SF Rising Steps Up to Make College For All a Reality

Education holds the key to a brighter future for us all. In San Francisco, we made College For All a reality, and now we want to make it real for everyone in our state. How do we get there? One heart, one mind, and one signature at a time.
Celi Tamayo-Lee

Black Americans Mostly Left Behind Since MLK’s Death

While some things have improved markedly for black Americans since 1968, today we are still fighting many of the same battles as Dr. King did in his day. Progress has been made. Just not as much as many of us would like.
Sharon Austin

Get Ready for More Voter Suppression

The White House may have shut its "Election Integrity" panel, that doesn't mean voter suppression is going away. There are big questions about how government will use the voter data they collected, and early reports are troubling.
Jen Herrick

Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

Puerto Rico is privatizing schools wholesale in the wake of Hurricane Maria, just as New Orleans did after Hurricane Katrina. This compounds the damage done by the storm, and is part of a pattern of disaster capitalism that hurts children.
Jeff Bryant

Promises, Promises, and More Broken Trade Promises

With reports that Trump's first year ended in record trade deficits, factory workers are still watching and waiting for him to keep his promises of fast trade enforcement, even as mills close and unemployment benefits expire.
Leo Gerard

Can Democrats Catch a Wave in 2018?

2018 offers Democrats the tantalizing promise of a wave election, in which they can take back Congress and revive their party's fortunes. But are Dems up to the task of articulating clearly what the country truly needs?
Robert Borosage

GOP Tax Break Sucker Punches Wisconsin Workers

Failure to enforce international trade law and a corporate tax break that some are using to pay for plant closures are significant factors in the loss of thousands of paper mill jobs in Wisconsin, including two announced last week.
Leo Gerard

How Public Schools Became Easy Pickings for the Kochs

The Koch brothers' dark-money network says public schools are the "lowest hanging fruit" in their campaign to dismantle government institutions. It's time for Democrats to step up and defend public education from this coming assault.
Jeff Bryant

Menace and Mush: Trump’s State of the Union

Donald Trump drenched his audience in calls to unity, then purposefully preyed on our fears, plying the race-bait politics he and his party have perfected. This is his trademark: a combination of patriotic banality with toxic cunning.
Robert Borosage

The State of OUR Union Is Ready To Lift Up Truth

There’s a new wave of defiance growing, and that defiance is female, is young and old, and is every color of the rainbow. The state of OUR union is ready to lift up truth, to raise our voices collectively and move mountains. We are ready.
Chelsea White

Women Take the Stage for ‘The State of Our Union’

Five hundred women gather in Washington for tonight's State of Our Union, an alternative vision for our nation in which gender and economic justice can overcome the forces that seek to divide us along fault lines of race and class.
Jessica Juarez Scruggs

The Pentagon’s Plan for Never-Ending War

Did the Pentagon just officially declare a new Cold War with both China and Russia and commit to wage endless wars around the globe? Apparently, yes. The new National Defense Strategy pushes for a massive and costly military buildup.
Robert Borosage

America Needs Cops on the Trade Beat

American manufacturers and workers aren't looking for protectionism. They don't need it. They can compete with any manufacturer in the world that abides by international trade law. They are seeking prosecution of trade law violators.
Leo Gerard

Trump’s General Just Announced a New Cold War. Who Will Stop It?

Defense Secretary Mattis is not a “Mad Dog.” He's a rational and articulate spokesperson for the national security ideology that has dominated American political life since the end of World War II. That’s disturbing in a very different way.
Richard Eskow

Massive Charter School Failure Exposes Thousands of Students

A massive charter school closure in Ohio leaves thousands of students in the lurch, and the state with the bill. This failure prompts questions about accountability in this business model, but how many school-choice zealots will ask them?
Jeff Bryant

The Shutdown Debacle: Trump and the Politics of Hate

The GOP’s shameful treatment of DREAMers isn’t accidental or random. It exemplifies the repugnant preying on racial fears that is a core strategy of Donald Trump’s Republican Party. We must build a broad majority that rejects this.
Robert Borosage

Mitch, Chuck and the Big “What If” for DREAMers

My name is America, and I am a DREAMer. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer need to step up and show me, my sisters and everyone who votes that their pledge to do the right thing for immigrants is real, or just a big, empty "What If."
America Reyes

The Untold Story of the Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Today is the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion. The media may focus on anti-abortion demonstrations, but the real story is the newly proactive abortion rights movement rising in states across this country.

The Fake Largesse of CEO’s One-Off Bonuses to Workers

Sure, some CEOs are giving out one-time bonuses to workers and saying it’s because of the Republican tax cut. What they aren’t doing is putting that $4,000 to $9,000 a year in workers’ paychecks that the administration falsely promised.
Leo Gerard

Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students

President Trump ran on promises to "drain the swamp" of special interests and corporate lobbyists in Washington, DC, but higher education policy in his administration is a quagmire of Okefenokee proportions.
Jeff Bryant

A New American Dream for Jorge Garcia and All Of Us

Our immigration system is broken. Until we have a new system, I have to speak up for all those who live in the shadows through no fault of their own. I will stand up and fight, because I believe in justice for all, and the American Dream.
Cindy Garcia

Our President, the White Supremacist

When the President candidly speaks the vitriolic thoughts that are in his head, the implications are moral, constitutional, and intensely practical. He is not just a defender or apologist for bigots and hatemongers, he is one of them.
Alan Jenkins

Norway to Trump: Keep Your Gold-Plated Sh*t Hole

I do wish more Norwegians would emigrate to America, because they could teach us a thing or two about how to run a decent society, the happiest and most prosperous in the world. How do they pay for all this happiness? With higher taxes.
Miles Mogulescu

Would Dr. King Take a Knee? 6 Ways His Radical Spirit Lives Today

This Monday, the nation celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. How would Dr. King view today’s activists? Would he join them to demand a living wage, take a knee in the national anthem, and decry our nation's growing gap between rich and poor?
Richard Eskow

Fat Cat Tuesday: A Commemoration of CEO Excess

January 2 was Fat Cat Tuesday, a feast of corporate revelry and gluttony. That's when the boards of directors of America’s biggest corporations handed their CEOs more money than they pay their workers for an entire year of labor.
Leo Gerard

When Will Democrats Start #Resisting GOP Voter Suppression?

Americans love democracy, at least in principle. So how have Republicans been able to successfully engage in a decades-long assault on voting rights? It's time for the GOP to pay a political price for undermining democracy at home.
Richard Eskow

What It Takes to Manage the Indian Health System

What qualifications are needed to manage and reform the Indian health system? Robert Weaver, Trump's nominee, comes from insurance, not medicine, and will be the least-educated director of the service ever.
Mark Trahant

Twenty Quotes for the #Resistance in 2018

We who oppose tyranny in all its guises don’t yet have our own Thomas Paine, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Martin Luther King, Jr. - but we have their words.
Harvey J Kaye

Betsy DeVos Harms Higher Ed More Than K-12 in 2017

DeVos calls loudly for K-12 "school choice" and neglects younger students' civil rights, but she has proven far more effective at gutting regulations that protect the rights of college students and college student loan borrowers.
Jeff Bryant

The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump

The deeper forces of history are on the move, and we ignore them at our peril. Trump and his fellow Republicans are radically rewiring our political and economic order. This is a long game, and it can’t be won by playing defensively.
Richard Eskow

The Free Market Made Us Do It!

A new global CEO pay comparison, the most rigorous and comprehensive yet, demolishes the standard-issue corporate rationale for America’s over-the-top executive compensation.
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