Bipartisan Blight

Health care reform suffered the torments of partisan obstruction. Now gird yourself for financial reform and the perils of bipartisan blight. In health care, lockstep Republican opposition caused months of […]
Robert Borosage

Ten New Years Resolutions for the Obama Administration

Ten New Year’s Resolutions for The Obama Administration In 2010: 1. I will inspire. I am one of the most charismatic orators of our generation, but as president, I’ve moved […]
Alan Jenkins

The President Gets It Wrong On the Excise Tax

The President came close to endorsing the so-called “Cadillac tax” when he was interviewed about health reform on NPR. Here’s what the President said when the subject came up: “I’m […]
Richard Eskow

Q&A With Responsible Pension Investment Expert Thomas Croft

Leo W. Gerard: Tom, your new book, Up From Wall Street: The Responsible Investment Alternative, provides both cautionary tales for those responsible for investing workers’ pension funds and a field […]
Leo Gerard

Reclaiming “We”

It's not about adopting their politics, compromising our own, or even tolerating their tactics. It's about reclaiming "We" — The same "We" that Dr. King and civil rights workers sang about in "We Shall Overcome."
Terrance Heath

Robbed By the Banks

Was there once a time when people robbed banks, instead of banks robbing people? Okay, maybe not, but it sounds like that’s what Chase Bank did to Trina Lee — […]
Terrance Heath

The Gift America Needs Most: Manufacturing

In Columbus Ohio, a 5-year-old girl jumped onto Santa’s lap last month and asked if he could give her dad a job as an elf. Mike Smith, who works the […]
Leo Gerard

The 2010 Elections: Bring ‘Em On!

I’m looking forward to the 2010 elections. We need them. Many dread how badly the election is shaping up. Commentators predict double-digit Democratic losses in the House and further retreat […]

Don’t Kill the Health Reform Bill. Improve It.

The blogosphere is aflame with debate over the Senate health care bill. I’ve just been sent 10 reasons (in one blog post) why progressives should kill the bill and start […]
Roger Hickey

The Senate Health Bill: The Price of Everything

Our new piece on the politics and policy of the Senate’s health reform deal is up at The Huffington Post, and it addresses the excise tax at several points: “if […]
Richard Eskow

We’re Not Switzerland (expanded)

The pro-Senate health bill contingent keeps trotting out the example of Switzerland to buttress their arguments.  Here’s a quick recap of why the comparison doesn’t work:  First or all, Switzerland […]
Richard Eskow

Washington Post Analysis Strikes at the Excise Tax

Business columnist and Fortune Senior Editor Allan Sloan just wrote a piece in the Washington Post about the excise tax. It’s smart, cogent, and well-written. (Translation: Wish I’d written it.) […]
Richard Eskow

Bernanke: Time’s Man of the Year

Time Magazine’s naming Ben Bernanke “Man of the Year” is a little bit like celebrating an arsonist for his heroics in putting out a fire that he set. Bernanke has […]
Robert Borosage

Curbing Big Banks: Draw the Damn Line

Enjoy the health care debate? Wait until the Senate takes on the big banks. It already looks like déjà vu all over again. Democrats, bloodied from self-inflicted wounds in the […]
Robert Borosage

The Wrong Recovery

Things are supposed to be looking up. Today’s data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis gives a fuller picture: low wages and declining domestic production. Real average hourly earnings fell […]

Somebody at TIME Hasn’t Done Their Homework

That somebody is Kate Pickert, who wrote about the excise tax at TIME’s “Swampland” blog. Editors will be editors, so we can’t necessarily blame her for the piece’s misleading title: […]
Richard Eskow

Is Compromised Health Care Reform Still Worth It?

Our bloggers Terrance Heath and Bill Scher dive into the question that is now dominating progressive political debate: Has the health care reform bill been so seriously compromised—first with the […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Fight Rages On

I have a piece up on my own blog which challenges numbers-whiz Nate Silver for his takedown of progressives. He doesn’t think they should be fighting for a better health […]
Richard Eskow

Why Not ‘Cash For U.S. Jobs’?

The last time I made a trip to Home Depot was for a space heater for my bedroom, and I did what I suspect many people are doing on purchases […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Front Line: Senate and House Anti-Tax Fighters

The battle to resist the excise tax continue, with a front line of resistance forming in the House and Senate. Efforts include the movement to drum up support for the […]
Richard Eskow
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