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It was another 0-for-3 weekend for the watchdog, though Speaker Pelosi successfully resisted a grilling on drilling.

It was Nancy Pelosi who shone brightest this Sunday on ABC’s This Week, as she held the line against the push to “drill, drill, drill,” and met George Stephanopoulis’ incessant questions with fact-based-argument after fact-based-argument against a “tactic” that won’t yield relief at the pump for 10 years, and then only pennies. She also pointed out that not even the president is willing to say the drilling will lower gas prices, now or later.

The rest of Sunday morning was pretty much a wash. Sen. Linsey Graham made it through his Fox News Sunday appearance without having to explain John McCain’s myriad “out-of-touch” moments in the campaign thus far. And Joe Lieberman actually managed to invoke the “terrorists who attacked us on 9/11,” on CBS’s Meet the Press without once having to explain just how many of them were from Iraq.

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