Speaking of ‘Stupid Things’: Senate Blocks Jobs Bill

Oh, the irony. As Defense Secretary Robert Gates was on Capitol Hill today telling a Senate appropriations subcommittee that Congress has to approve a $33 billion supplemental war funding request […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Jobs Deficit: What Can Be Done Now

In his column concerning last month’s jobs number, George Will does a nearly "Noonan-eque" job of spreading disorientation and doubt about what government should do— if anything — about chronic […]
Terrance Heath

No Clear Rallying Cry From Obama? Too Bad. Get To Work.

As you can see in today’s Progressive Breakfast, interpretations of the President’s speech ranged widely. Carbon cap is dead. Or alive. Serious push for other clean energy standards and investments. […]
Bill Scher

Obama’s Speech – The Carter Context

“The moral equivalent of war.” Tonight President Obama will talk about the Gulf oil catastrophe, and, hopefully, overall energy and climate policy. A look back at President Carter’s fight over […]

Listening to the Mayors

By and large, mayors are pragmatists. They’ve got snow to remove and potholes to fill, schools to run and crime to fight. Literally and figuratively, they must keep the trains […]
Alan Jenkins

Greed Explains the Disasters and the Lying Afterwards

As oil mucked the Gulf of Mexico and families mourned 11 dead rig workers, BP officials proclaimed that the corporation’s priority always was safety. This tracked the tack taken by […]
Leo Gerard

The Unbearable Lightness of Reading Dana Milbank

Feel free to read Dana Milbank if that sort of thing appeals to you, but don’t imagine for a minute that you’re learning anything. That would be like studying the […]
Richard Eskow

Climate Vote Shows Gulf Gusher Changed Nothing In Senate

If you thought one of the biggest oil spills in history would automatically propel strong legislation to cap carbon emissions and avert a climate crisis, think again. Democratic Senate leaders […]
Bill Scher

Steelworkers, Wind Manufacturers Team Up

The United Steelworkers (USW) and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today announced a a joint ‘Framework Agreement’ to create a ‘Partnership for Progress’ to accelerate the development and deployment […]

The Conference Committee Must Strengthen Wall Street Reforms

Conference Committee negotiations on Wall Street reform begin today, with several key battles still unresolved. Thanks to intense progressive pressure, those negotiations are going to be televised live. You can […]
Zach Carter

Liveblogging AFN Press Conference On JOBS

Bob Borosage introduced Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, who said, “Saving and creating jobs is the path to reducing the deficit.” Progressive tradition in America means the same today as […]

PM Update: Top Tweets From Day 1 Of #AFN10

Below are the top Twitter posts from Day One of the America’s Future Now! conference, compiled by Terrance Heath for our daily “PM Update” blog roundup email. You can follow […]
Bill Scher

No Debating This: “Hope Is Not Enough”

The centerpiece of the first day of the America’s Future Now! conference was expected to be a debate between representatives of two camps within the progressive movement: those who are […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Liveblogging in AFN: Financial Reform Panel Discussion

We’re here at AFN – the America’s Future Now conference – liveblogging a session called “Curbing Wall Street: Strategies Going Forward.” It’s a subject close to our heart. The panelists […]
Richard Eskow

Bank Reform Bait and Switch

When the Senate bank reform legislation passed in May, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it sent the message to Wall Street “no longer can you recklessly gamble away other […]
Mary Bottari

Stocks Drop

Disappointing jobs report sends stocks tumbling, Stocks tumbled Friday after the Labor Department said hiring remains weak and Hungary became the latest European country to report its economy is in […]
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