Why Do We The People Have To Read TPP On Wikileaks?

If this agreement becomes law it will fundamentally alter the relationship between our government, other governments and giant multinational corporations. But the only reason we get to even read it at all is because it was leaked to Wikileaks.

Imagine Democracy

"We the People." How many of us have really thought through the implications of these three words? Can people today even imagine a government that is on the side of We the People?

Don’t Kill Filibuster, Make Them Talk

The current filibuster rules are being used to thwart the will of We the People. Republicans have abused it to obstruct everything. The solution is not to not kill the filibuster. Just make them talk.

Does German Export Dependence Hurt World Economy?

Germany's economy, like China's, is geared toward exports. They engineer their economy in ways that bring in money from other countries, and then complain that those countries aren't cutting back enough. Are they just smarter than us?

Leo Gerard Progressive Champion Award

“Not one progressive group, including the labor movement, is going to be able to change the direction of the country on their own.” - United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard

Big New Senate Push For Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing jobs are important to any economy. But for some time our country has been neglecting manufacturing in favor of the financial sector. This week Senate Democrats introduced a package of 40 bills in an effort to turn this around.

Amtrak: Democracy vs. “The Market”

In a democracy "government spending" is by definition money we spend to make our lives better. Plutocracy and its "market solutions" are about government doing things for people who have money.

Is Manufacturing Dirty?

Did you think manufacturing was old-fashioned, dirty and low-skilled? Have you noticed how when you see a factory in a TV show it's an old, burnt-down building with broken windows?

A Jobs Idea That Could Cost Millions Of Jobs

In 2004 we gave in to hostage-taking and gave companies a tax holiday, and they broke the promise to create jobs. On top of that they started moving even more jobs and production and profit centers out of the country.

Don’t Even Talk About Cuts

Democrats won the shutdown fight. Republicans lost and the public hates them and their ideas. Here is a guiding message Democrats should use from here on out: Jobs help the economy. Cuts hurt the economy.

If You Think Republicans Have Learned A Lesson …

If you think Repubicans have learned a lesson from their “defeat” over the shutdown and debt-ceiling hostage-taking, then you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying to each other. Here is a quick look around right-wing online media today.

Republicans Have Done Real Damage to the Economy

Republicans believe that a bad economy works for them at election time. The thinking is that the public will turn on Democrats for not making things better. So they do what they can to make the economy bad. But maybe they went too far this time.

Now Is The Time To Push For JOBS!

Let’s get ahead of their next round of destructive nonsense and push for JOBS. Let’s change the conversation to JOBS now, before they get back on their feet and start tearing things apart again.

Misunderestimating Who They Are

The sequester cuts were supposed to have such a disastrous effect on the country and economy — and people— that “they wouldn’t really do that.” But they did that. Now many Republicans are celebrating the sequester cuts as an accomplishment.

Medical Device Tax Tricks

You might be hearing that some Democrats are "willing to make a deal" involving the "small" ($40 billion) medical device tax. It's a good idea to know what is going on -- especially the "offset" some are talking about.

Ford Assembly Line — 100 Years

This is the 100th anniversary of Ford's moving assembly line. The moving assembly line revolutionized manufacturing. The plant opened October 7, 1913 and one week later a Model T rolled off the line.

It’s MFG Day!

MFG DAY addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t.

Even In Shutdown, TPP Still Troubles

The government might be shut down, but the Trans-Pacific Partnership is still rolling toward us. House and Senate Democrats are getting worried. Many U.S. industries are now getting worried, too.

A New Website Had A Glitch! Shut Down the Government!

Shut down the government because you don’t like a law that lets people with pre-existing conditions purchase health insurance? Because of a law that insurance companies have to stop coming up with reasons not to pay for care when people get sick?
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