2018 Midterms: Blue Wave, Red Undertow

Democrats can use their new leverage in Washington to expose how big money has used the Trump administration to rig the rules in ways that hurt working people, and show ways that in key areas - education, the environment, and criminal justice - there is an alternative.
Robert Borosage

Three Women Remind Us Why Voting Matters

In August, People’s Action held our first-ever Gender Justice Restorative Retreat. This initiative created a space for women and non-binary from all walks of life and all kinds of issue-based campaigns […]
Xoai Pham

We Can Move Mountains When We Organize and Vote

There may be a mountain dividing Madison County from Raleigh, but these people can move mountains, and they will move mountains, to let their voices be heard.
Jesse Davis

The Dignity of This Nation Is at Stake Right Now

Javier Adames is one of the many veterans all across the country who are volunteering to support progressive candidates in this election. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Adames lives […]
Javier Adames

The Time Is Now for Women of Color to Win

We want to own our power, claim our power and use it. And there are other women watching you take this leap, and fight this fight. They're looking at you, and saying, “Well, she's doing, it, I can maybe do this too!” When they see me, they’re like, “Why should I have to wait?”
Angela Conley

How Bold Women Are Transforming Pennsylvania Politics

A wave of bold women candidates are transforming politics in Pennsylvania: from Jess King, the Lancaster County Mennonite who’s running for Congress, to Kristin Seale in Harrisburg, Danielle Friel-Otten in […]
Adam Kruggel

Standing Up For Family Farmers In Central Iowa

Nick Schutt is the real deal. He farms corn and beans in Hardin County, Iowa on 80 acres of land that have been in his family for three generations. Nick […]
Nick Schutt

Education Wave That Began in West Virginia Sweeps Nation

Whether Democrats take back the House in the midterm elections may come down to races like the one in West Virginia’s third Congressional District. “Richard Ojeda has taken a district […]
Jeff Bryant

Why I Challenged Steve King on His White Supremacy

My name is Kaleb Van Fosson, and I’m a student at Iowa State University in Ames. I’m a political science major, and an active member of Iowa Student Action. I’m […]
Kaleb Van Fosson

What Will You Remember When You Vote?

I will remember when I vote on November 6 that the only reason my brother is still alive is because Tom Wolf, the governor of the state where he is […]
Michaela Lovegood

How Teachers Might Save Arizona Schools from the Kochs

“A change in education is Arizona’s No. 1 issue,” Garcia said in a televised debate. “It is my strength, it is Ducey’s weakness, and it’s going to be the difference.” (Photo: Victoria […]
Jeff Bryant

A People’s Wave’s A-Comin’

Five days out from the midterm elections, here’s a final snapshot of People’s Action’s electoral program. With so much at stake in these elections, People’s Action and our member organizations […]
Leigh Friedman

We Won’t Let Them Take Away Our Right To Vote

if voting didn’t matter, they wouldn’t work so hard to keep us from voting. If we decide to stand together, to make our voices heard, no one and nothing will stop us. Now let’s go cast this ballot.
Keith Sellars

Celebrating Victory for Survivors of Hurricane Sandy

It’s been a long road, but we’ve traveled it together. On the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy joined members of the New Jersey Organizing Project […]
Krista Sperber

It Takes a Village to Make a Hate Crime

It truly takes a village to create a hate crime, and it is clear that the suspect in Saturday's attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue got all of these messages loud and clear from right-wing media and candidates.
Daniel Doubet

Education Matters More Than Trump to Wisconsin Voters

Local issues hold the key to many midterm elections, despite talk about how Trump is nationalizing these races and Democrats should do the same. Education tops the list in Wisconsin, where the incumbent governor Scott Walker, has slashed support for public schools.
Jeff Bryant

Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General

We can imagine a world where everyone can live free, joyful lives, regardless of what they look like, where they came from, how they worship or whom they love.
Elianne Farhat

Riding Backroads for Change in Rural Wisconsin

There’s so much at stake in November. Western Wisconsin is an area that voted for Obama twice, and then turned around and voted for Trump. It takes people like me who live there and have lived there my whole life to step forward and say, “That’s not who we are.”
Jeff Smith

Organizing for Hope on the Jersey Shore

Prior to Hurricane Sandy, I was a pretty introverted guy – still am. But we can put all our voices together and speak very loudly for what the Jersey Shore needs from its elected officials, now.
Joe Mangino

Rising Teachers Put Education On The Ballot In Fall Elections

Hundreds of educators are running for office in this November’s midterm elections. This year’s Educator Spring brought teachers into the streets in massive protests that thrust education issues into electoral contests up and […]
Jeff Bryant

Ben Jealous is the Leader of Vision Maryland Needs Now

As Maryland prepares to name a new governor on November 6, voters have a clear choice: Ben Jealous, the Democratic challenger, or Republican incumbent Larry Hogan. Jealous is the former […]
Woody Woodruff

The EPA Doesn’t Give Equal Protection to All

If there’s one thing “EPA” doesn’t stand for, it’s Equal Protection for All. Too many communities of color, like North Birmingham, Alabama, are threatened by toxic chemicals in their soil […]
Lois Gibbs

Power Begins at Home: Vote

Many Mainers, especially women newly engaged around the recent Supreme Court fight, are asking me what’s next, now that Brett Kavanaugh has been seated on the Supreme Court. My answer? […]
Amy Halsted

Kavanaugh and the Confirmation of Third-Branch Bias

Is there anything left in GOP politics that doesn’t involve sex? If you ask Lindsey Graham, the “single, white male from South Carolina [who] will not shut up,” or Orrin […]
Daniel Karon

This Is Your Future Without Public Schools

What if some communities no longer have public schools? That question, once unthinkable in America, may now be something policy leaders and lawmakers in at least one state may want […]
Jeff Bryant

From Kavanaugh to November

The fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court revealed truths that often stay unspoken in American life. The first is how many of us are touched by sexual […]
Josie Mooney

West Virginia Survivors Say NO To Kavanaugh

It was 5:00 a.m. when West Virginia Citizen Action members and coalition activists boarded a bus to cross the Allegheny Mountains as we headed towards Washington, D.C. We had one […]
Gary Zuckett

Why We Shut Down The EPA’s Dirty Energy Hearings

My name is Reverend Tony Pierce, and I am co-senior pastor of Heaven’s View Christian Fellowship in Peoria, Illinois and Board President of Illinois People’s Action. On Monday, together with […]
Tony Pierce

Share the Wealth? We Can Start Now – Here’s How

Redistribution via the tax code, progressives on both sides of the Atlantic are realizing, only takes us so far. We need to start limiting inequality before it can dig in. The UK Labour Party has just unveiled a fascinating proposal that moves us exactly in that direction.

‘Education Wave’ Inspires New Candidates and Voters

A new wave of education voters may make David Garcia the next governor of Arizona, where the professor is taking on GOP incumbent Doug Ducey. Arizona is a state where Republicans have cut education spending severely, sparking teacher protests earlier this year. Voters want that turned around.
Jeff Bryant
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