Not Sexist Summers, Please

Larry Summers for the Fed? Seriously? There are better choices for Federal Reserve chair; in particular, Janet Yellen is more than qualified and would do a great job. Ezra Klein […]

The Coming Fast-Track Trade Outrage

Trans-Pacific Partnership – the corporate sovereignty treaty – is coming and they’re going to try to push it through Congress with “Fast Track.” It’s really, really important to pay attention […]

Will Senate Democrats Reenable Democracy?

Senate Democrats on Tuesday will choose whether to finally put an end to Republican filibuster obstruction of everything. In particular Republicans are obstructing appointments to the National Labor Relations Board […]

Democracy Is Rising In The States

Madison. Occupy… Now in North Carolina it’s Moral Mondays. In Texas it’s a filibuster, hundreds of thousands watching online, and the spectator gallery goes nuts when Republicans try to shut […]

The IRS “Scandal” Was A Set-Up

I have been writing about the so-called IRS “scandal.” It turns out the whole thing was a set-up from the start. Republicans told the Inspector General to make it look […]

Inequality – Let’s Fix It

Inequality is the most pressing economic issue in the US today. The Economic Policy Institute has created the website to bring the issue home to people. The site explains […]

“Can’t Survive On $7.25!”

The minimum wage has not been raised in forever – more and more people are falling behind. A few are getting fabulously wealthy from this arrangement. The Progressive Caucus held […]

Can Your Boss Really Do That?

Can your boss do that? Really? What can you do about it? Can your boss deny you vacation time? Can your boss cut your pay? Can your boss fire you […]

Hourly Compensation Posts Record Drop

U.S. worker compensation posted its biggest drop since 1947 during the last quarter. The year 1947 is when the Labor Department began tracking the statistic. The Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

U.S./China Summit – Who Holds The Cards?

On a press call yesterday in advance of this week’s “summit” between President Obama and Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping, Alliance for American Manufacturing’s […]

Obama Nominates Three To DC Circuit Court

President Obama directly confronted Republican obstruction this morning, nominating three people to fill vacancies at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and challenging Republicans to […]

CWA To Senate Dems: “We’re Done.”

On a call this morning to discuss the continuing obstruction of … everything … by Senate Republicans, Communications Workers of America (CWA) President Larry Cohen asked Senate Democrats to change […]

A Better Way To Tax The Multinationals

We the People put together a system here with schools, universities, scientific research, courts, a stable financial/monetary system, infrastructure like roads, dams, airports, and all the other components of a […]

The June Fight Over Student Loans

Today President Obama is joining college students at a White House event launching a new push to keep student loan rates from doubling in July. Among the various plans offered, […]

A Little Perspective, Please

The American Society of Civil Engineers has put out their 2013 Report Card on America's Infrastructure, that "depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure." The score? D+
A Little Perspective, Please

TPP: A Deregulation Treaty Not A Trade Treaty

The upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is using a process that is rigged from the start. It is being negotiated by executive for the benefit of the corporations they serve. Democracy is not part of the process.
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