The Bank Lobby Gets Desperate on Derivatives

Astonishingly, as Wall Street reform enters its final hours a tired, generic corporate refrain against regulation is gaining traction. As bigwig bankers and their lobbyist brethren fight to defeat tough […]
Zach Carter

A Last-Minute Wall Street Sell-Out By New Dems?

A coalition of conservative New Democrats, whose leader is being investigated by a Congressional ethics committee over Wall Street fundraising, has officially come out in favor of gutting financial reform. […]
Zach Carter

Umm, manufacturing?…Umm, China?…

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers have co-authored an op-ed ahead of the G-20 urging an international agenda that focuses on “work to stabilize […]
Steven Capozzola

The Party of BP, And Proud Of It

Andrew Reinbach is right. Deservedly or not, the political gods continue to smile on the Democrats, gifting them with an opposition so predictable and caricaturized — from punishing the unemployed, […]
Terrance Heath

Demand 114 Apologies For ‘Shakedown’ Smear

By Tuesday, it will have been five days since Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, got rapped on the knuckles by the House Republican leadership for the sin of repeating a Republican […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Interview on Financial Reform, Santa Barbara Talk Radio

Did an interview this morning on Hannah-Beth Jackson’s radio show, Progressive Talk Radio in Santa Barbara.  The topic was the current state of financial reform in Washington.    Click on […]
Richard Eskow

American Wind Turbines Sound Like Freedom

The sound that American wind turbines produce as their giant, breeze-propelled blades whip around is a distinctive: Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh-neh. The anticipation is that those energy-generating, whirling arms would create a whooshing […]
Leo Gerard

Congress on Jobs: Bad Policy, Pathetic Politics

The unemployment crisis is startling to looking a lot like the gusher in the Gulf, except that where there may not be much political leaders can do about that, there […]
Terrance Heath

Will Wall Street Reform Be Gutted By A Technicality?

The tough derivatives overhaul proposed by Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., has emerged as the key fight in Wall Street reform. That status is well-deserved. Despite Lincoln’s record as a stooge […]
Zach Carter

We Won’t Be Sister Souljah’d, Lanny Davis

Corporate lobbyist Lanny Davis, former legal counsel for President Clinton, is launching his own firm next week, and he is previewing his tactics with a slimy and erroneous diatribe against […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Speaking of ‘Stupid Things’: Senate Blocks Jobs Bill

Oh, the irony. As Defense Secretary Robert Gates was on Capitol Hill today telling a Senate appropriations subcommittee that Congress has to approve a $33 billion supplemental war funding request […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Jobs Deficit: What Can Be Done Now

In his column concerning last month’s jobs number, George Will does a nearly "Noonan-eque" job of spreading disorientation and doubt about what government should do— if anything — about chronic […]
Terrance Heath

No Clear Rallying Cry From Obama? Too Bad. Get To Work.

As you can see in today’s Progressive Breakfast, interpretations of the President’s speech ranged widely. Carbon cap is dead. Or alive. Serious push for other clean energy standards and investments. […]
Bill Scher

Obama’s Speech – The Carter Context

“The moral equivalent of war.” Tonight President Obama will talk about the Gulf oil catastrophe, and, hopefully, overall energy and climate policy. A look back at President Carter’s fight over […]

Listening to the Mayors

By and large, mayors are pragmatists. They’ve got snow to remove and potholes to fill, schools to run and crime to fight. Literally and figuratively, they must keep the trains […]
Alan Jenkins
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