Wall Street Noir Moodys Double Agent Ratings

What happened to Moody’s is what happens to every “agent” who thinks he can serve two masters. The sad thing is that it keeps happening, even though we’ve seen this […]
Richard Eskow

Republican Pledge A Rotten Egg for the Middle Class

When Herbert Hoover ran for president in 1928, the Republican party promised his victory would assure the prosperity of “a chicken in every pot.” This week, Republicans proffered a similar […]
Leo Gerard

I Am Not A Burned Down House

I am not a burned down house. Like millions of Americans, I have a “pre-existing condition.” But I am not a “burned down house”, as Mike Huckabee and those who […]
Terrance Heath

Uncommon Common Sense About The Economy

Over 300 economists and policy analysts just released a statement warning the Congress and the Administration that bold action is needed to put people to work and get the economy […]
Robert Borosage

Replacing Summers Think Policy Not Politico

Larry Summers is out, and President Barack Obama now faces a critical decision. He can focus on policy, naming a replacement who wants to ease the economic strains on American […]
Zach Carter

Right-Wing Obstruction Will Cost Thousands Their Jobs

Less than a week after the U.S. Census Bureau reported record levels of poverty in the United States, congressional leaders have informed members of a progressive jobs coalition that there […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Coming Home to America

I haven’t been blogging for the past few weeks because I was busy moving house. After nearly seven years in Canada, my husband and son and I packed up our […]
Sara Robinson

Positive Progressive Ideas Will Trump Tea-Party Paranoia

Karen Nussbaum has seen first-hand that the conventional wisdom that has erstwhile progressive candidates running with their tails tucked between their legs in the face of Tea Party rhetoric is […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Young Guns Deadly Ideas Finishing It Off

When last we left our story, the young guns came galloping into a critical moment. The recession is over, and as the dust settles it reveals that the American economy […]
Terrance Heath

Young Guns Same Old Ammo

In keeping with the Western-themed title of Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders, allow me to set the scene: It’s well past high noon, and as the dust […]
Terrance Heath

The Method To Their Madness

We’ve been going back and forth the last few days about whether the president and the Democrats are wise to use the “hector the base” strategy to close the enthusiasm […]

Constitutional Insanity

Digby confirms a suspicion I’ve held since the Clinton years: part of the method to the right’s madness is to exhaust their opponents with their insanity. It’s related to what […]
Terrance Heath

After Summers Which Path Will the President Take

Now that Larry Summers is leaving, the President has a decision to make. His choice of a replacement will send a signal about the next two years of economic policy. […]
Richard Eskow

Young Guns Half-Cocked

A few things become clear upon picking up Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders, the new book by Republican House members Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. […]
Terrance Heath

Wall Street Wrecked The Economy Not Big Government

Over at bloggingheads, my CAF colleague Bill Scher discusses the new international banking standards with Conn Carroll, a conservative blogger for The Heritage Foundation. Carroll actually agrees with a lot […]
Zach Carter

Who Will March For Patricia Reid

What do you say to a person with a story like the one of suburban Seattle resident Patricia Reid, the unemployed 57-year-old profiled in The New York Times on Monday? […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Recessions Over The Emergency Isnt

According to a flurry of headlines today, a panel of economists just announced that “the recession’s over.” Is that true? Yes. Does that mean we’re no longer in a crisis, […]
Richard Eskow

An American Prospect

Two new government reports illustrate the complex and troubling state of opportunity in America, but also the right way forward. The first set of data, by the Bureau of Labor […]
Alan Jenkins

One Decade Down One Decade Wasted

The 21st century has opened with a decade that has seen the vast majority of Americans go backwards economically. Just-released Census stats tell that tale — but not the whole […]

The Week Congress Began to Challenge China

What a difference a week makes. Just last week, the Beijing government and outsourcers thought they could run out the clock and avoid a long overdue legislative reckoning on China’s […]
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