Yes, You Can Talk To Strangers

Talking with strangers is never easy. But getting to know your neighbors helps achieve lasting change in this country. That's why ONE Northside is getting out, knocking on doors, and breaking down barriers in Chicago.
Hannah Gelder

Gun Control Legislation Is Constitutional

It’s time to stop letting the NRA scare the burgeoning  gun safety movement led by courageous student survivors  into accepting small-bore reforms out of a mistaken belief that stronger gun safety laws would be unconstitutional.
Miles Mogulescu

Janus: Billionaires Take on Public Employees and their Unions

If the Gorsuch Supreme Court prevails in Janus, they will succeed in weakening unions, lowering wages and benefits for public employees, while exacerbating the savage inequality that already subverts our democracy.
Robert Borosage

Picture the United States Without Student Debt

A new report concludes that cancelling all student debt would create more than a million jobs. To those who say we can’t afford to cancel this debt, the report poses a new and different question: Can we afford not to?
Richard Eskow

Black Children Have the Right to be Children

Black children in the United States are all too often robbed of their most essential right: the right to be children, who can play, learn and grow up with nourishment, love, educational opportunities, health care and safe homes.
Jacqueline Bediako

How to Argue With Gun Nuts

Pro-gun advocates almost never argue the merits of specific legislation. Their constant tactic is to use logical fallacies to sidetrack the discussion. Here is how you can respond.

We Can Reclaim Democracy, One Heart at a Time

The revolution may not be televised, but in 2018 the resistance is being electoralized. People’s Action members are going door to door nationwide to do our part and win back democracy - one heart, one conversation and one vote at a time.

A Pledge to Transform the Resistance, and America

Resistance to Trump is vital, but it is not enough; it only defines what we're against. If today's resistance is to become a lasting movement, voters must decide what we're for: a new pledge from leading progressives points the way.
Richard Eskow

St. Paul Teachers Score a Win for Kids Over Big Money

State and local governments claim there's "no money" for public services like education, yet lavish huge tax breaks on corporations and the wealthy. The St. Paul teachers' union has shown progressives how to fight back, and win.
Jeff Bryant

Trump’s “Harvest Box” Delivers an Empty Promise

"America's Harvest Box" is Trump administration's bid to "reinvent" food assistance to the poor. All it really does is heap shame on the hungry and offer private interests a new opportunity to enrich themselves at public expense.
Richard Eskow

Trump’s Big Infrastructure Con

Candidate Trump boasted he would double what Clinton said she’d spend on infrastructure. But the scheme he released this week fails to do that. Instead it robs vital safety-net programs to pay for a pittance of improvements. It's a con.
Leo Gerard

Kim Jung Un’s Sister Crushes Pence for Gold in Korea Peace Olympics

If peace  diplomacy were an Olympic sport, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, won the Gold Medal hands down, while Vice President Mike Pence crashed and burned. That's a good thing for the possibility of world peace.
Miles Mogulescu

A Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

The fatal shootings at a Florida high school result from our elected officials' self-serving refusal to control weapons designed for mass killing. Once again, we have failed our sacred promise to protect all children's future.
Richard Eskow

Black Families Flee Extended School Year

School “reformers” have argued to lengthen the school year. Yet, there’s little valid data because so few public schools do it. New statistics from Washington, D.C. show that such schools lost a substantial number of black families.

What Is the Price of Love?

Living paycheck to paycheck can strain even the most loving of relationships. But as former billionaire Tim Blixseth learned the hard way, spectacularly large paychecks can doom loving relationships right from the start.

Forget Trump; His Party Is the Problem Now

Here's what voters need to know. If Republicans prevail – with or without Trump – the country will face $50 road tolls, a plundering of common wealth, and more deaths of poor and working people. That's what we need to focus on and stop.
Richard Eskow

Pelosi, Paul and the ‘Return to Regular Order’

The two-year bipartisan budget pact contains substantial wins, but comes at a high price for Democrats and DREAMers and hangs by the thread of a promised return to civility which, by current measures, strains the imagination beyond belief.
Tim Wilkins

The Real Reason Workers Can’t Get A Raise

Beneath the recent stock-market gyrations, the mechanics that shackle average workers' wages have been exposed - not in the White House or Congress, but in the supposedly apolitical operations of the Federal Reserve.
Robert Borosage

SF Rising Steps Up to Make College For All a Reality

Education holds the key to a brighter future for us all. In San Francisco, we made College For All a reality, and now we want to make it real for everyone in our state. How do we get there? One heart, one mind, and one signature at a time.
Celi Tamayo-Lee

Black Americans Mostly Left Behind Since MLK’s Death

While some things have improved markedly for black Americans since 1968, today we are still fighting many of the same battles as Dr. King did in his day. Progress has been made. Just not as much as many of us would like.
Sharon Austin

Get Ready for More Voter Suppression

The White House may have shut its "Election Integrity" panel, that doesn't mean voter suppression is going away. There are big questions about how government will use the voter data they collected, and early reports are troubling.
Jen Herrick

Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

Puerto Rico is privatizing schools wholesale in the wake of Hurricane Maria, just as New Orleans did after Hurricane Katrina. This compounds the damage done by the storm, and is part of a pattern of disaster capitalism that hurts children.
Jeff Bryant

Promises, Promises, and More Broken Trade Promises

With reports that Trump's first year ended in record trade deficits, factory workers are still watching and waiting for him to keep his promises of fast trade enforcement, even as mills close and unemployment benefits expire.
Leo Gerard

Can Democrats Catch a Wave in 2018?

2018 offers Democrats the tantalizing promise of a wave election, in which they can take back Congress and revive their party's fortunes. But are Dems up to the task of articulating clearly what the country truly needs?
Robert Borosage

GOP Tax Break Sucker Punches Wisconsin Workers

Failure to enforce international trade law and a corporate tax break that some are using to pay for plant closures are significant factors in the loss of thousands of paper mill jobs in Wisconsin, including two announced last week.
Leo Gerard

How Public Schools Became Easy Pickings for the Kochs

The Koch brothers' dark-money network says public schools are the "lowest hanging fruit" in their campaign to dismantle government institutions. It's time for Democrats to step up and defend public education from this coming assault.
Jeff Bryant

Menace and Mush: Trump’s State of the Union

Donald Trump drenched his audience in calls to unity, then purposefully preyed on our fears, plying the race-bait politics he and his party have perfected. This is his trademark: a combination of patriotic banality with toxic cunning.
Robert Borosage

The State of OUR Union Is Ready To Lift Up Truth

There’s a new wave of defiance growing, and that defiance is female, is young and old, and is every color of the rainbow. The state of OUR union is ready to lift up truth, to raise our voices collectively and move mountains. We are ready.
Chelsea White

Women Take the Stage for ‘The State of Our Union’

Five hundred women gather in Washington for tonight's State of Our Union, an alternative vision for our nation in which gender and economic justice can overcome the forces that seek to divide us along fault lines of race and class.
Jessica Juarez Scruggs

The Pentagon’s Plan for Never-Ending War

Did the Pentagon just officially declare a new Cold War with both China and Russia and commit to wage endless wars around the globe? Apparently, yes. The new National Defense Strategy pushes for a massive and costly military buildup.
Robert Borosage

America Needs Cops on the Trade Beat

American manufacturers and workers aren't looking for protectionism. They don't need it. They can compete with any manufacturer in the world that abides by international trade law. They are seeking prosecution of trade law violators.
Leo Gerard

Trump’s General Just Announced a New Cold War. Who Will Stop It?

Defense Secretary Mattis is not a “Mad Dog.” He's a rational and articulate spokesperson for the national security ideology that has dominated American political life since the end of World War II. That’s disturbing in a very different way.
Richard Eskow
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