The Senate Health Bill: The Price of Everything

Our new piece on the politics and policy of the Senate’s health reform deal is up at The Huffington Post, and it addresses the excise tax at several points: “if […]
Richard Eskow

We’re Not Switzerland (expanded)

The pro-Senate health bill contingent keeps trotting out the example of Switzerland to buttress their arguments.  Here’s a quick recap of why the comparison doesn’t work:  First or all, Switzerland […]
Richard Eskow

Washington Post Analysis Strikes at the Excise Tax

Business columnist and Fortune Senior Editor Allan Sloan just wrote a piece in the Washington Post about the excise tax. It’s smart, cogent, and well-written. (Translation: Wish I’d written it.) […]
Richard Eskow

Bernanke: Time’s Man of the Year

Time Magazine’s naming Ben Bernanke “Man of the Year” is a little bit like celebrating an arsonist for his heroics in putting out a fire that he set. Bernanke has […]
Robert Borosage

Curbing Big Banks: Draw the Damn Line

Enjoy the health care debate? Wait until the Senate takes on the big banks. It already looks like déjà vu all over again. Democrats, bloodied from self-inflicted wounds in the […]
Robert Borosage

The Wrong Recovery

Things are supposed to be looking up. Today’s data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis gives a fuller picture: low wages and declining domestic production. Real average hourly earnings fell […]

Somebody at TIME Hasn’t Done Their Homework

That somebody is Kate Pickert, who wrote about the excise tax at TIME’s “Swampland” blog. Editors will be editors, so we can’t necessarily blame her for the piece’s misleading title: […]
Richard Eskow

Is Compromised Health Care Reform Still Worth It?

Our bloggers Terrance Heath and Bill Scher dive into the question that is now dominating progressive political debate: Has the health care reform bill been so seriously compromised—first with the […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Fight Rages On

I have a piece up on my own blog which challenges numbers-whiz Nate Silver for his takedown of progressives. He doesn’t think they should be fighting for a better health […]
Richard Eskow

Why Not ‘Cash For U.S. Jobs’?

The last time I made a trip to Home Depot was for a space heater for my bedroom, and I did what I suspect many people are doing on purchases […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Front Line: Senate and House Anti-Tax Fighters

The battle to resist the excise tax continue, with a front line of resistance forming in the House and Senate. Efforts include the movement to drum up support for the […]
Richard Eskow

New Lie On Bank Reform

Opponents of financial reform, after huddling with banking lobbyists, are now circulating a story that the reform bills are nothing more than more bailouts for the big banks. In fact […]

The Problem is Jobs, Not Debt

Conservatives are using the economic crisis to push through their favorite tricks. The latest trick is a commission to cut the budget and cut the debt without the inconvenience of […]

Memo to Politico: “ClimateGate” Is a Flop

Today’s Politico headline from Copenhagen is: “Climategate distracts at Copenhagen.” This seems based on a very low bar for what constitutes a distraction. Is the international summit torn now between […]
Bill Scher

New Democrats’ Morally Hazardous Ploy

A chart buried in the Congressional Oversight Panel report released Tuesday explains one of the reasons why a compromise on a financial regulatory reform bill struck by the White House, […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Read Us on DailyKos

We’re summarized some of our content on DailyKos. Stop on by if you have any comments to add. As we told the Kossacks: A lot of folks in Washington like […]
Richard Eskow

Breakthrough? Two Research Papers Slam the Excise Tax

Two new papers published today in Health Affairs could help turn opinion against the excise tax, especially from an academic perspective. Using a combination of analysis and interpretation, six researchers […]
Richard Eskow

How Good Is This Deal?

LIberal and right-leaning Democrats reportedly have reached a compromise that replaces Senator Harry Reid’s version of a national public health insurance option, which states could decide not to offer, for […]
Bill Scher

AFL-CIO Sends Letter Promoting Anti-Tax Campaign

The AFL-CIO has sent out an email blast in support of the campaign to overturn the excise tax on health benefits. The letter is addressed to constituents of Rep. Jerrold […]
Richard Eskow

Size Matters, Particularly When It Comes To Jobs

President Obama is sensibly focused on jobs, unveiling a new initiative Tuesday in the wake of last week’s White House jobs summit. Elements included everything from new infrastructure spending to […]
Robert Borosage

Big Pharma’s Bitter Pill

Every morning I swallow a bitter pill. Actually, the medicine itself isn’t all that bitter. It’s no different from any of the other medicines I take that make it possible […]
Terrance Heath
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