If They Could Turn Back Time Pt 4

Imagine, if you will, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, and Sharron Angle — with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck on speakerphone — sitting down together with a copy of the constitution, […]
Terrance Heath

If They Could Turn Back Time Pt 1

You hear it all the time, these days. Tea baggers, militia members and various other conservatives all that to "take their country back." My usual response was to ask just […]
Terrance Heath

Will Bitches and Turds Decide the Fate of Wisconsin

The reign of lawlessness continues in Wisconsin. Last week, a local court issued a temporary restraining order blocking the implementation of Governor Scott Walker’s radical proposal to do away with […]
Mary Bottari

Rewriting Eric Cantors Cant On Jobs

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday unveiled what his office called a “pro-growth economic plan” in a speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. If the speech only exemplified one […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Breaking Up The Banks I Did It

As the debate heats up over Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I took a step out on my own. I got a divorce. I am no […]

Merchants of Danger

Fukushima is “a very huge disaster that has caused very large damage at a nuclear power generation plant on a scale that we had not expected,” according to the deputy […]
Richard Eskow

Looking For Jobs at CPAC

No, I’m not jumping ship or anything like that. I’m just at CPAC looking for something, anything about how conservatives plan to create jobs. Let’s just say I’m still looking. […]
Terrance Heath

The Rights Pushback Against Taxing the Rich

The rising public clamor for higher taxes on America’s wealthy has conservative ideologues increasingly uneasy. For good reason. They don’t have the numbers on their side. Or much history either. […]

Tax & Spend Conservatives Pt 2 — Mississippi

As I wrote earlier, a funny thing happened on the way to budget solvency in some pretty red states: It didn’t work. Budget cuts and austerity have left Texas in […]
Terrance Heath

Tax & Spend Conservatives Pt 1 — Texas

A funny thing on the way to state budget solvency in Texas and Mississippi, which are among the reddest of the red states. You can’t get much more conservative than […]
Terrance Heath

Progressives Have The Winning Argument On Jobs

This headline in The Washington Post earlier this week—House Republicans try to steer focus back to jobs—(after guess who took the focus off of jobs) highlights how silly the silly […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Desperation Row

Originally posted at UnemployedWorkers.Org. Far too many American workers, stricken by the plague of long-term unemployment, find themselves at a place that now exists just off of ‘Main Streets’ in […]

GOP Jobs Forum Wednesday NPR Emergency Thursday

Today, Politico reported that congressional Republicans are actually aware that they are failing to convince the electorate that they have a strategy to create jobs. But they appear to think […]
Bill Scher

99 And Counting On Wisconsin

As a progressive, sometimes I almost feel that I should say "Thank you" to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Not for what he’s trying to do to Wisconsin, but for energizing […]
Terrance Heath

GOP Bait and Switch on Jobs

  The House Republicans have developed a track record of bait and switch when it comes to their approach to job creation.   Last week, House Republican leadership released a […]
Anne Thompson

Who Gets Hit With the Tab for the Great Recession

Governor Scott Walker and a gaggle of Republican governors assault the right of workers to bargain collectively in states across the country. Teachers get laid off as school budgets are […]
Robert Borosage

Fukushima USA Hell or High Water

SoSome politicians are so determined to serve their corporate patrons that even disasters like Fukushima can’t lessen their anti-government zeal. The expression for that kind of determination is “Come hell […]
Richard Eskow

External Shock Happens

The Calculated Risk blog takes a survey of all the bad news that could hit the economy, in Crisis Fatigue? Make a list, (click through for details, etc.) • Risks […]

Shock Happens II

Earlier today I wrote that External Shock Happens, and “we should be shoring up our public structures, our infrastructure, our protections and empowerments. That is what government is and what […]

American Jobs Made Here

You wouldn’t know it from looking around you but this country has grown much richer over last 30 years. We have a vastly higher GDP, higher average income, much more […]

Center Right Nation Say What

The following caught my eye: It is today’s distillation by Anzalone Liszt Research drawn from recent national polls: For first time in history, more Americans support gay marriage than oppose […]
Robert Borosage

The Movement To Get Rand Paul A Working Toilet Explodes

Earlier this week, I offered advice to America’s highest-ranking libertarian Sen. Rand Paul how he could find a working toilet, and dispel his belief that the federal government will not […]
Bill Scher

The Soaring Deficits of Conventional Wisdom

What’s striking in the debate over America’s budget deficits isn’t the stridency of the anti-government Right. That’s expected and they don’t deviate from script. No, most impressive is the steely […]
Robert Borosage

For Adults Only

God save us from sentences like this one: “Don’t look now, but an adult conversation has begun on the federal budget deficit.” If we’ve heard this cliché once, we’ve heard […]
Richard Eskow

How Koch Front Groups Influence Laws

Tuesday the House of Representatives voted to continue tax breaks and subsidies for oil companies. Every Republican voted to support the tax breaks and subsidies. Thursday House Republicans are expected […]

Time For The People To Tell The Story [VIDEO]

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Yesterday on MSNBC, Campaign for America’s Future Co-Director Robert Borosage previewed today’s “Defend The Dream” rallies, organized by […]
Robert Borosage

Whistling Past the Ruins The Education Moment

The President went to Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, Virginia to deliver a speech on education, calling on Congress to fix and reauthorize No Child Left Behind by the fall. […]
Robert Borosage
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