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It was almost a 1-in-3 weekend for the watchdog, in which — once again — a question that wasn't asked was very nearly answered.

On ABC's This Week, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised John McCain's take on the economy, urging voters to look at the Senators voting record and not "soundbites from the campaign trail." But it was the source of those "soundbites" that caused Carly Fiorina to engage in some fancy footwork on NBC's Meet the Press.

Actually, it was more like fancy footwork with a dash of wishful thinking, the first step being a not-so-artful dodge about a certain economic adviser to the McCain Campaign.

MS. CARLY FIORINA: Well, John McCain, after making the statement that you just played, was asked directly whether Senator Gramm would have a position in his Cabinet, and his response was, "Well, perhaps he'd make a good ambassador to Belarus, but I'm not sure the citizens of Minsk would welcome him." I think John McCain's been real clear that Phil Gramm wasn't speaking for him and, in fact, John McCain has said now for many months that he believes the economy is in a recession. It's clear Americans are hurting. It's--they're hurting when they fill up their car with gas; they're hurting when they go to the grocery store.

MR. BROKAW: But the question is will Senator Gramm continue to have a role in the campaign? Will he be listed on the letterhead and will he be in the meetings in which they discuss the economy?

MS. FIORINA: I don't think Senator Gramm will any longer be speaking for John McCain, and I think John McCain was crystal clear about that this week. And I think...

But the wishful thinking is somethign that must be seen to be believed.

In response to Phil Gramm calling American's a nation of "whiners," the best reponse Fiorina can come up with is that nobody's paying attention to what people like her are saying when they campaign for John McCain?

I guess there's no harm in hoping that they aren't. Depending on who you ask...


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