They Don’t Really Care About Taxes, Folks

Republicans don't have to run on lower tax rates for the middle class. They just have promise to stick it to the "others" whether it's denying benefits or a path to citizenship, deportation, abusive policing, long prison sentences.

The Economy in 2016: On the Edge of Recession

Economic forecasters exist to make astrologers look good, but I expect the U.S. economy to sputter in 2016. That’s because the economy faces a deep structural problem: not enough demand for goods and services it's capable of producing.

2016: When the Voting Starts

The posturing and meaningless polls are behind us. Finally, the presidential race heads towards the first primaries. Real people cast real votes. For progressives, 2016 may well be an interesting time.
Robert Borosage

Wingnut Year In Review: Just In Time For The Holidays

Are you dreading another holiday dinner with a talkative right-wing relative or two? If you’re getting heartburn from the thought of dinner with a side of right-wing, here’s a year’s worth of wingnuttia to shut them up.
Terrance Heath

“Make America White Again”

What if angry working class whites aren't attracted to Trump because of economic anxiety? What if their “anxiety” is really just about simple racism — the fact that people they believe are inferior to them are becoming equal in society?

2015: The Year That Black Lives Mattered, At Last

This was the year that #BlackLivesMatter mattered. It arrived precisely at a moment of crisis that called for a movement that values and demands respect above respectability, and doesn't hesitate to disrupt “business as usual.”
Terrance Heath

The Climate Battle Of 2016 Will Be Waged In The States

The EPA's Clean Power Plan is America's main tool for complying with the Paris agreement.  States have until Sept. 6 to submit a plan that qualifies for extra federal support. Your mission: get your state to comply and submit a strong plan.
Bill Scher

The Country Is Moving Left

2015 marked a year of change in a progressive direction. And the country is solidly behind this move. Just look at Saturday’s (near-secret) Democratic debate.

Of Rotten Apples and Rotten Systems

Martin Shkreli, the former hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO who was arrested last week, has been described as a sociopath. In reality, he’s a brasher version of what others in finance and corporate suites do all the time.

The Important Education Issue Leaders Are Still Ignoring

The issue that remains mostly unaddressed in education policy is the massive under-funding of public schools. Most states provide less support per student for elementary and secondary schools than they did in 2008.
Jeff Bryant

Joy to the Workers

In keeping with the figgy-pudding and potato latke traditions of the holidays, here’s a recipe for delivering joy to the workers so that they can spread holiday merriment:
Leo Gerard

This Generation, Too, Has a Rendezvous with Destiny

It is time for you and your generation to transform this nation as Americans did in the 1770s – the 1860s – and the 1930s and 1940s – not to mention the 1960s. It is time for you to make America freer, more equal, and more democratic.
Harvey J Kaye

Obama Has Broken the Second-Term Curse

George W. Bush suffered Hurricane Katrina and the Iraqi quagmire, Bill Clinton was impeached, Ronald Reagan was staggered by the Iran-contra scandal, and Richard Nixon was run out of town. What did Obama do right?
Bill Scher

Wingnut Week In Review: Seig Hair

Donald Trump’s supporters are now yelling “Seig heil!,” and calling for a black man to be burned alive. Can we call them fascists now? Can we call them racists now?
Terrance Heath

Bad News for Democracy Is Great News for TV Profits

Television news has gone off its rocker. The networks have grasped Donald Trump to their collective bosom like the winner of one of those misogynistic, televised beauty pageants he owns.
Bill Moyers

The Saturday Night Democratic Presidential Debate

Live from New Hampshire, it's the Saturday Night Democratic Presidential Debate, perversely designed to draw as small an audience as possible. Yet voters would be interested in the real differences in politics and strategy.
Robert Borosage

A Green and Dirty Gift

As lawmakers scurried to keep the government open and head home for the holidays, they wrapped spending and tax deals into a costly measure that highlighted our nation’s mismatched energy policies.

With Latest Budget Deal, More Failure By Design

Government spending is not out of control. It's the negative effects of not spending what we should that are threatening to spiral out of control. For conservatives, there is evil genius in all this.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The Revolt of the Anxious Class

The great American middle class has become an anxious class – and it’s in revolt. Before I explain how that revolt is playing out, you need to understand the sources of the anxiety.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: The Republican Debate

In last night's debate, Republican presidential candidates responded to a shaken nation by serving up heavy doses of fear and insult. Yet in the midst of the hysteria and posturing, there were occasional glimpses of common sense.
Robert Borosage

A Big Win for Senate Cafeteria Workers

Thanks to the organizing efforts of Good Jobs Nation and other allies, Senate officials signed a new contract with the workers that brings their average pay closer to a living wage.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Burn the TPP

Fear-mongering GOP candidates divert attention from real problems like bad trade deals and urge us to burn with anger about immigrants and refugees. In a real democracy, the smoldering in America would be piles of discarded TPP texts.
Leo Gerard

The Republican Carnival Comes to Town

Donald Trump will be center stage at the Republican debate Tuesday night, flanked by a rising Sen. Ted Cruz and a flagging Dr. Ben Carson. Those are the front-runners. Enough said.
Robert Borosage

Marco Rubio: Foreign Policy Pretender

Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has made his foreign policy acumen the centerpiece of his presidential campaign. Only problem: what he believes is both wrong-headed and dangerous.
Robert Borosage
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