How a Proposed Medicare Premium Hike Would Weaken Medicare

Raising Medicare premiums, even a small amount for wealthier individuals, as a way to cover the cost of the "doc fix" weakens Medicare for everyone and could pave the way for the privatization of Medicare.
Diane Archer
  • 20

How Congress Leaves Us At The Mercy Of Big Pharma

It is a gross injustice for Congress to allow health plans to leave people with serious and disabling conditions at the mercy of out-of-control drug costs. But follow the money, and you see why it does.
Diane Archer
  • 30

A Tax Holiday Has Begun For the 1 Percent

The top one percent of working Americans only pay Social Security tax on the wages they earn during the first six weeks of the year. The rest of the year is a tax holiday. Is that fair?
Diane Archer
  • 79