In a campaign where last straws come almost daily, it’s hard to say if “nasty woman” is the final one for women voters. But it won’t matter. The Waylon Jennings song says it all: "She’s Gone, Gone, Gone. Cryin’ won’t bring her back."

An Anthropology of the Luxury Life?

Social scientists are starting to place the lives of the wealthy under the same microscope formerly trained on primitive tribes in Borneo. Could their research ever help us understand phenomena like the ugliness of the Donald?

Small Businesses Say Trump Is Wrong

One (more) of the way this country is split is a sharp divide between what small businesses need and what the giant, multinational corporations want (and usually get.)

The Four Unknowns On Election Day

The only unknowns are whether: Hillary Clinton can break 50 percent of the popular vote, Gary Johnson can break 5 percent, Evan McMullin can win Utah’s 6 electoral votes, Democrats can claim the Senate or even the House.
Bill Scher

It’s Game Over After the Las Vegas Debate

Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. But while Clinton grows more confident making the progressive case on domestic and social issues, she seems intent on doubling down on our failed efforts to police the globe.
Robert Borosage

How Can We Do ‘Trade’ Right?

People have figured out that our country's "trade" deals haven't been working our so well for "our country." A visit to Flint, Detroit or so many other places clearly shows what's wrong.

What New Challenges To The Charter School Industry Reveal

The charter industry finds it faces formidable new challenges from many unexpected corners. A new omnibus report explains how charters were able to fly under the radar for so long and why challenges to these schools are arising now.
Jeff Bryant

Our Long National Debate Nightmare is Over

Trump will probably never grace a national debate stage again, so there's that. But our campaigns, and the media’s coverage, have been shortchanging voters for a long time. That's not likely to change until the public demands better.
Richard Eskow

Getting Beyond the ‘Buffett Rule’

In 1944, the year billionaire investor Warren Buffett first paid income tax, the U.S tax code ‘soaked the rich’ to an amazing degree — and the nation benefited mightily from all the soaking.

The Last Debate: How Low Will It Go?

If voter haven’t turned on Trump by now, a campaign ad from Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to move them. Clinton could choose to “go high" instead, using the debate platform to offer uplifting proposals around the issues that matter most.
Richard Eskow

Trump: Valueless

Warren Buffett, who is more than six times richer than Donald Trump, demonstrates American values in both words and actions. Trump displays utter obliviousness to those values.
Leo Gerard

Time for Hillary to Pivot to Full Metal Progressive Policy

Clinton can win ugly by playing Pre-Vent defense and relying on Trump’s self-destruction. Or she can use the remaining three weeks of the campaign to go full metal progressive policy and lay out a positive populist governing agenda.
Miles Mogulescu

Caution: Handle Polls With Care

We're at the stage of the election where obsession with the latest polls reaches its peak. Yet it is also the stage when polls can stop informing about the electorate and start warping the electorate.
Bill Scher

The Oregon Idea – Make Voting Easy

Oregon is a pathfinder in making it easier for Americans to register and vote. It’s the first state to enact universal “Motor Voter” legislation, where the DMV automatically registers people as they apply for or renew their licenses.

Inequality Is Still the Defining Issue of Our Time

Jason Furman, chair of the Council on Economic Advisors, argues that Obama “narrowed the inequality gap” more than any president in 50 years. But don’t take down the barricades. Inequality remains extreme and continues to widen.
Robert Borosage

The Republicans’ Civil War – And Everyone Else’s

If they win, Democrats will need to look across our generational, racial, and gender divides, toward the concerns and causes that unite us. Republicans are fighting a civil war. But then, so are we all.
Richard Eskow

Trump Doesn’t Understand, Asking for Help is Not Weakness

It seems like a week can’t go by without Donald Trump saying something that offends. But his deep ignorance of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder risks spreading a calamitous lie about a disease shared by 24 million Americans.
Alan Pitts

Consumers Lose, Wall Street Wins, in Right-Wing Court Ruling

Republican appointees can no longer be counted upon to uphold the law in a fair and even-handed manner. The nation is experiencing the fruits of a decades-long conservative assault on the concept of an independent judiciary.
Richard Eskow

In the Spirit of the GI Bill, Cancel All Student Debt

A Student Debt Jubilee will right an injustice and affirm our core values. It is time to liberate 43 million Americans – along with their families, communities, and nation – from the crushing burden of student debt.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Richard Eskow
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Donald Trump: The American-Made Fraud

Trump condemns China for cheating on trade, but bought cheap Chinese steel and aluminum to construct his buildings in Chicago and Las Vegas. Would a President Trump use Chinese steel and aluminum in his U.S. infrastructure repair plan?
Leo Gerard

The Second Presidential Debate: Gutter-Ball Edition

The brief and rare exchanges on ideas were revealing ... But the clash of ideas was a sideshow. This “debate” was an exchange of insults, egged on by the moderators. The only redeeming feature is that it will be hard to get lower than that.
Robert Borosage

Why It Takes Local Activists to End a School-to-Prison Pipeline

Civil rights groups and policy statements from government officials have called for an end to the school-to-prison pipeline. But nothing will likely change for students until parents, educators and activists push at the local level
Jeff Bryant
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