The Fight for Health Care: In It to Win It

Eight years: that’s how long an American president can serve, and it’s the age at which children start to solve problems on their own. It’s also how long we’ve had […]
Tim Wilkins

Is the ‘Liberal World Order’ Worth Saving?

Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, recently wrote a column entitled “Liberal World Order, R.I.P.” Haass sees the post-World War II order succumbing to centrifugal forces. He […]
Richard Eskow

Energy Independence Requires Steel Independence

Sustaining steel independence is a big part of what President Trump’s tariffs are about. They’re intended to revive American steel production which has been hammered by illegal trade practices, particularly in China.
Leo Gerard

Democrats Can Win if They Lead on Education

While progressives lament their recent failure in an Illinois primary to knock out Dan Lipinski – a conservative, anti-abortion, Congressional Democrat who voted against the Affordable Care Act – they […]
Jeff Bryant

Hunting Payday Sharks in East Nashville

In the Paleozoic Era, Tennessee was covered by a warm, shallow sea, filled with sharks. The waters receded millions of years ago, but sharks still linger in our state, ready […]
Andy Spears

Pete Peterson’s Ghost

Peter G. “Pete” Peterson, the billionaire businessman and anti-government crusader, died last week at the age of 91. He leaves behind family and friends who will miss him, and a […]
Richard Eskow

Washington Voting Rights Act a New Dawn for Democracy

With the passage of the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA), democracy in Washington State is about to get a lot more vibrant! This month, Governor Inslee signed this Act into […]
Pavan Vangipuram

Betsy DeVos Wants to Cut Public Education to the Bone

True to form, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s testimony before Congress this week was yet another example of how her utterances about American public education and her governance over the […]
Jeff Bryant

There’s Fake News on Your Television, Too

There is increasing public concern about the political manipulation of Facebook and Twitter by private corporations and foreign actors, and it’s certainly warranted. Social media, especially Facebook, are increasingly mediating […]
Richard Eskow

Indian Country Electorate Ready for Change

A special election in Pennsylvania is a good sign for Native American #NativeVote18 candidates running for office. Why? Because this cycle is already favoring out-of-power Democrats and, quite possibly, independents. […]
Mark Trahant

Labor Organizes a Congressional Win

Conor Lamb did not view unions as boogey men to fear and run from. He saw them as friends to run and win with. And he defeated a Republican Tuesday in a Congressional District that went for Trump by 20 points.
Leo Gerard

The Resistance Needs Better Heroes

A movement without memory is adrift. And a movement that picks the wrong heroes is lost. Two milestones should serve as reminders to self-styled members of the Resistance. One marks […]
Richard Eskow

Putting Lawmakers On Notice in Idaho

Idahoans are fed up with lawmakers like Gov. Butch Otter who cave to the interests of deep-pocketed donors rather than than step up to defend quality, affordable health care in […]
Adrienne Evans

Opening a New Way for Democrats to Run and Win

Conor Lamb’s stunning win in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th House District showed the blue wave building as the November midterms approach. It also triggered an immediate debate about […]
Robert Borosage

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Speaks on Rollback of Bank Reforms

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks about proposed changes to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which she helped pass to curb risky lending practices in the wake […]
Tim Wilkins

Now Is the Time to Fight for Health Care in Idaho

Every Idahoan deserves quality, affordable health care. That’s the simple truth, and a vast majority in our state believes it. Now we have a chance to come closer to that […]
Adrienne Evans

The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks

Why would Democratic senators join their Republican colleagues in pushing a bill that lays out a rich banquet of goodies before some of America’s worst bankers, and increases the risk that taxpayers will have to bail them out?
Richard Eskow

A Penny for Your National Security

Some say tariffs will raise costs at home, but most Americans are willing to pay an extra penny per six-pack to ensure their country has the domestic aluminum smelting and steel forging ability that is crucial to national security.
Leo Gerard

Marching Backwards For Freedom

In 2018, many of us still do not vote because of state laws rooted in white supremacy, someone lied and told us we can’t, we are or were in prison or have a conviction in our past. So it’s time to revive Dr. King's movement for voting rights.
Kenneth Glasgow

The Progressive Challenge

Progressives must push to define what the Democratic Party is – the fundamental reform agenda that is needed, the coalitions that need to be forged, the transformations of how we do politics. This is our time; people are looking for change. Let's get to it.
Robert Borosage

WV Teachers Tell Us Why Public Schools And Unions Matter

The West Virginia teachers’ strike is not only a startling victory for labor rights; it’s also a reminder of the important role public schools and public school educators can and should play in progressive populism.
Jeff Bryant

Republicans Attack the ACA, One More Time

Emboldened by the legislative success of GOP tax cuts, 20 states led by Texas and Wisconsin have renewed efforts to weaken and undo the ACA, even though the health-care plan and its reforms are more popular than ever.
Valarie Blake, Simon Haeder

The Kerner Report at 50: Still Separate, More Unequal

Fifty years ago, the Kerner Commission warned our society was becoming "separate and unequal." Today, this is even more true. Kerner's solutions were simple and potent, yet remain unheeded: combat racism with housing, jobs and reform .
Richard Eskow

U.S. Aluminum and Steel Workers are an Endangered Species

The United States can’t assure its own national security if its steel and aluminum mills and skilled mill workers are extinct. Tariffs on imported metals will give U.S. producers time to recover from illegal practices that undercut them.
Leo Gerard

Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party

Will the Democratic Party open up to the wave of grassroots energy and activism rising across the nation, or will it continue to do business as usual, backing candidates favored by deep-pocket donors over insurgents and new coalitions?
Robert Borosage

Ben Carson’s Redecoration of HUD is Worse Than You Think

About Ben Carson's $31,000 dining room set: that's roughly three times the average income for a rural household that receives rental assistance from Housing and Urban Development, the department Carson is redecorating for Donald Trump.
Richard Eskow

The Wealthy, the Poor, the Vulnerable

Societies where large numbers of people live in constant danger of falling into poverty, new evidence shows, concetrate more wealth at the top. The deeply unequal United States has four times more economically vulnerable than Japan.

Yes, You Can Talk To Strangers

Talking with strangers is never easy. But getting to know your neighbors helps achieve lasting change in this country. That's why ONE Northside is getting out, knocking on doors, and breaking down barriers in Chicago.
Hannah Gelder

Gun Control Legislation Is Constitutional

It’s time to stop letting the NRA scare the burgeoning  gun safety movement led by courageous student survivors  into accepting small-bore reforms out of a mistaken belief that stronger gun safety laws would be unconstitutional.
Miles Mogulescu

Janus: Billionaires Take on Public Employees and their Unions

If the Gorsuch Supreme Court prevails in Janus, they will succeed in weakening unions, lowering wages and benefits for public employees, while exacerbating the savage inequality that already subverts our democracy.
Robert Borosage

Picture the United States Without Student Debt

A new report concludes that cancelling all student debt would create more than a million jobs. To those who say we can’t afford to cancel this debt, the report poses a new and different question: Can we afford not to?
Richard Eskow
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