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It looks like another 0-for-3 weekend for the watchdog, as the Sunday shows and their guests managed to avoid the watchdog’s questions. Rarely has so much been said, in fact, while providing so few answers.

Henry Paulson, on Face the Nation, mentioned “regulators” during his explanation of the big-government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that’s currently in the works, but never answered our question (which wasn’t asked) about just what taxpayers should demand in return for basically guaranteeing Fannie’s and Freddie’s debt, and saving their credit raiting.

Al Gore, on Meet the Press, did a good job of debunkign the myth that offshore drilling will solve our energy problems anytime soon. He even points out that we’d be drilling for export, because any oil discovered as a result wouldn’t stay here anyway. But he wasn’t asked, and thus didn’t point out that the our own Energy Department says drilling won’t lower gass prices. (And even the president won’t say that it will.)

And finally, on Fox New Sunday, Sen. Joe Lieberman wasn’t asked what he had to say to consituents about breaking his word to caucus caucus with the Democrats, so we can only guess what his answer might have been.

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