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Dingell Playing Troublemaker?

As I’ve reported twice before, Rep. John Dingell, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and longtime ally of automakers, has been sending mixed messages about his intentions on global warming. It’s been unclear if that’s because his views...

Presidential Pack Pushes Clean Energy Economy

As’s Eli Pariser predicted Friday, Saturday’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting on the Climate Crisis was highlighted by the leading presidential candidates embracing a “cap-and-auction” approach to slash global warming pollution. And pretty...

‘SiCKO’ Builds A Movement

Americans want big changes in our heath care system. And now Michael Moore's great new film, “SiCKO,” is helping to turn a desire for change into a crusade for change. Now breaking box office records in its second week in theaters, “SiCKO”...

Weekend Watchdog Wrap-Up

For the third week in a row, the Sunday shows go 0-for-3 for the Watchdog. None of the shows raised the possibility that the commutation of Scooter Libby’s jail sentence is an act of obstruction of justice, even though the Founders did not believe the pardon...

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