Why We Shut Down The EPA’s Dirty Energy Hearings

My name is Reverend Tony Pierce, and I am co-senior pastor of Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship in Peoria, Illinois and Board President of Illinois People’s Action. On Monday, together with […]
Tony Pierce

Share the Wealth? We Can Start Now – Here’s How

Redistribution via the tax code, progressives on both sides of the Atlantic are realizing, only takes us so far. We need to start limiting inequality before it can dig in. The UK Labour Party has just unveiled a fascinating proposal that moves us exactly in that direction.

‘Education Wave’ Inspires New Candidates and Voters

A new wave of education voters may make David Garcia the next governor of Arizona, where the professor is taking on GOP incumbent Doug Ducey. Arizona is a state where Republicans have cut education spending severely, sparking teacher protests earlier this year. Voters want that turned around.
Jeff Bryant

We Speak, We Remember, We Will Win

My voice catches in my throat when I think about telling my own story of sexual assault. I know the courage it takes for Dr. Blasey Ford to speak. But I know that I, and millions like me, have absolutely no intention of letting her speak alone.  
Jessica Juarez Scruggs

The Rich Want To Take Away Your Right To Vote

Democracy is tough for one-percenters. They’ve got all that money but no more voting power than you or me. But they’ve got a plan to make America a one-dollar, one-vote plutocracy, by stripping voting rights from non-rich minority groups.
Leo Gerard

Betsy DeVos Throws Favors to For-Profit Schools

The Democratic party has vowed to brand Republicans as the party of corruption in political campaigns for the upcoming midterm elections in November. Given the slew of scandal-ridden people that […]
Jeff Bryant

Stop the “Kavanaugh Coup” By Any Means Necessary

The reason Republicans want to rush Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation through, despite credible charges of sexual harassment and perjury, is that his confirmation would complete a slow-moving coup by their oligarchic donor class to turn American law back a hundred years.
Miles Mogulescu

Rising from the Grassroots to Win in November

November's elections are about living in the world as it is, but pushing for something new. This is the only way forward: by showing the truth that having more and more people share their experiences, getting involved and then turning out to vote can be life-changing.
Laurel Wales

Turning New Hampshire From Red to Blue

New Hampshire is ready to flip from Red to Blue. Donald Trump likes to boast of his support in the Granite State, but the record turnout in Democratic primaries – […]
Isaac Grimm

Fighting To Win Fair Housing In Westchester

It was decision time in Westchester County. After three years of debate and a contentious four-hour hearing, the village council in Ossining – a quiet town sandwiched between the Trump […]
Julia Solow

A New Roadmap for Getting Change Done

The insurgent progressive movement has good reasons to celebrate as primary season comes to an end, much to the dismay of the corporate wing of the Democratic party. The victories […]
Robert Borosage

Major Power Shake-Up As NY Ousts Establishment Dems

The center of power in New York government has shifted in a big way as six incumbent State Senators who were part of the Independent Democratic Conference – a group […]
Charlie Albanetti

New York’s Primary is a Charter-School Showdown

The September 13 primary in New York could re-energize and redefine the Democratic party in the state. It also might mean drastic change for the charter school industry. Photo credit: Michael […]
Jake Jacobs

Hope, Votes and “The Politics of Joy”

Movement politics are really about bringing back our democracy in a way that feels meaningful, powerful, and accessible to everybody.
Laurel Wales

Mainers Tell Sen. Collins No! on Kavanaugh

As the confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh nears, approval for Maine Senator Susan Collins has fallen to a new low. “If she votes to confirm Kavanaugh, that will be the last straw,” said Emily Wall, one of the over 500 attendees at a rally in Portland.
Cara deRose

Kavanaugh’s Disdain for Workers Disqualifies Him

In his statement to Congress during confirmation hearings, Judge Brett Kavanaugh said his mother taught him judges must always stand in the shoes of others. Though hardly original or deeply […]
Leo Gerard

It’s Back-To-Underfunding, Charter-Scandal School Time

Families, teachers, and communities may feel a sense of renewal and possibility as this new school year starts, but much of the news from schools is still mired in negative reports of underfunded buildings, beleaguered teachers, and charter school corruption.
Jeff Bryant

Labor Day: 24 Hours When Workers Are Human

Labor Day recognizes the humanity of workers. It commemorates their year-long efforts with time off dedicated relaxation, family, friends, and barbeques. There’s no holiday for robots, raw materials, or the […]
Leo Gerard

It’s Time For Progressives To Raise Their Game

Victory is sweet, but celebration brief – for our struggle has only just begun. The progressive populist insurgency in the Democratic Party has tasted frequent victories this primary season: Tuesday […]
Robert Borosage

Why Do Corporate Boards So Overpay U.S. CEOs?

Corporate boards are asking us to blame sky-high CEO pay on the laws of supply and demand. The actual arithmetic tells a completely different story. So let's focus on the real problems -- and real solutions, like the notion of a maximum wage.

There’s a Way to Make Corporations Work for Workers, Too

U.S. corporations and executives often assume they have only one responsibility, to fill their own pockets. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act would change that, by bringing workers into the boardroom, and keeping executives from using stock buybacks to enrich themselves.
Leo Gerard

Turning Back the Tide of Hate In Iowa and Beyond

There’s a phrase we use here in Iowa to say how people should treat one another: “Iowa Nice.” We think of ourselves as kind, generous, family friendly and closely-knit, and […]
Erica Johnson

How to Win Elections from the Ground Up

Tuesday's primaries are proof that populist progressives are slowly remaking the Democratic Party. They are running to win at the state and local level, building momentum for reform and a deep bench for change in the future.
Robert Borosage

The Constitution’s Case for Impeachment

The authors of a newly released book make a powerful case that Donald Trump has committed numerous impeachable offenses, individually and in the aggregate, and that failure to act endangers the future of American democracy.
Miles Mogulescu

Progressives Win Big in Wisconsin Primary

Citizen Action Wisconsin members who just won primary races by wide margins are proof the blue wave Democrats hope will crest in November continues to rise.
Robert Kraig

What’s At Stake When We Vote This Year

A lot is at stake when we go to vote this year. It’s about restoring our faith in our leaders, and in one another. People like us, working together, have the power to remake our institutions. And that is just what is beginning to happen.
Adrienne Evans

How to Turn Back a Giant

What’s the best way to push profit-seeking corporations out of the public sphere? Don’t let them take over in the first place. Residents of Lancaster County, Penn. were thrilled to […]
Negin Owliaei

Pohutsky’s Win Gives Voice To Michigan’s Real Voters

Voters in Michigan’s 19th district will have an alternative to the career politicians they are used to seeing on ballot in November. Microbiologist Laurie Pohutsky won the Democratic nomination in the […]
Erik Shelley
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