New Lie On Bank Reform

Opponents of financial reform, after huddling with banking lobbyists, are now circulating a story that the reform bills are nothing more than more bailouts for the big banks. In fact […]

The Problem is Jobs, Not Debt

Conservatives are using the economic crisis to push through their favorite tricks. The latest trick is a commission to cut the budget and cut the debt without the inconvenience of […]

Memo to Politico: “ClimateGate” Is a Flop

Today’s Politico headline from Copenhagen is: “Climategate distracts at Copenhagen.” This seems based on a very low bar for what constitutes a distraction. Is the international summit torn now between […]
Bill Scher

New Democrats’ Morally Hazardous Ploy

A chart buried in the Congressional Oversight Panel report released Tuesday explains one of the reasons why a compromise on a financial regulatory reform bill struck by the White House, […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Read Us on DailyKos

We’re summarized some of our content on DailyKos. Stop on by if you have any comments to add. As we told the Kossacks: A lot of folks in Washington like […]
Richard Eskow

Breakthrough? Two Research Papers Slam the Excise Tax

Two new papers published today in Health Affairs could help turn opinion against the excise tax, especially from an academic perspective. Using a combination of analysis and interpretation, six researchers […]
Richard Eskow

How Good Is This Deal?

LIberal and right-leaning Democrats reportedly have reached a compromise that replaces Senator Harry Reid’s version of a national public health insurance option, which states could decide not to offer, for […]
Bill Scher

AFL-CIO Sends Letter Promoting Anti-Tax Campaign

The AFL-CIO has sent out an email blast in support of the campaign to overturn the excise tax on health benefits. The letter is addressed to constituents of Rep. Jerrold […]
Richard Eskow

Size Matters, Particularly When It Comes To Jobs

President Obama is sensibly focused on jobs, unveiling a new initiative Tuesday in the wake of last week’s White House jobs summit. Elements included everything from new infrastructure spending to […]
Robert Borosage

Big Pharma’s Bitter Pill

Every morning I swallow a bitter pill. Actually, the medicine itself isn’t all that bitter. It’s no different from any of the other medicines I take that make it possible […]
Terrance Heath

The President Asks for Help. From Us.

At his Brookings speech today the president outlined his economic plan. It has all the right pieces and it points in the right direction. But something is missing. Start with […]

Ranking Renewable Investment Attractiveness

Ernst & Young has a report, “Renewable energy country attractiveness indices”, that tries to measure how “attractive” different countries are for investment in renewable energy projects. According to the report, […]

Announcing the “No Middle Class Health Tax” Initiative

Liberal/Democratic Washington policy thinkers appear close to reaching the consensus view that the Senate’s excise tax on higher-cost health plans is a good idea. Here’s the problem: The consensus is […]
Richard Eskow

Dude, Where’s My $23.7 Trillion?

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, doesn’t think it is a good idea to audit the Fed. Speaking Monday he said, … the Fed chairman also took a moment […]

Only 5% Of Spending In Afghanistan For Humanitarian Needs

On this week’s edition of WHMP’s The LiberalOasis Radio Show, Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project discussed with me the fiscal ramifications of the increase of troops in Afghanistan, […]
Bill Scher

Some Jobs Taxpayers Don’t Need to Buy

Can’t buy me love Everybody tells me so Can’t buy me love No, no, no, no From the 1964 Lennon/McCartney song, “Can’t Buy Me Love” Maybe you can’t buy love, […]
Leo Gerard

The Necessity of the Public Option

Ezra Klein on the Washington Post recently argued that progressives should bargain away the current version of the public option in pending health care legislation in exchange for other reforms […]
Bill Scher

Bernanke: ‘The Definition Of Moral Hazard’

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke employed his characteristic smoothness and conciliatory nature as he navigated the questioning at today’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee, helped by the largely […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Sanders Puts Hold on Bernanke Nomination

Senator Bernie Sanders has announced he will put a hold on the Bernanke nomination. Sanders wants the Finance Committee to hold serious hearings probing Bernanke’s actions leading up to the […]
Robert Borosage

Job Creation Vs. The Deficit Fearmongers

House of Representatives staffers who take the District’s subway system to work are now confronted with a host of scary images as they exit the station: A forlorn Uncle Sam […]
Isaiah J. Poole

If Sarah Palin Knew Anything

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “Keep the faith,” Sarah […]
Terrance Heath

Imperial Blues

…"[O]ur troop commitment in Afghanistan cannot be open-ended — because the nation that I am most interested in building is our own." —President Obama But Afghanistan comes first? President Obama […]
Robert Borosage
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