Protect America’s Consumers From Astroturf and #SaveCFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the only federal agency out to protect the financial interests of American consumers. Naturally, big money interests want to shut it down. A new campaign says, “Not without a fight.”
Terrance Heath

Why The Panama Papers Scandal Is About Cheating School Children

The Panama Papers show how wealthy people avoid paying taxes. But tax avoidance at a much smaller scale is actually quite commonplace right where you live, and the effects are most consequential on the least powerful in our society.
Jeff Bryant

Burning Issues: Keep The Terror Threat In Context

Paul Pillar, a former U.S. intelligence official and author who now writes at The National Interest, discusses the importance of not overreacting to ISIS and other terror threats in this Burning Issues video segment.
Burning Issues Video

Paul Ryan Is Not The One To Save The GOP From Donald Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan won’t save the Republican Party from what having Donald Trump as its nominee would do to the party. Beneath his cool, less orange exterior, Ryan isn’t all that different from Trump.
Terrance Heath

Wisconsin Adds Momentum To The Sanders Revolution

Pundits dismissing Bernie Sanders' chances to win the Democratic nomination say he has to win over 55 percent of the vote in remaining contests to catch up to Hillary Clinton. He’s now done that or better in each of the last six races.
Robert Borosage

Burning Issues: The U.S. Plan For New Nuclear Weapons

Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress discusses what the United States should do to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons and highlights a key difference between presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his competitors.
Burning Issues Video

GOP Hate Exacts a Toll

The GOP campaign has been a hate fest with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz contending for No. 1 hater of Muslims and undocumented workers and women. Hate may have brought the GOP a load of publicity but it lost the party a bushel of bucks.
Leo Gerard

Paul Ryan Just Now Realized He Was Ignorant About Poverty

If the takers aren’t standing in the unemployment line or rushing home from the second job to change diapers, just where are they? Because an awful lot of America’s resources have gone missing.
Lynne Stuart Parramore

Join The Moral Revival Tour

Rev. William Barber, best known for leading North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement, is launching a 15-state tour of the country, called, “The Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values.”

Burning Issues: Understanding The Children Fleeing To The U.S.

Adriana Bertrán of the Washington Office on Latin America explains the wave of Latin American children seeking entry into the United States and which presidential candidates are speaking to the root causes of that tragedy.
Burning Issues Video

Interfaith Coalition Calls for Moral Action on the Economy

On Monday, an interfaith coalition representing religious leaders across the country calls on every presidential candidate to pledge to provide government contract workers with a living wage and the right to a union.
Robert Borosage

March Jobs Report: Moving Up, With No Way Out

The Labor Department reports continued jobs growth in March, the 73rd month of private sector jobs growth. But wages remain stagnant. The economy continues to recover – but not the people.
Robert Borosage

Burning Issues: Understanding the Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund offers a passionate defense of the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal in this Burning Issues video, explaining the perils of the Republican candidates' pledge to nullify it.
Burning Issues Video

Is Education Being Measured To Death?

April ushers in the beginning of testing season in public schools across the nation. But the tests don’t serve purposes that are as clear and reasonable as their advocates would have us believe.
Jeff Bryant

Everybody Hates Trump

Does the Republican Party leadership and the Republican convention delegates have the spine to stand up to Trump, and his threats of riots, and deny him a delegate majority?
Bill Scher

Burning Issues: Cuban-American Relations and Human Rights

President Obama's recent opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the reactions of the presidential candidates are explored by Geoff Thale of the Washington Office on Latin America in this Burning Issues video.
Burning Issues Video

LGBT Families Caught in the GOP’s Culture War Rift

The bills in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and other states expose a growing rift between “business-friendly” Republicans and religious conservatives that GOP leadership must bridge and families like mine must navigate.
Terrance Heath

Belgian Awful

The ISIS supporters who attacked Brussels killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. The scariest part of this story is something that hasn’t happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism.

Burning Issues: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Daniel Kalik of J Street discusses which 2016 presidential candidate is best positioned to help Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace agreement in this Burning Issues video segment.
Burning Issues Video

Fight For $15 Nears Big Win In California

Tenacity and flexibility is helping California workers get a raise. Despite reluctance from Gov. Jerry Brown, a compromise has been struck to establish a statewide $15 minimum wage, the highest in the nation.
Bill Scher
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