The Plot Against Pensions

The Pew-Arnold campaign to undermine America’s retirement security – and leave taxpayers with the bill • Download a copy of “The Plot Against Pensions” report • News Release • What […]

What You Need To Know About Peter G. Peterson

Resources You Can Use The Truth About the ‘Fix the Debt’ CEOs The Evolution of Pete Peterson’s Spending The Mandate To Our Leaders: Put Regular Americans First. Peter G. Peterson […]
Hugh Upton

The American Majority Project Polling

li {margin: -3px 0px 7px 0px; } Our review of a broad range of reputable polls on economic issues finds a big difference between the policy solutions that dominate the discussion among policymakers and media pundits and what the majority of average citizens would like to be brought to the forefront...
Josh Ney

Democracy Corps/CAF Poll On Jobs And The Economy

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Isaiah J. Poole

Voter Survey On U.S. Manufacturing Policy

A majority of Americans are highly concerned about the state of manufacturing in America and would support a new, government-led manufacturing policy, according to a poll conducted during the spring of 2010 for the Alliance for American Manufacturing .
Isaiah J. Poole

America: A Center-Left Nation

Barack Obama promised change during his White House campaign last year and ran on a distinctly liberal platform of comprehensive health care reform, investing in new energy and good jobs, ending the Bush‐era tax cuts for the very wealthy, and ending the war in Iraq.
Isaiah J. Poole

Money-Changers In The Senate

The student loan industry faces a serious challenge from advocates who question the reas
Isaiah J. Poole

Taking Stock of Exchanges: Bigger is Better

This fact sheet is a summary of a paper entitled "Taking Stock of Exchanges: Bigger is Better." Read the full report.The different health reform bills pending in Congress represent qui

Comparing the Employer Requirements in the Congressional Health Proposals

Download as a PDF here Requiring employers to provide health care coverage or contribute to its cost is essential if Congress seeks to encourage employers to continue to offer health insurance under the proposed reforms. An employer requirement: • Levels the playing field between employers;
Alex Lawson
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