No Fast Track To TPP: Fix NAFTA First

We have to stop fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then we should take the momentum from that to demand Congress and President Obama instead fix NAFTA first.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Won’t Fix TPP

Advocates of the Trans-Pacific Partnership claim that trade adjustment assistance for displaced workers will make it OK for the people who lose their jobs. The record of "NAFTA-style" trade agreements says otherwise.

Will The GOP Get Away With Its Economic Sabotage?

Republicans smell an election opportunity – but only if they can keep the economy down, jobs down and wages down. Republicans are betting that voters will blame the "party in power," which means the party of the president.

Do Fast Track And TPP Have Momentum?

There is no momentum for these "trade" agreements that favor corporate rights. They are engineered to pit American workers and our democracy against low-wage workers in non-democracies.

Who Will Fight To Help The Unemployed?

In a few days long-term unemployment benefits will run out, in spite of the "budget deal." After this assistance runs out, only one-in-four unemployed people will be getting unemployment benefits.

The Other Side Of Health Care Scare Stories

You've probably heard the right's messaging that people have "lost" their health insurance because of Obamacare. But you haven't been hearing about the millions upon millions upon millions of people who have been helped.

Watch Rev. William Barber Talk About Voting Rights

Republicans have been engaged in a strategy to convince (scare people into believing) people there is something called “voter fraud.” They are doing this so they can follow up with legislation that keeps lots of people from voting at all.
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