Secret Amazon: The Hidden Costs of Big Tech

Our society runs on a digital myth, a myth which says that the technology-based economy is different, special and somehow not subject to the principles of mathematics and human nature that govern the rest of our lives.
Richard Eskow
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Democracy Lite: All Form and No Substance

America’s most powerful economic policy maker dramatically charges that inequality is choking off opportunity for average families. Political candidates across the nation pay absolutely no attention.

Chinese, GOP Agree Non-Rich Shouldn’t Vote

The Communist Chinese-appointed leader of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying, fears rule by the majority – just as U.S. Republicans do. It’s the reason the GOP has launched a massive voter suppression campaign across the country.
Leo Gerard
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Dark Money Makes Our Politics Nastier

Mountains of money are flooding key races in the most expensive non-presidential campaign in history. To keep you up to date with the latest, we’ve rounded up some key campaign finance stories.
Joshua Holland
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The Republican Governing Vision: Not

Despite predictions, Republicans still haven't locked up the Senate. They parade as "not Obama." But they have little to say about where they would take the country. It is hard to win without a clue.
Robert Borosage
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Wingnut Week In Review: Gay Gremlins

Calling gay people names is nothing new. We’ve been called many things throughout the ages. But “gremlins”? That’s a new one. The first — and perhaps only — Wingnut WTF […]
Terrance Heath
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Midterm Ad Watch: Republicans Learn To Love Class Warfare

Two years ago, the Republican Party was whining about makers and takers and class warfare. Now, in many close races, Republicans are exploiting the populist mood, criticizing links to corporations and attacking wealth.
Bill Scher
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Will Education Save The Democrats?

It may. And if grassroots public schools supporters bail out the campaigns of some Democratic candidates, there are lessons to be learned and potentially intriguing shifts in how the Democratic Party treats education policy?
Jeff Bryant
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Wal-Mart Scrooges Us All

Once again, the Waltons — the exploitative multibillionaire heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune — get the goldmine, while workers and taxpayers are stuck with the shaft. It's shameful. But shameful is one of Walmart's core values.
Jim Hightower
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The Economy: What is the Democrats’ Closing Argument?

The election is still about the economy. And polls show Republicans have the edge on that. So what is the closing argument for Democrats? How do they make their case? The freshman Senator from Massachusetts offers a clue.
Robert Borosage
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Rev. William Barber’s New Book Reminds Us Why We Must Vote

With Election Day just two weeks away, Rev. William Barber's words remind us: "If we ever needed to vote, we sure do need to vote now!" His new book reminds us of the moral power of progressive values when we march "forward together."
Terrance Heath
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Does Democracy Let ‘The Poor’ Dominate?

Hong Kong’s leader's comment that democracy would lead to "the poor" deciding politics and policies echoes comments of leaders of giant multinationals, various billionaires, the investor class and our own Republican Party.

Retailers, Bankers and Democrats Agree

Both Wall Street and Main Street want action. They want incomes, consumer confidence and purchases all to rise, triggering business profits to do the same. They’ve recognized the enemy to their bottom lines.
Leo Gerard
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Three Winning Ways to Create Jobs

America needs jobs, and not just any jobs. We need living-wage jobs that provide stability and security through regular working hours, paid time off and career paths for those who want to climb higher. We have the means to deliver.

Ebola Hysteria Fever: A Real Epidemic

Thus far, the Ebola virus has infected three people in the United States that we know of, however Ebola hysteria seems to have infected somewhere close to 300 million.
Dean Baker
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Why Republicans May Still Lose The Senate

It's true that Republicans have inched ahead in many of the contested states. It's also true that Republicans have lost ground in the three states that nearly everyone assumed Republicans had in the bag.
Bill Scher
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Midterm Ad Watch: The Republican Outsourcers

In 2012, Republicans nominated for president a private equity firm CEO with a record of outsourcing jobs. It did not go well. In several states for the 2014 midterm elections, Republicans have done it again.
Bill Scher
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America’s Grand Fortunes Go Overboard

Forbes doesn’t bother asking how our absurdly rich went about making their fortunes. But we should. Our top 400, after all, haven’t just made monstrously large fortunes. They’ve made a monstrously large mess.
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