Do Fast Track And TPP Have Momentum?

There is no momentum for these "trade" agreements that favor corporate rights. They are engineered to pit American workers and our democracy against low-wage workers in non-democracies.

Who Will Fight To Help The Unemployed?

In a few days long-term unemployment benefits will run out, in spite of the "budget deal." After this assistance runs out, only one-in-four unemployed people will be getting unemployment benefits.

The Other Side Of Health Care Scare Stories

You've probably heard the right's messaging that people have "lost" their health insurance because of Obamacare. But you haven't been hearing about the millions upon millions upon millions of people who have been helped.

Watch Rev. William Barber Talk About Voting Rights

Republicans have been engaged in a strategy to convince (scare people into believing) people there is something called “voter fraud.” They are doing this so they can follow up with legislation that keeps lots of people from voting at all.

On TPP Call USW’s Leo Gerard Nails A Key Point

Leo nailed the key point about the trade deals we have gotten ourselves into. We have not yet found ourselves in a good, balanced trade deal. In all of the trade deals we have made, the country has lost money and has lost jobs.

Urgent Fast Track Trade Deal Alert

Fast Track should be as much of an electoral test for progressives as Social Security is. Progressives have to make this a line that cannot be crossed. This is about democracy vs big-corporate dominance of our economy and society.

Want to Cut Food Stamp Spending? Raise the Minimum Wage

The right way to cut spending on government assistance is to decrease the need for that assistance, not cut assistance for those in need. Raising the minimum wage boosts the economy and cuts government spending on food stamps and other programs.

Food Stamps Cut Just In Time For Thanksgiving

This is that time of year when newspapers bother to write about how there are hungry people in America. But this year is special. As the recession drags on for the non-1%, cuts in Food Stamps have completely swamped the capacity of food banks.

What’s Next With Filibuster Reform?

Last week Senate Democrats (finally) started to change the game by changing the filibuster rules. What happens next? With the right changes we could finally get progressive legislation passed, like expanding Social Security.
What’s Next With Filibuster Reform?

State “Stink Tanks” Exposed

There is a certain credibility that comes from academic-sounding "studies" and "reports" from actual "institutes." But in this case the self-serving "reports" come from what appear to be corporate PR and lobbying firms, not real think tanks.

Why Do We The People Have To Read TPP On Wikileaks?

If this agreement becomes law it will fundamentally alter the relationship between our government, other governments and giant multinational corporations. But the only reason we get to even read it at all is because it was leaked to Wikileaks.

Imagine Democracy

"We the People." How many of us have really thought through the implications of these three words? Can people today even imagine a government that is on the side of We the People?
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