Burning Issues: Is Our Military Big Enough?

In this installment of the "Burning Issues" video series, Miriam Pemberton of the Institute for Policy Studies explains why voters should be wary of candidates who say America's military is weak and underfunded.
Burning Issues Video

Wingnut Week In Review: The Breitbart Breakup

Once again proving the bigger bully, Donald Trump may have caused the wingnut media site Breitbart News to self-destruct, after his campaign manager assaulted one of the site's reporters.
Terrance Heath

Don’t Blame Bernie; Most People Don’t Get Charter Schools

When Bernie Sanders fielded a question about charter schools, his answer left a lot of folks scratching their heads. But charter schools do inhabit a sort of twilight zone in the legal distinction of what is public versus what is private.
Jeff Bryant

Burning Issues: What Did We Learn from Libya?

Melvin A. Goodman, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, discusses the lessons of the Libya crisis, and the political positions of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, in this video.
Burning Issues Video

Will Washington Learn What Public Transit Is Worth?

The 24-hour closure of the number one transit system in the nation sent Washington into panic, and underscored the importance of investing in transportation infrastructure.
Terrance Heath

Burning Issues: The Sanders-Clinton Debate On Trade

The senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, explains in a video released Tuesday the sharp difference between Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on trade.
Burning Issues Video

Mini-Super Tuesday: The Campaigns Remain Contested

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in primaries Tuesday. Marco Rubio hung it up. While the frontrunners extended their leads, the fight for the nomination of both parties will continue right to their conventions.
Robert Borosage

Donald Trump And The Privilege of White Rage

In using the anger of his supporters to justify the escalating violence at his campaign rallies, Donald Trump is cynically exploiting a racial privilege as old, even older, than America itself.
Terrance Heath

Video Interview: Steve Phillips, “Brown is the New White”

Are the Democrats doing enough to register the voters of the "New American Majority," bring them to the polls, and win their support once they're there? We spoke with Steve Phillips about his new book, "Brown is the New White."
Richard Eskow

The Economic Justice We Should Be Voting For

As primaries are held in cities that have some of the worst racial disparities in the country, is the key issue that Bernie Sanders is promising more than he can deliver, or is it that we as voters are not demanding enough?
Isaiah J. Poole

Trump’s Big Weekend

Last week Donald Trump's rallies took yet another dark turn, but if he plays his cards right, a few months down the line he might have succeeded in muddying reality enough to have most Republicans blaming Democrats for what he started.

Wingnut Week In Review: The Blame Obama Party

Having failed to stop Donald Trump, and facing the really possibility of a contested convention, or even a Trump nomination, Republicans are looking for someone to blame. So, who are they blaming?
Terrance Heath

Don’t Trust Donald Trump On Social Security

Donald Trump has attracted attention for being the rare Republican who doesn't promise to cut Social Security. But that doesn't mean you should trust him on Social Security.
Bill Scher

The Penalty for Poverty Should Not Be Death

The Brookings Institution recently issued a report showing that poor Americans die at a much earlier age than rich Americans, and that this life expectancy gap between rich and poor is growing rapidly.
Richard Eskow

Time For The Republicans To Cut Loose From The Bigots

The Republican coalition is simply too reliant on bigots to survive in an increasingly multicultural America. That bigotry is fueling the rise of Donald Trump, who gets clobbered in every general election poll.
Bill Scher

Requiem for a Wrecking Ball

One day before Aubrey McClendon swerved to hit a concrete wall, a grand jury charged him with conspiring to rig bids for fracking leases. It looks like the Chesapeake co-founder preferred suicide by SUV to a decade behind bars.

The “Party of Lincoln” Is Long Gone

House Speaker Paul Ryan says, “This is the party of Lincoln. We believe all people are created equal in the eyes of God and our government.” But the party of Lincoln is long gone. It’s now the party of Donald Trump.
Terrance Heath

March Madness: Sanders Takes Michigan in Huge Upset

In a stunning upset, Bernie Sanders went from 20 points down in polls to victory in the Michigan primary Tuesday. As Donald Trump consolidated his lead on the Republican side, Sanders demonstrated the Democratic race has just begun.
Robert Borosage

What Are We Paying Mitch McConnell For?

Why should you and I have to keep paying Mitch McConnell’s salary? The Kentucky Republican is the Senate majority leader, but he doesn’t lead much. In fact, he really doesn’t do much of anything. McConnell says “no” to every task at hand.
Jim Hightower

When a Coin Drops in Asia, Jobs Disappear in Detroit

The U.S. runs massive trade deficits with the other 11 TPP countries. Trade deficits mean products are shipped to the U.S. rather than made in the U.S. The math is simple. A drop in Asian currency means a drop in U.S. jobs.
Leo Gerard
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