Sit Stay A New York Times Chew Toy for Blue Dogs

The conservative wing of the Democratic Party just drove it over a cliff, but you’d never know if from reading Matt Bai’s latest New York Times piece. It’s the latest […]
Richard Eskow

Conservatives Kill Jobs & Come Back For More

If, in the future, Republicans ever again ask “Where are the jobs?” it will be because they’ve forgotten where they buried the ones they killed. For now, though, it’s clear […]
Terrance Heath

The Voters Message Manufacturing a Solution

No doubt voters sent a message last Tuesday. Deciphering it correctly is crucial. Republican cryptographers interpreted the election results that gave the GOP control of one house of Congress as […]
Leo Gerard

Tea Party Betrayed Already

I have been writing about the Tea Party, and asking what they will do if/when the DC Republicans betray them. CAF has set up a page for the Tea Party […]

Ridiculous Idea of The Day Melissa Bean for CFPB

This is a joke. Politico is floating the idea that notorious Wall Street crony Rep. Melissa Bean, D-Ill., could be tapped to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if she […]
Zach Carter

Jobs Its BOLD PLAN Time

Today’s jobs report showed that the economy added 151,000 jobs in October, the biggest rise since May. The 159,000 increase in private sector employment was the second-largest monthly rise of […]

The GOPs Pyrrhic Victory Why It Wont Work Pt 1

First, let’s just face it. For the next couple of years, at least, this is the end of any progress on jobs or the economy. Democrats will probably have to […]
Terrance Heath

The GOPs Pyrrhic Victory Why It Wont Work Pt 3

It Won’t Work Not to pick on Kathleen Parker, but the "narrative" she suggested the Democrats take from midterm elections — "You can’t sell people what they don’t want" — […]
Terrance Heath

The Fightin Side of Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has just announced that she’s running for the position of House Minority Leader. As a San Franciscan, maybe she understood that turning her leadership role over to the […]
Richard Eskow

Delusion Thy Name Is Republican Voter

A favorite pastime of post-election analysts and pundits is to parse, re-parse, and re-re-parse exit polls and other data to draw out interesting demographic and historical notes. One such data […]
Brian Dockstader

Making Them Do It The Next Challenge

Now that the festivities in Denver have drawn to a close and the bleary-eyed conventioneers (and media who cover them) have gathered up their swag and headed home, I wanted […]

We Need To Build

Watch Chris Matthews, “We need to build!”: (thanks Open Left) And, again, Frank Sobotka:

The GOPs Pyrrhic Victory Why It Wont Work Pt 2

It Hasn’t Worked Karl Rove actually gets it. Sort of. He at least understands that voters didn’t toss out the Democrats because they are "enraptured with the GOP," when he […]
Terrance Heath

The Hangover

God I hate morning afters. But they are inevitable (if you’re lucky) As far as I can tell in reading the various postmortems there are two overriding lessons. The first […]

Compromise Or Obstruction Mr Boehner

In the wake of what he described as a shellacking, President Obama repeatedly detailed his willingness to sit down with Republicans, share ideas, find areas of agreement, compromise. But the […]
Robert Borosage

After the Election Disaster

Now what? We need to build a grassroots progressive movement — wide, deep and strong enough to fight the right and challenge the corporate center of the Democratic Party. The […]

Obamas Top Priority Must Be Jobs Not Republican Appeasement

Economic policy has faced grave challenges over the past two years, hamstrung by obstructionist Republicans in the U.S. Senate and Wall Street-friendly advisers in the Obama administration. With the Republican […]
Zach Carter

Progressives Fare Better Than Blue Dogs In Contested Races

The conservative Blue Dog House Democrats, who borrowed heavily from Republican and Tea Party themes in an effort to save their jobs, floundered badly Tuesday. Meanwhile, Progressive Caucus members in […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Now Republicans Must Deliver JOBS

The election is over and it was about one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Democrats didn’t deliver enough jobs so they got tossed. That pretty much sums it up. […]

Wider Tea Party Appeal Only In Alice In Wonderland

It did not take long for a mainstream newspaper—The New York Times, no less—to rush into print an analysis with the headline that Tuesday’s Republican election victories “Suggest Wider Appeal […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Conservatives Dont Misread Your Mandate

It is, once more, the economy, stupid. This election was overwhelmingly about one thing—the lousy economy. Democrats paid the price as voters expressed their discontent. Conservatives in both parties are […]
Robert Borosage
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