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Every Friday in our Weekend Watchdog feature, we post suggested questions for scheduled Sunday guests. You can add your own questions in the comment thread. We’ll also include contact information for the shows, so we can let them know what their viewers want asked. We’ll post a wrap-up here on the blog on Monday.

For Senator Joe Lieberman (ABC’s This Week): You recently traveled to Iraq with Seen. John McCain. Seen. McCain recently revised his estimate for victory in Iraq down from 100 years to a deadline of bringing American troops home by 2013 — just five years from now.

Based on what you saw in Iraq, what would it take get our troops out of Iraq and back home by 2013, and how soon would we have to start withdrawing troops to have even most of them out of Iraq in five years?

For Senator Jon Kyl (Fox News Sunday): You’ve criticized Seen. Barack Obama for suggesting that American troops could be withdrawn from Iraq by 2013.

Have you changed your mind on the feasibility of bringing American troops home by 2013 now that John McCain has proposed a timeline to do so?

For former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (CNN’s, Late Edition): A year ago you told Roll Call, "The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail, and so far it’s working for us."

Considering Republican’s most recent loss in Mississippi, and concerns that Republicans could lose 20 more seats in Congress, do you still think being obstructionist is working for Republicans?


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