Bernie Sanders Opens a New Foreign-Policy Debate

Bernie Sanders has offered first steps towards a new foreign policy that upends the military-dominated definition of national security and elevates the threats posed by climate change. But the debate over how to achieve this has just begun.
Robert Borosage

How Do You Say “MAGA” in German?

Germany's recent elections affirm an alarming rise of the far right in Europe. But a deeper global phenomenon is at work, with implications for the American future. If political centrism is collapsing, what - and who - will replace it?
Richard Eskow

Trump’s Axe Turns From Health to Taxes

Republicans are aglow with the fresh hope of passing sweeping tax cuts. In this B movie, they're swinging an axe every which way. But if we stand firm, we'll make sure their aim on taxes proves as bad as it did against health care.

Unfair Trade, Uncertainty Killing American Aluminum and Steel

The Trump administration promised to stop illegal trade in steel and aluminum by the end of June. Now the administration says it won't act until after tax legislation passes. In the meantime, mills continue to close.
Leo Gerard

GOP Health Repeal Is an Immoral Affront to the American People

The GOP health care bill slated for vote this week is an astounding immoral affront to the American people. It would strip tens of millions of care, and raise costs for millions more. It's so bad, its authors can only defend it with lies.
Robert Borosage

Football Unites Against Trump

President Donald Trump has done something no one else could do until now. He has united the National Football League, and much of the nation, around the National Anthem protest of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

We Can Stop the GOP’s Dash to Destroy Health Care

Republican leaders are hurtling toward a repeal vote that will shred health care as we know it. It’s the most heartless bid to repeal care we’ve seen so far. That’s the bad news. The good news is we can stop them, if we act now.

If Republicans Repeal Obamacare, Will Medicare For All Come Sooner?

Lindsey Graham and other GOP leaders say a repeal of Obamacare will kill Medicare for All forever. Yet others believe this last-ditch bid to tear apart our health system, even if it passes, may bring Medicare For All closer to reality.
Miles Mogulescu

Hillary Clinton Tries to Explain ‘What Happened’

"We should be unafraid to kick the tires on transformative ideas," says Hillary Clinton in her new political memoir. That’s good advice. If only she had embraced it when she was a presidential candidate.
Robert Borosage

How You Can Help Small Businesses Thrive

Banks are trying to score another victory over hardworking Americans by refusing to lend to minorities, women, and rural residents who own and run small businesses. We can help them, by ensuring they have fair access to capital.
Josh Crandell

Beware Back-to-School Stories Celebrating Online Education

This Back-to-School season is filled with feel-good news stories about students attending internet-based schools. What the news outlets don't tell you is that these schools mostly get terrible results and often rip off taxpayers.
Jeff Bryant

Donald Trump Is Just the Latest Republican to Stoke Racial Division

Trump’s actions and words are particularly noxious, but no one should be misled: His race-bait politics are an expression of the modern Republican Party, not a deviation from it. The battle for its soul has long since been decided.
Robert Borosage

Never Say Tax Reform, Say Fairness

We are about to embark on a nationwide debate over taxes. Newspapers want to call this a debate over “tax reform.” It is not: Progressives want tax “fairness,” not “reform.” The first word sets us up for victory, and the latter for defeat.

Medicare For All Can Reshape the ‘Art of the Possible’

The sixteen senators who have joined Sanders understand their health bill won't pass in today's Republican Congress. They signed on because it's a good idea, and because they recognize that they can both reflect and shape political change.
Richard Eskow

Racial Inequality Is Hollowing Out America’s Middle Class

America’s middle class is under assault, with black and Latino households under siege. Their drop in wealth by more than half over three decades threatens the very survival of a middle class in this country.
Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Chuck Collins

What Matters Is What Happens Next, Not ‘What Happened’

Hillary Clinton's campaign memoir sparks controversy and debate. Is this useful? While it's unproductive to argue about her personal merits, a fight over what values will drive the Democratic Party into the future is well worth having.
Richard Eskow

The Sad Story of Public Education in St. Louis

Betsy DeVos says conversations about education should be about "buildings and systems." But the once grand, now crumbling schools St. Louis built for its children remind us the permanency of schools as institutions is important.
Jeff Bryant

Help Every Small Business Have a Chance for Success

America loves entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, right? Think again. It’s incredibly hard for new businesses, no matter how creative, to get financing. And unless we act now, Republicans in Congress will make it even harder.

Canadian Mounties to the Rescue of American Workers

Americans like to see themselves as heroes to the underdog, but, it's Canada who is riding to the rescue of downtrodden American workers, by demanding union rights in negotiations for a new North American Free Trade Agreement.
Leo Gerard

Donald Trump Jr. Just Admitted He Committed a Crime

Donald Trump Jr. told Congress he, Manafort, and Kushner met with Russians hoping to obtain illegal intel on Hillary Clinton, but failed. Sorry, Don: taking a meeting to obtain illegal intel - even if you fail - still counts as conspiracy.
Miles Mogulescu

Disaster Recovery Should Heal, Not Divide, Our Communities

Climate science tells us more superstorms like Harvey and Irma are coming our way. We should learn how to recover from these disasters in a smart, humane way so that people and communities can truly heal and become more equitable.
Richard Eskow

Like Her Boss, Betsy DeVos Makes a Disaster All About Herself

While Trump's boasts about crowd size in Houston struck some as self-centered, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struck a similar tone in Florida against a backdrop of the slow-motion catastrophe striking the state's public schools.
Jeff Bryant

Trump Wants to Steal 800,000 Immigrant Dreams

My name is Gerardo, and I live in Colorado. I am one of the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who contribute to this country every day, thanks to DACA. If DACA ends, our lives will be on the line. Help us save our dreams.
Gerardo, COPA

When the Parades Are Over, Who Stands With Unions?

The Labor Day parades are over. The bands have packed up. The muscular speeches celebrating workers are finished. Now, conservative politicians from Trump on down will revive their systematic efforts to weaken unions and undermine workers.
Robert Borosage

Working on Labor Day to Recover from Harvey

This Labor Day, the union members and other workers who risked their lives to rescue hurricane victims will be volunteering. They’ll be helping all of those affected by the storm to recover - this weekend and long after.
Leo Gerard

Harvey Won’t Be The Last Thousand-Year Storm

The sight of thousands displaced by Hurricane Harvey is painfully familiar in New Jersey, where we're still waiting on the help we were promised after Superstorm Sandy. The road home will be long, but we can get there if we work together.
Krista Sperber, Rae Breaux

Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Confidence Scam

Trump's tax plan is the essential confidence scam: he's peddling a plan that does not yet exist on paper, using populist bluster to sell what will be a one-percenter's dream. The only question is if Americans are gullible enough to buy it.
Robert Borosage

Our President, the White Supremacist

The President of the United States is a white supremacist. He is not just a defender or apologist for bigots and hatemongers. He is one of them, and no one who’s been paying attention can be shocked to learn this. Here's what that means.
Alan Jenkins
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