his candidate than whether political and economic realities made the campaign about the issues, despite his ticket’s best efforts.

Sen. John Kerry, on Meet the Press, completely whiffed an opportunity to talk about the potential for progressive change in this election, and proceded to declaim Demcorat’s achievements in the 1990s and concede any potential for progressive change in favor of "reaching across the aisle."

Finally, on Face the Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham failed to mention whether his offer of a South Carolina vacation applied to newly unemployed swing state voters.

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