Health Care For America

The great debate over how to fundamentally fix our broken health care system just got a lot more interesting. Today, the Economic Policy Institute released the Health Care for America […]
Roger Hickey

Media Bias Against Dem Drug Plan Continues

Is the Washington Post actively trying to thwart the First 100 Hours goal to empower Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices? Today, the Post prints a one-two punch of […]
Bill Scher

America Says No!

In response to President Bush’s stunning rejection of the people’s will, Campaign for America’s Future is joining our progressive allies today to form Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. Rallies are […]
Bill Scher

House Dems Split on Min Wage Next Steps

With the likelihood of competing minimum wage bills from the House and Senate, House Dems appear divided on how to proceed. CongressDaily AM reports: “…House Majority Leader [Steny] Hoyer said […]
Bill Scher

Drug Battle Brewing in Senate

USA Today reports that the First 100 Hours battle for affordable prescription drugs may come down a few votes in the Senate: “While Democrats have the votes to pass the […]
Bill Scher

Pearlstein: Business Complaints on Wage Hike “Nonsense”

Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein takes the business lobby, and new Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, to task today, setting the record straight about a minimum wage hike’s […]
Bill Scher

Blogger Call With Speaker Pelosi

Tuesday afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a conference call with bloggers about Iraq and the First 100 Hours Agenda. I asked her if the final minimum wage bill would be […]
Bill Scher

Good For Vets, Good For Medicare

We’re starting to see more slanted media coverage as the battle over prescription drugs heats up. Part of the First 100 Hours Agenda is to give our government the power […]
Bill Scher

A Clean Bill of Wage?

This Wednesday, the House is expected pass a key piece of the First 100 Hours agenda — a painfully overdue raise in the minimum hourly wage from $5.15 to $7.25. […]
Bill Scher

Making Ethics Reforms Matter

The first order of business in the House last week was to pass new House ethics rules, including new reporting requirements for congressional trips and earmarks. But these new reporting […]
Bill Scher


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