Regulatory Onanism

How, many people have asked since news broke about Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion ponzi scheme, could regulators have let such a blatant criminal slip through their fingers? We know, now. […]
Terrance Heath

China Currency Hearing

This morning I watched a live webcast of a Senate hearing, titled, Senate Banking Subcommittee on Economic Policy to Examine Effect of China Currency Practices on American Manufacturing. The details […]

The President Has Spoken. Now Let’s Help Him Act.

If you’ve ever wondered what the phrase “the sound of silence” means, you should’ve been listening when the President invited “the titans of industry” to join him in promoting financial […]
Richard Eskow

Make Congress Live Up To Obama’s Reforms

President Barack Obama identified five major problems on Wall Street in his speech at Cooper Union today. Unfortunately, the solutions he has proposed to these problems either will not work, […]
Zach Carter

On “Crazy Chicken Lady” Conservatism

It’s come to this. Conservative thought has degenerated to the “Crazy Chicken Lady” school of reform. I kid you not. Meet Nevada’s GOP candidate, Sue Lowden — a/k/a “The Crazy […]
Terrance Heath

China v. US Workers: China is winning

Today the Senate Banking Committee is holding a hearing to examine “the impact of China’s exchange rate practices on U.S. manufacturing” Many experts will testify. I offer some pictures that […]

How To Fix The Dodd Bill

Despite strong rhetoric against aggressive Wall Street lobbying and deceptive Republican attacks, President Barack Obama appears ready to declare victory on a tepid and ineffective financial reform bill. The aims […]
Zach Carter

The Best Solution to Vampire Squid? Calamari

The financial services reform bill will be debated in the Senate next week. The great test for the bill will be what it does to rein in Goldman Sachs, the […]
Mary Bottari

The Big Fix (Hold On To Your Wallets)

This post is part of the two-week long Virtual Summit on Fiscal and Economic Responsibility for People Who Did Not Wreck the Economy, hosted by Campaign for America’s Future. The […]
Robert Borosage

The Real Lehman Lesson: Break Up The Banks

Tuesday’s hearing on Lehman Brothers’ now infamous Repo 105 scam was only tangentially related to the megabank’s accounting deceptions and subsequent collapse. That story is simple: Lehman almost certainly committed […]
Zach Carter

Tough Times for the Tea Party?

We are a fickle people, ruled by a fickle media. It’s astonishing how much national opinion can change in just a week or two. And if you don’t believe me, […]
Sara Robinson

Liveblogging The Lehman Brothers Hearing

11:05 Rep. Anna Eshoo is laying out the case against Lehman. The company engineered a host of sham transactions to temporarily reduce the company’s massive leverage levels. Top-level management knew […]
Zach Carter

‘The Hill’ Goes to Bat for Payday Lenders

The Hill published a truly outrageous op-ed yesterday by a payday lending front group, and didn’t bother to tell their readers their publication was providing a platform for a predatory […]
Zach Carter

The Case for a Constitutional Visionary

The conventional wisdom is that President Obama’s nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens won’t change the Supreme Court much, since Justice Stevens is part of the Court’s progressive […]
Alan Jenkins

Action Urged On China Trade Practices

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a partnership of manufacturers like US Steel and their workers, represented by the United Steelworkers. They have sent a letter asking Commerce Secretary Locke […]

Phony Bipartisanship Won’t Fix Wall Street

I generally find Andy Kroll to be both a rigorous and persuasive journalist. He knows what he’s talking about on Wall Street reform, and he routinely pens informative yet approachable […]
Zach Carter

Wall Street Showdown: Take Action!

The next few weeks will be crucial for the effort to rein in the Wall Street casino and hold the bailout barons accountable. Here’s a list of major Wall Street […]
Zach Carter

A New Yardstick for Greed in the Suites?

The lackluster financial reform bill now nearing a floor vote in the U.S. Senate includes a surprising provision that could help reframe and revitalize the struggle against outrageously excessive CEO […]

Is Big Oil Standing Down On The Climate Bill?

While playing hardball seems to be working to maximize the chances for decent Wall Street reform, the finesse game appears to be working in the climate debate. On the heels […]
Bill Scher

Bank Profits Soar

President Obama got it exactly right when he said that we couldn’t go back to an economy in which the banks captured 40% of corporate profits. We needed an economy […]
Robert Borosage

Trump: Tax China, Create Jobs in America

      Donald Trump knows a few things about making money. The first step: You need a job. But a job is something more than 17 million of America’s […]
Tula Connell

Governor McDonnell’s “Do-Overs”

We entered a truly surreal political realm during the presidential election, when it fell to Peggy Noonan to serve as a voice of reason among conservatives. That job has since […]
Terrance Heath

Tax Tricks

How many ways can people be tricked about taxes? Here are a few tricks I have come across. * The rich already pay most of the taxes. You hear variations […]

Democrats Show Some Backbone on Wall Street Reform

The political battle over Wall Street reform is finally being engaged in earnest. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has formally thrown in his party’s lot with the nation’s largest […]
Zach Carter
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