There WIll Be Blood

Recently, Mike Lux posed a question to GOP leadership: What will it take you condemn the hatefulness? Glenn Beck has said Barack Obama hates white people, and jokes about assassinating […]
Terrance Heath

Sarah Palin Thinks You Are Stupid

O Sarah Palin, the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how earnestly we say, “no, really, we insist, we’ve had enough.” We said this after Dr. Palin’s informative essay, […]
Brian Dockstader

Fascist America II: The Last Turnoff

Writing about fascism for an American audience is always a fraught business. Invariably, a third of the readers will dismiss the topic (and your faithful blogger’s basic sanity) out of […]
Sara Robinson

’10 Percent’ Campaign Against Bank Usury

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in May tried to get a 15 percent limit on credit card rates added to a bill imposing new regulations on the industry, the amendment […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Quiet Revolution in Criminal Justice Reform

A panel of federal judges has ruled that conditions in California’s overcrowded prisons violate the constitution. Quoting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s words from 2006, the court found that “immediate action is […]
Alan Jenkins

The LiberalOasis Radio Show: Mob Fail Edition

This week’s LiberalOasis Radio Show, broadcast Saturday 12 PM on WHMP led with my analysis of the right-wing mobs disrupting congressional town halls, and how they are backfiring on conservative […]
Bill Scher

You’re Wrong, Eric Cantor: The Stimulus Is Working

It’s surprising that it took a full 69 minutes from the moment the Bureau of Labor Statistics July jobs report was released for the condemnatory news release from House Republican […]
Isaiah J. Poole

For the Love of Profit

There is a simple answer to the far right’s new favorite chant against health care reform — "What’s Wrong With Pro
Terrance Heath

Progressives Successfully Alter The Town Hall Narrative

Our own Roger Hickey was featured on MSNBC’s The Ed Show yesterday, discussing the broad progressive response to the lobbyist-funded right-wing attempt to seize the congressional town halls. Visit […]
Bill Scher

Dick’s Army

Another day, another town hall meeting, another angry mob of right-wing fanatics promoting lies and trying to shout down democratic discourse. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) was just one of many […]
Brian Dockstader

Jobs Don’t Live Here Anymore

      The unemployment data is due tomorrow, and it’s likely to be bad, with an expected 300,000 to 320,000 jobs
Tula Connell

Fascist America: Are We There Yet?

All through the dark years of the Bush Administration, progressives watched in horror as Constitutional protections vanished, nativist rhetoric ratcheted up, hate speech turned into intimidation and violence, and the […]
Sara Robinson

Health Care Reform: Time to Go All In

It is time to go all in to support comprehensive health care reform. The stakes have gotten prohibitive. Republicans have essentially bet the House on it. Obama, for all intents […]
Robert Borosage

Birthers = Health Care Deniers

Let me preface this by explaining my rationale for labeling opponents of health care reform “health care deniers”. I call them deniers, in much the same vein as global warming […]
Brian Dockstader

A Right-Wing Mob Is Not a Majority

We’re seeing more and more YouTube video of hostile constituents berating members of Congress to kill health care reform. Last month was the infamous Rep. Mike Castle town hall where […]
Bill Scher

Death, Dishonesty & The GOP

In an effort to defeat universal health care, conservatives are engaging in a campaign of lies that will ultimately cause more families to suffer needlessly at a most painful time. […]
Terrance Heath

Wading Outside the CEO Pay Reform Mainstream

To be effective, the lead executive pay reformer in Congress is now understanding, executive pay reform needs to go well beyond empowering shareholders. Barney Frank, the colorful Massachusetts Democrat, may […]

Progressive Push-Back On Health Care Reform

The Progressive Caucus and its allies are holding a press conference this afternoon to emphasize their bottom line on health care: If it doesn’t have a strong public option, it […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Firing Back on the Birthers: Where’s Their Evidence?

Amid the huge media pile-on that’s gradually taking down the Birther fantasy, nobody’s actually bothered to point out that almost every element of their argument is based on a near-total […]
Sara Robinson
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The Debtor’s Dance: the U.S.-China Exchange

Obama’s opening speech set the stakes: "The relationship between the United States and China will shape the 21st century, which makes it as important as any bilateral relationship in the […]
Robert Borosage

Birthers Winning The Health Care Message War?

Last week I noted that right-wing Birther conspiracy theorists were simultaneously fueling right-wing rage against health care reform, distorting perceptions of public opinion in Washington and making current legislation appear […]
Bill Scher

Back to Black Man 101

Henry Louis Gates and I are very different people. He is a Harvard Professor. The closest I got to the Ivy League was a weekend visit to Yale. He is […]
Terrance Heath

How Mortgage Lending Became An ‘American Casino’

A cabal that includes the nation’s largest financial institutions, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and some leading right-wing think tanks has succeeded in postponing congressional consideration of a consumer financial […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Race and Law Enforcement: What We Do Know

Only two people know what actually went down between Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sergeant James Crowley last week, and even they disagree—apparently in good faith—about what transpired. So as […]
Alan Jenkins

Why I Am Pro-Corporate

I am pro-corporate. I’ll go a step further with that and proclaim that I believe that there are no bad corporations, and that I haven’t seen any corporations do anything […]
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