AHCA Would Make Rural America’s Health Care Worse

The Republican Congress is inching closer to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a feeble alternative that greatly weakens rural health care access. We believe this will have disastrous consequences for rural America.
Claire Snell-Rood, Cathleen Willging

Would a Berniecrat Have Won Ossoff’s Georgia Race?

Do you have to run like a Republican to win in a district like the Georgia 6th? The answers lie in the Census Bureau's free database, which very few seem to notice. We mined the data, and found the answer for you.
Richard Eskow

Stop the Senate Republican Health Care Obscenity This Week

This is it. Senate Republicans want to vote this week to close hospitals, shutter nursing homes, abandon babies at birth, force older workers off care, and leave the disabled without services.. We can stop them, if we act now.
Robert Borosage

Charter Schools Do Bad Stuff Because They Can

Local news reports from all across the country drip, drip a constant stream of stories of charter schools doing bad stuff that our tax dollars fund. Why do both Democrats and Republicans still fetishize them?
Jeff Bryant

WV Voters in DC Ask Senators to Save Health Care

It was dawn in Charleston as sleepy but excited voters got on a bus to ride six hours over the Allegheny Mountains to Washington, DC so they could ask their senators to save health care for West Virginians before it's too late.

GOP “Health” Bill: Death, Disaster and Gilded Age Greed

Give them less and make them think it’s more: that’s the GOP’s goal with “Trumpcare.” Why? To give tax cuts to the wealthiest among us, when we already have inequality not seen since the Gilded Age. It's time to say we've had enough.
Richard Eskow

The Lessons We Learned From Jon Ossoff’s Defeat

The efforts to build an independent capacity to recruit, train, and support populist candidates up and down the ticket should be redoubled. The push to crystallize a bold agenda for change and debate it across the country is vital.
Robert Borosage

Colorado Calls Out Sen. Gardner to Defend Health Care

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner says the GOP "should be more open" about their plan to repeal health care. We agree. But Gardner's dismay doesn't take away his own responsibility to vote to defend health care in his state.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner

Big Pharma Gets $28 Billion Tax Break in GOP Health Plan

Drug companies avoid paying their fair share of taxes, even as they pump up their profits by price-gouging public health systems and individual patients. Do they deserve the $28 billion tax cut they will get under the AHCA? Hardly.
Will Rice

Veto the Cold-Hearted Health Bill

Even if the GOP thinks it was fun to rebuff Democrats’ pleas for a public process, they really should pay attention to the president who called the House health insurance bill “a son of a bitch.” After all, the president has veto power.
Leo Gerard

Arizona and Ohio Speak Up to Defend Health Care

Senators Flake and McCain of Arizona, and Portman of Ohio have the power with their three votes to protect health care for more than half a million in their states, and millions more across the country. Will they listen to their voters?
Sarah Chaisson-Warner

How to Destroy the Economy With 50 Votes

Every member of the Senate Republican caucus agrees on cutting taxes; that’s the fuel that keeps their health repeal bill moving forward. Not all agree about cutting Medicaid. Some will vote against what their own voters and states want.
Mark Trahant

Health Care Repeal: Playing Political Chicken With Our Lives

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is playing political chicken with our lives. Since he and other Republicans are drafting their health care repeal in secret, it’s up to us to share the stories of those who will bear the consequences.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner

Tennessee Dads Ask Senators for a Simple Father’s Day Gift

A group of Tennessee dads gathered on a rainy Nashville day to ask Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander for a simple gift: for Father's Day, they want their senators to protect Medicaid. Senators, are you listening?
Andy Spears

Infighting Is Good for the Democratic Party

The debate within the Democratic Party isn’t a diversion or a liability; it is a necessary step on the road to recovery. Progressives have energy, passion, and a bold agenda for change. Isn’t it time to debate ideas and strategy?
Robert Borosage

Subjugation in Steel

To protect national security, American steel and family-supporting jobs, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Trump must stand strong against unfair foreign trade in steel that kills American jobs and creates American dependency.
Leo Gerard

Resistance in a Time of Gunfire

The smell of gun smoke had net yet lifted from an Alexandria baseball field when the calls for unity began. But unity doesn't mean silence, or inaction: issues like health care and gun violence need debate, and lives are at stake.
Richard Eskow

The Senate’s Silent and Deadly Health Care Repeal

Republican leaders in the Senate are very quietly – and very secretly – forcing through a radical health care repeal that threatens the lives of people across the country. It’s up to us to make noise and demand our voices be heard.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner

Kris Kobach Can Irreparably Harm Our Democracy

By purging minorities from voting rolls, Kris Kobach, Co-Chair of Trump's "Election Integrity" Commission, may have done more to steal the election for Republicans than Comey and Putin combined. Now he's getting ready to do it again.
Miles Mogulescu

Resistance & Power: Our March to Springfield

I choose to use my body to not only resist but to fight for something better. No one gets to gets to tell me what I do with my body, so I choose to embody justice, and fight for the world we all need and deserve.
Samantha Nichols

Our Movement Moment: Beyond Neo-Liberalism & Trumpism

We have a very hopeful framework on how to build political power from a very different perspective: one that is grounded in the people. One that goes to the doors, engages people one on one, and builds relationships.
Maria-Elena Letona

Winning Clean Energy & Climate Justice for All

We fight not just for energy security - we fight for energy sovereignty. It’s not just about getting enough food resources, enough energy resources; it’s about who gets to own and control the distribution of those resources.
Tony Pierce

How We Can Help, Not Punish, Drug Users

Punishing drug users does not curb drug use; all it does is destabilize the lives of people who use drugs and their families. We should instead embrace strategies that are proven to reduce harm and deaths from infection and overdose.
Alyssa Aguilera

The Koch Brothers & Trump: The Men Who Sold the World

Trump and his party have been marching in lockstep with the fossil-fuel industry for some time now. That influence can be seen in Trump's appointments, in his deeds and now in his budget.
Richard Eskow

Working Together in a Time of Crisis

We live in a time of crisis. Billionaires and white nationalists have gone from lobbying the White House to living in the White House. Time and again, the One Percent have tried to divide us. Together, we can defeat them.
Tobita Chow

Trump Offers Fool’s Gold to Fund Infrastructure

“We will build because our people want to build,” Trump says of his infrastructure plan. But to build, projects must be properly paid for. And so far, the Trump administration has offered only fool’s gold as financing.
Leo Gerard

What I Learned Carrying a Cross From Chicago to Springfield

Everyone I met on our March to Springfield for a People & Planet First Budget made it clear to me we are all on the same side. We all share the same journey. It’s time for our elected officials to step up and do their share.
Erica Nanton

DeVos Education Hires Bode Ill For Students’ Rights

Based on some of her recent hires for the Department of Education, Secretary Betsy DeVos seems intent to ignore students' rights, including protections for LGBT students, women, and the disabled.
Jeff Bryant

Kitchen Logic: Don’t Let Trump’s GOP Privatize America

If you needed a new stove or refrigerator, you wouldn't give the keys to your kitchen to Olive Garden then pay them to let you eat. Unfortunately, that’s what Trump and his party want us to do so they can give away our shared wealth.
Richard Eskow

How States Can Fight Climate Change On Their Own

Confronting the climate crisis shouldn’t be rocket science. Just treat greenhouse gases the way governments treat liquor and cigarettes: raise the price. But the bottleneck around carbon policy is more about politics than science or price.
Michelle Chen

Trump’s Family Leave: An Empty Envelope for American Workers

The White House budget dispels any hopes Trump might keep his promise to extend a helping hand to the nation’s millions of small business workers with a family and medical leave act that works. Instead, he hands them an empty envelope.
Angela Simaan
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