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Despite an attempt to take a bigger bite, the watchdog came up short once more, going 0-for-5 on the Sunday shows.

On Meet the Press, Sen. Bob Casey was not asked about the Senate’s comprise bill on foreclosure relief, in which actual funding for foreclosure relief was compromised away while $6 billion in tax breaks for the building industry remained intact. The discussion was mostly about the Democratic presidential race.

While the general topic of poverty came up during the discussion of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, Michael Eric Dyson was not specifically asked how Dr. King would address the current economic crisis, which is hitting minority communities particularly hard.

On ABC’s This Week despite the focus on Iraq, Sen. Jim Webb was not asked who should be accountable for the $295 the Pentagon overspent on weapons that are significantly behind schedule on deliver.

Though the recent events in Basra came up, Sen. Lindsey Graham was not asked about his 2006 statement that Iraq was “near chaos,” and whether he still believed that.

Finally, on Fox News Sunday, Sen. John McCain was not asked why — after both Democratic candidates did so — he failed to propose an agenda to continue Dr. King’s unfinished work, instead of merely apologizing for opposing the federal holiday in King’s memory.

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