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It’s that time again. Time for the watch to patrol the Sunday shows, on the look-out for a relevant question — should one get through. Which ones should get through? Make your suggestions and pose your questions in the comments, and when the guests are announced this evening we may pick some of your questions for the Watchdog. Come back and check out our usual Weekend Watchdog post to see who’s on the guest list and whether your question is on the Watchdog list.

If you’ve read the headlines, you know what’s probably going to be the main topic — if not the topic — on just about every show. The presidential race is down to two candidates, and the debate has begun.

But a quick review of the headlines shows that there are some other big stories out there that somebody on at least one of the Sunday shows ought to be asked about.

A few come to mind right away:

That should get us started. What’s on your mind? If you could ask one question on "Face the Nation," "This Week," or "Meet the Press" what would you ask? Let ’em rip in the comments. And, as always, keep things polite and respectful, as practice for when you contact the shows with your question.

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