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For Michael Eric Dyson (NBC, Meet The Press ): In a recent Newsweek interview, you said that black Americans have not yet "made it to the Promised Land: "Middle-class blacks are closer; they are enjoying the fruits of their labors and extraordinary access by virtue of hard work, but one-quarter of African-Americans are still mired in poverty and are closed out of the broader circle of American privilege."

How would Dr. King address the current subprime mortgage crisis which has hit minority communities hardestcommunities that were targeted by lenders —at a time when the racial wealth divide is getting wider?

For Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa.: Along with Senators Murray, Schumer, and Brown, you offered an amendment adding $100 million in mortgage counseling funds to the Senate’s compromise foreclosure relief bill.

Does this offset the $6 billion in tax rebates for the home building industry? Does it make up for $4 billion in grants for cities to buy foreclose properties, which was scaled by during the compromise?

For Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va. (ABC, This Week): You joined Sen. Clinton in saying that the Department of Defense report that some its body armor may not have met safety standards "underscores the need" for the Government Accounting Office to complete its investigation quickly.

The GAO just issued a scathing report that the Pentagon has overspent by $295 billion on weapons that are behind schedule, and that the Department of Defense has shown little improvement despite six years of assessments

Who’s accountable for this? Who should be?

For Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.: You criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi for warning Gen Petraeus not to "put a shine" on recent events in Iraq.

But in 2006, you said Iraq was "near chaos." After recent events in Basra, do you still think so?

For Sen. John McCain, R-Az: (Fox, FSN): On the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, Sen. Clinton proposed a cabinet position devoted to ending poverty. Sen. Obama said we have a politics "too small" for the challenges we face. You apologized for opposing the federal holiday in Dr. King’s Memory.

Why haven’t you proposed an agenda to complete Dr. King’s unfinished work?


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