Elizabeth the Stalwart

... introduces a very useful piece of legislation. Now, employers may very well find ways to use this information anyway. But at least it's a consciousness raising exercise that could affect some corporations. This is good stuff.
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The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy

We are this close -- this close! -- to losing our democracy to the mercenary class. So close it’s as if we’re leaning way over the rim of the Grand Canyon waiting for a swift kick in the pants.
Bill Moyers
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How The Right Missed The Point At The Mandela Memorial

While conservatives obsessed over "selfies," handshakes, and pseudo-symbolic statements, President Obama honored the legacy of Nelson Mandela, and underscored how relevant and urgently needed it is today.
Terrance Heath
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The GOP Can’t Get Off The Hook By Declaring The “End” Of Racism

Nobody wants racism to be "over" more than white conservatives, if the RNC’s tweet honoring Rosa Parks for “ending” racism is any indication. Why are white conservatives so ready declare racism “over”? They want to get off the hook.
Terrance Heath
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The Democrats’ “Third Way” Quarrel is a Fight For the Future

There was a big dust-up in the Democratic Party last week, triggered by an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal from the leaders of a Wall Street-funded “think tank”/lobbying group called Third Way. it was a fight about the future.
Richard Eskow
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Inequality On The Agenda For Real?

President Obama gave a nice speech today about income inequality --- and didn't mention cutting "entitlements," or express a spirit of compromise and bipartisanship either. The Village smelling salt concession must be all sold out.
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Obama, Inequality and the Bully Lectern

President Obama declared inequality and an economy that is not working for working people the "defining challenge of our times." He offered an agenda for change and opened a debate that progressives should expand and pursue.
Robert Borosage
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The “Real JFK” – Not Conservative, and Not Forgotten

Presidents are the products of the times at least as much they are the shapers of them. JFK was not a conservative. That idea calls upon us to, in Rilke’s words, “gently remove the semblance of injustice that ... hinders spirits from moving on."
Richard Eskow
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Imagine Democracy

"We the People." How many of us have really thought through the implications of these three words? Can people today even imagine a government that is on the side of We the People?

The Senate Passes ENDA. What’s Next?

The Employment Nondiscrimination Act passed in the Senate on Thursday, in a historic 64-32 vote. America has never been closer to protecting LGBT workers from discrimination on the job. Here’s what needs to happen next.
Terrance Heath
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Speaker Boehner, Job Discrimination Is Not “Frivolous”

House Speaker John Boehner says he opposes the Employment Nondiscrimination Act because it will lead to “frivolous lawsuits” against employers. For the people who live with it every day, workplace discrimination is anything but frivolous.
Terrance Heath
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Winning Isn’t The Only Thing. It’s About Movement-Building

Terry McAuliffe's win in Virginia, even though it was a decisive defeat of a tea party hero, doesn't offer a template for rebuilding the electoral framework for progressive reform. That's the real challenge of 2014 and beyond.
Isaiah J. Poole
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ENDA And America’s Journey Towards Justice For All

This week the Senate will very likely a pass a bill prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination in the workplace. The President and a majority of the American people support it. Only the GOP stands in the way of an important step towards justice for all.
Terrance Heath
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Why Rev. William Barber Is Receiving The Paul Wellstone Award

One week from today, progressives will gather in Washington for the Celebrating America's Future 2013 Awards Gala to honor, among other champions, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II with the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award.
Bill Scher
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The Great American Ripoff: The High Cost of Low Taxes

The American people pay a similar amount for social services as citizens of European countries with supposedly lavish social safety nets. But there are two significant differences.
Joshua Holland
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Yes, New Democrat Dogma Is To Blame

The rough Obamacare roll-out is a direct consequence of misplaced faith in neo-liberal solutions like means testing, privatization, and devolution to the states as the best ways to provide services at an affordable price.
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The Voters Who Elected The Obstructionists

A Democracy Corps report challenges progressives to present a narrative and a set of values that speak broadly to the economic anxieties that most Americans share.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The President Has More Power Than Just A Bully Pulpit

Home health care workers are dramatically underpaid and overworked, and they care for some of our society's most vulnerable citizens. President Obama did something about it which was long overdue. Good for him.
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Will The GOP Fade To White?

Can the GOP craft an economic message that keeps white working class voters in the fold, and attracts voters of color? It can be done. But can Republicans do it? The future of Republican party may depend upon it.
Terrance Heath
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In Los Angeles, Labor Redefines Itself

In a watershed moment in labor history, the AFL-CIO has decided to expand its membership to include all groups working to organize workers. “It’s time to turn America right side up!” President Richard Trumka declared at the union's annual convention.

So Sick Of These Jackass Plutocrats …

Not that this is exactly news, but Michael Bloomberg is a jerk. A very wealthy jerk. I guess Bloomberg and his ilk really do feel that they deserve to have every last penny on this earth. Because they're productive.
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