Piggy Bank Morality Maya MacGuineas and David Brooks

Recent remarks by a would-be Social Security cutter highlight the unspoken agenda behind proposals that claim to “fix” the program by cutting benefits, all in the name of “deficit reduction.” […]
Richard Eskow

Ben Bernanke and Conservative Economic Sabotage

The Republican Party’s newfound political assault on Ben Bernanke is a grim reminder of the actual conservative economic agenda for the next two years. The midterm elections taught Republicans a […]
Zach Carter

Corporate Rewards Controlling US Trade Policy

Real men, real human beings, with feelings and families, fought and died at Gettysburg to preserve the Union, to ensure, as their president, Abraham Lincoln, would say later, that “government […]
Leo Gerard

Self-Made American Myth #2: Who Makes $250K?

Progressives have suspected for years that working- and middle-class Americans vote for the GOP because they have a deeply unrealistic idea about their real chances of becoming wealthy. We’ve joked […]
Sara Robinson

The Lame Direction of the Lame Duck

Nearly 2 million U.S. workers are facing premature elimination of federally-funded unemployment benefits if Congress doesn’t act by November 30. Yet the talk dominating Washington, D.C. these days is about […]

Why Some Millionaires Say No To The Bush Tax Cuts

Most of the media this week ignored two significant mass defections from the Chamber of Commerce line that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans must […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Did The Rich Cause The Deficit

Washington is inundated with deficit commissions. The country has piled up a huge debt because we cut taxes for the wealthy and borrowed to make up the difference. But everyone […]

Drop Dead Conservatism The Winners Circle

A while back I attempted to define “Drop Dead Conservatism.” High on delusion, denial, and derision, it’s the face of a conservatism unequipped to recognize — let alone meet — […]
Terrance Heath

Drop Dead Conservatism Part Two

Read part one. There’s a literary reference that comes to mind when I consider “Drop Dead” conservatism. (My English Lit. degree occasionally comes in handy.) It’s a Shakespearean reference, actually, […]
Terrance Heath

Drop Dead Conservatism Part One

Drop Dead. That’s the best answer that some conservatives have been able to offer to a country in teeth of the worst financial crisis we’ve faced in a generation. When […]
Terrance Heath

The Ides of November

We expected to see an all-out assault on Social Security and progressive taxation in November, and we expected it to come under the banner of “deficit reduction.” That was always […]
Richard Eskow

In House Vote GOP Tells Jobless To Drop Dead

When the House of Representatives held its unsuccessful vote earlier today on a measure to continue emergency unemployment benefits that are set to expire at the end of the month, […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Nobodys Buying The Cut-Social-Security Line

The next time a conservative politician goes to the microphone and says something to the effect that “the American people have spoken, and they’ve made it clear that they want […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Jon Stewart Is Wrong

Jon Stewart presumably came to DC to rally the sane against Glenn Beck’s minions and 9/11 Truthers. But instead of amplifying that message in The Daily Show interview with President […]
Bill Scher

Weve Foreclosed On Ourselves

Faced with a foreclosure fiasco of astounding proportions — as chronicled by my fellow bloggers, Zach Carter and Richard Eskow —  in which banks practically kick down doors to foreclose on […]
Terrance Heath

Free Trade By Any Other Name

“Free trade” by any other name … is still just a scam to pit workers against each other and evade the protections of democracy. We, the People fought to build […]

House Tries to Bail Out Foreclosure Fraudsters Again

A month ago, President Barack Obama vetoed a bill that would have made it far more difficult for borrowers to prove that banks were engaging in foreclosure fraud. The bill […]
Zach Carter

How To Cut The Deficit Without Stabbing America In The Back

Conservative austerity activists have long sought to whip up deficit hysteria and manipulate Washington into gutting Social Security and Medicare and stifling public investments. But Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a progressive […]
Bill Scher

Mourning in America Death of the Middle Class

The deficit commission report issued last week is another Saturday night special pressed to the temple of the American middle class. “Turn over your money and your benefits or your […]
Leo Gerard

The Feds New Foreclosure Predator Bailout

Despite escalating outrage over rampant foreclosure fraud, the Federal Reserve now appears ready to eviscerate a key mortgage regulation in an effort to spare banks the losses from their own […]
Zach Carter
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