The GOP Tax Plan Is a Declaration of War on Learning

What Republicans propose in their tax plans isn't just a raid on budget items for the sake of fiscal efficiency; their plans are part of a strategic offensive against the very idea that all children and youth have a right to learn.
Jeff Bryant

Democrats Will Need More Than Resistance to Govern

Sweeping victories in last Tuesday’s elections provided a bracing tonic for Democrats. Party pros decry internal divisions, but the fact that grassroots activists are putting energy into electoral politics may be the best hope for renewal.
Robert Borosage

7 Ways Democrats Misread the Election Results

If you're a Democrat, there's a name for that unfamiliar emotion you were feeling last Tuesday night. It's called happiness. But there is a serious risk that the party will draw the wrong lessons from last week's results. 
Richard Eskow

Why We Need to Confront the Billionaires’ Paradise

New reports offer a rare glimpse into the world of the super-rich. Their concentrated wealth is the dark matter of the world economy: rarely seen, yet reshaping everything around it. We must confront this power before it is too late.
Richard Eskow

Talking Truth About Guns & Gambling After Vegas

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, authorities and the NRA have put on a master class in how to bamboozle the media and whitewash unpleasant truths about guns and gambling. It's time to speak truth to power in this country.

2017 Elections Mark the Dawn of Change

Election Day 2017 feels like the dawn of a new era, and a new kind of politics, in this country. Up and down the ballot, courageous ordinary folks are running for office on issues that truly matter. And guess what? They're winning.
Laurel Wales

Trumpism Trounced In Tuesday’s Elections

Winners include bold progressives and a voter-led push to expand Medicaid in a state led by a Trump-like governor. Defeated was a gubernatorial candidate who spent millions on fear-mongering and race-baiting. So who's the biggest loser?
Isaiah J. Poole
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The GOP Tax Bill Is an Attempt to Destroy Government

In the midst of the GOP's frenzy to pass their tax bill, remember one thing: this entire project is utterly wrong-headed. Few politicians dare say it, but the reality is Americans are not overtaxed. They are underserved by their government.
Robert Borosage

Nine Reasons To Stop The GOP’s Giant Tax Gift Bucket

Americans for Tax Fairness has just published "Nine Terrible Things About the Republican Tax Plan." All are good reasons for you should get on the phone with your member of Congress and tell them to vote against this travesty of a tax bill.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Donna Brazile, the DNC, and Democratizing the Democrats

Why are Democrats still fighting the Battle of 2016? Aren't there better things to argue about? As it turns out, there are - including the future of the party, which depends on their ability to democratize it from the inside out.
Richard Eskow

Carter’s Bold Bid to Make Peace Between Trump and North Korea

Former President Jimmy Carter  has stepped up to point a direction out of the looming crisis with North Korea. Trump should take Carter up on his offer to start negotiations of a permanent peace. It just might work; here's how.
Miles Mogulescu

Call Congress Now to Stop Trump’s Giant Tax Giveaway

People's Action joins a broad coalition asking everyone to call 877-795-7862 NOW and tell your Members of Congress to vote against the Republicans' tax cut plan, which offers huge windfalls to corporations and the rich at our expense.
Isaiah J. Poole
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How The GOP Tax Scheme Will Screw Your Local Schools

A Republican proposal to eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT) from federal income taxes will undercut education. It will also likely result in cuts to the same state and local taxes that provide most funding to schools.
Jeff Bryant

The Great American Tax Heist

The GOP's tax plan sets off a scrum, when lobbyists fix rules to benefit the few, with lies and false promises to the many. One of the worst is tax "repatriation," which rewards, rather than reforms, tax avoidance by big corporations.
Robert Borosage

Five Years After Sandy: The Long Road Home

I’m Joe Mangino, and I live with my family in the Jersey Shore town of Beach Haven West. Hurricane Sandy destroyed my home, but it taught us we're stronger when we stand together. Who can find and fight for solutions? We can.
Joe Mangino

GOP Smash-And-Burn Tax Plan Does Nothing for Workers

To pay for their red-ribbon wrapped gift box for the uber-wealthy, Republicans are smashing and burning $5 trillion in programs cherished by workers, including Medicare and Medicaid. This is not tax reform; it's tax deform.
Leo Gerard

Center For American Progress Makes a Failed Case for Charters

The Center for American Progress's recent 'progressive case' for charter schools is flawed and unconvincing in multiple ways. What's most obvious is CAP hasn't spent much time seriously considering what charter school skeptics say.
Jeff Bryant

Do Democrats Really Need Wall Street?

Some argue Democrats need to forget our progressive past if we want to win. They're dead wrong. We are descended from activists who made America truly great by refusing to bow to the powerful and instead fought to extend and deepen freedom.
Harvey J Kaye

Why We Need Moral Leadership and Access to Justice

The CFPB’s arbitration rule keeps courthouse doors open, and creates a more level playing field for consumers to bring their claims. That's why some sectors of Corporate America want to see this rule go away for good.
Imre Szalai

Indian Country Knows: Your Voting Rights Are At Risk

As a member of a Tribal Sovereign Nation, I know how phony allegations, even when proven to be false, are used to suppress the vote. We've faced this time and again in Indian Country, and now they're coming for your voting rights, too.

Trump’s Muslim Bans Impoverish Us All

Economically, culturally, strategically, and morally, Donald Trump's obsessive efforts to ban Muslim immigrants and refugees from the United States have impoverished us all. His most recent attempt proves it.
Richard Eskow

We Can Stop the GOP’s Heartless Budget

Republicans in Congress want to drive our nation’s economy, and budget, off a cliff. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here in Illinois, we know there is a way out of this madness, if we stand together to put people and planet first.
Hannah Gelder

Bargains in the Clouds

The deals that deep pockets can snatch up right now on luxury private jets have never been sweeter. The reality of what that means — for the rest of us — could hardly be more bitter.

How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse

Somebody ought to write a self-help book for Republican politicians called, “How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse.”  Although, come to think of it, they're doing pretty well with that already.
Richard Eskow

The Rise of Pennsylvania’s Racist Right Is a Warning to the Nation

Scott Wagner and other Pennsylvania officials want to mainstream extremist views and make the commonwealth a vanguard in White Nationalism’s push to take over the GOP. It's a dangerous game, and a cautionary tale for the rest of the nation.
Daniel Doubet

Trump Drowns the ‘Forgotten Men and Women’ in Swamp Water

Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico are getting sick from drinking polluted water. And Trump’s lone-wolf attack on health insurance markets will now make care unaffordable to millions of the working-class men and women he promised to protect.
Miles Mogulescu

Kris Kobach Can Irreparably Harm Our Democracy

By purging minorities from voting rolls, Kris Kobach, Co-Chair of Trump's "Election Integrity" Commission, may have done more to steal the election for Republicans than Comey and Putin combined. Now he's getting ready to do it again.
Miles Mogulescu
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