Hometowns Rise Up To Support Separated Families

All across America, residents of rural communities and small towns are stepping up to stand in solidarity with immigrant families and refuse the intimidation and fear the Trump administration wants […]
Tim Wilkins

Pandering to Deficit Hawks Is a Losing Strategy

Democratic leadership’s obsession with asserting a “centrist” – that is, fiscally conservative – fiscal ideology threatens to put the party at odds with its base.
Richard Eskow

Don’t Believe New Orleans is Regaining Control of its Schools

Pundits say Louisiana has finally returned control of New Orleans charter schools to a locally elected school board, and that they are now accountable to the city’s residents. But New Orleanians will tell you: that’s not the case.
Ashana Bigard

Move Our Nation Forward In Hope: Vote

Thursday, August 2, 2018 is Primary Election Day in Tennessee. To find out when and where to vote, click here. Tennessee is a national leader – in a race to […]
Andy Spears

Republicans: Up is Down, Medicare is Safe

The reason Republicans believe in Magic Unicorn Money is that they never actually socialize with, or speak to, or even vaguely know minimum-wage workers, or middle-class workers or precariat workers who drive for Uber at night because their day jobs deny them full-time hours.
Leo Gerard

Standing Up For Immigrants – In Alabama

I’m sick and tired of my people — working-class white people and small town Alabamians — being used by politicians to justify separating families, even as they back policies that harm every family in our state.
Justin Vest

An Economy in the Fast Lane – With No Brakes

Donald Trump has been bragging about the economy a lot lately. He says the United States is now the “economic envy” of the world. Unfortunately, Trump is once again trying […]
Richard Eskow

It’s Time for a Mass Movement to Impeach Trump

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and […]
Miles Mogulescu

Geithner’s Grift, Paydays and Democratic Drift

What does it mean when Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama’s bro-ish and apparently self-satisfied former Secretary of the Treasury, becomes president of a company that hoodwinks the victims of the financial […]
Richard Eskow

Will the Foreign-Policy Elite Learn From Trump?

Is Donald Trump an aberration in our history, whose removal will allow a return to normalcy? Or is he a wake-up call, one that demands a fundamental reworking? Opposing Trump is cheap grace. The real question is what our establishment will learn from his rise.
Robert Borosage

Treasonous! Impeach! Time’s Up!

As former CIA Director John Brennan just stated, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short […]
Miles Mogulescu

How Tariffs Play In To Trump’s Xenophobic Agenda

In early March, President Trump announced steel tariffs as part of a protectionist, anti-China economic strategy. Since then, he’s put tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese products, and threatens to […]
Tobita Chow

After an ‘Educator Spring,’ Teachers Storm Elections

For Progressives, the stunning upset victory by first-time congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over a prominent incumbent candidate in New York seems to be a sign that a wave of change […]
Jeff Bryant

Billionaire Wolves in Workers’ Clothing

Multimillionaire Bruce Rauner, the Republican Governor of Illinois, just couldn’t wait to tell his state’s workers the U.S. Supreme Court had given them what he considered a gift. Within hours […]
Leo Gerard

I Stand With Migrants, So Should You

Jeremiah Jaynes, a leader with Down Home North Carolina, a People’s Action affiliate, delivered these comments before fifty thousand people at the #FamiliesBelongTogether march in Washington, DC on June 30, […]
Jeremiah Jaynes

Protests Nationwide Demand End to Family Separations

Tens of thousands of protesters converged in Washington, DC on Saturday to demand an end to the separation and detention of migrant families. The action capped a week of protests […]
Tim Wilkins

Charter School Chain Wants Profits From Detained Children

Separating refugee and immigrant children from their parents at the border isn’t just a cruel injustice to the families affected; it’s also good business, and the latest enterprise wanting in […]
Jeff Bryant

How to Cover a Revolution

“RED ALERT,” read the New York Post’s headline after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over high-ranking Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley. They competed in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district, […]
Richard Eskow

Go Bold, Ben: A Progressive Earthquake Shakes Maryland

Last night, a Progressive earthquake shook Maryland’s establishment politics to their core. Ben Jealous’s primary victory puts Maryland within striking distance of the progressive governor we deserve and need. His […]
Larry Stafford

For Immigrant Children, Empathy Is Not Enough

There’s no “civil” way to say it: The Trump administration is torturing immigrant children. A liberal television personality wept openly for these children a few days ago, and I’m glad […]
Richard Eskow

Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling Will Hurt Children

If the Supreme Court rules against workers in Janus vs. AFSCME, it will hurt children at a time when it’s become shamefully commonplace for our government to abuse those of […]
Jeff Bryant

Imagining a Safe Haven for Our Children

Arrive on the scene. Shoot. Bang. Dead child. Gone forever. Mother crying. Blood pressure, spiked. Doom, imminent. Siblings, distraught. Funeral. This predictable chain of events is what seems to happen […]
Jacqueline Bediako

How I Met Detained Minors on My Flight to McAllen

I first saw them sitting as a group in Terminal B at Dallas International Airport. Clean-cut young teens in matching sweatsuits – must be a volleyball team from a private […]
Tim Wilkins

How We Can Transform Our Communities Now

“What qualifies you to run for office?” That’s a question I get a lot as I meet voters in my campaign for Montgomery County Council’s at-large seat. To me, it […]
Brandy Brooks

Children Say NO! to Family Separations by ICE

Every child understands the pain losing one’s loved ones – even for a moment – can cause. So children have plenty to say about the U.S. government’s separation of thousands […]
Tim Wilkins
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