The False Luxury of Time To Wait

If you believe the buzz in Washington, this week could very well be "make or break" for getting
Terrance Heath

The African-American Community Needs A “Jobs Surge”

The nation is facing a jobs crisis, but “crisis” doesn’t begin to tell the story in the African-American community. “Five-alarm emergency” comes closer. A report by the Joint Economic Committee […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Showdown with “Chermany”

Where will the jobs come from? President Obama wants to double America’s exports over five years to help generate good jobs. With Recovery Act spending coming to an end, states […]
Robert Borosage

“Deem and Pass” Is NOT “Without A Vote”

Several traditional media outlets are regurgitating the conservative spin that if the House uses the parliamentary procedure known as a “self-executing rule” or “deem and pass,” it will be
Bill Scher

Will Weak Reforms Bring On Another Crisis?

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., unveiled his latest financial reform proposal on Monday, and the stakes for the new legislation couldn’t be higher. After consumer groups raised a […]
Zach Carter

China’s American Enablers

China argues that some American companies will suffer if China stops subsidizing manufacturing and adjusts their currency to market levels. They’re right. The fight over Chinese violations of trade rules […]

Chinese Currency Showdown

China is holding down the value of its currency, which means goods made there cost less everywhere else. This undercuts American companies that make things, so they close factories here […]

Glenn Beck: Conservatism’s Snake Oil Salesman, Pt. 1

(Or “CPAC: Sideshow and Snake Oil, Pt. 2”) The circus sideshow that was CPAC folded its tent and left Washington weeks ago. However, its apparent ringmaster and chief snake oil […]
Terrance Heath

When Conservatives Are Right…

Pat Buchanan has a column today on manufacturing, The Disemboweling of America, that hits the nail on the head. In fact, if I fairly excerpt enough of the column and […]

Miller Harkin Act to Save Direct Lending

______________________ With word that Six Senators were expressing opposition to putting direct lending in the budget bill reconciliation — which only requires sixty votes to pass the Senate — Rep […]
Robert Borosage

Senators to Prez: Make Fed Accountable

Senators Webb and Sanders have signed letter urging President Obama to fill empty seats on Federal Reserve Board with nominees who will help balance the Institution. Notably they urge the […]
Robert Borosage

Census Time for Billionaires

The world’s super-duper rich, in the new Forbes magazine count, total just over 1,000 — and hold more wealth than half of humanity. The annual billionaire issue of Forbes magazine, […]

Demand an “Up-or-Down Vote” On Real Financial Reform

After more than a year of closed-door negotiations, the President and other Democrats have finally appropriated a Republican phrase by calling for “an up or down vote” on the resulting […]
Richard Eskow

Sen. Brown to Geithner: Make the Fed Accountable

Senator Sherrod Brown, head of the subcommittee in charge of overseeing the Federal Reserve, has written President Obama urging him to use the THREE vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board […]
Robert Borosage

Social Security Works for People With Disabilities In December 2008, over 9.3 million people received Social Security disability benefits 9.3 million people with disabilities, their spouses and children 7.4 million disabled workers under the full retirement […]
Alex Lawson

All You Really Need to Know About Banking Reform

Financial reform, as it is called, shouldn’t be all that complicated. Break up the banks deemed “too big to fail,” since that offends any possibility of market discipline and puts […]
Robert Borosage

This Jobs Bill Could Work

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., introduced a bill today that is a meaningful response to the nation’s jobs crisis. It still falls short of the need, but it would accomplish far […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Bernanke Pulls a Kanye On CFPA, Then Gets Sideswiped

Almost everyone knows that to “pull a Kanye” means to steal the limelight when it rightfully belongs elsewhere. With Sen. Dodd’s suggestion that the Consumer Financial Protection Agency be housed […]
Richard Eskow

Limbaugh Endorses Socialist Paradise

So Rush Limbaugh has threatened to move to Costa Rica if health care reform passes. As Brian Docksteader wrote, the irony of this is almost too rich to believe. Given […]
Sara Robinson

International Women’s Day is a Day for Action

President Obama and the First Lady recognized International Women’s Day earlier this week with a moving and sometimes funny ceremony in the East Room. The President said that “the story […]
Alan Jenkins
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