Why Judges Matter

Republicans have obstructed the confirmation of unprecedented numbers of Obama judicial nominees. Vacancies have grown so bad that even Justice Roberts, the partisan Chief Justice, urged the Senate to act, […]
Robert Borosage

99 And Counting Where Are the Damn Jobs

While the rest of us as asking "Where are the damn jobs?", Republicans are apparently focused on everything else but jobs. Republicans won dozens of elections last fall after claiming […]
Terrance Heath

The Founding Fathers Supported Socialized Medicine

Those pesky founding fathers. You’d think guys who so long ago shuffled off that old mortal coil would find it harder to surprise us. With them safely dead for so […]
Terrance Heath

The Chamber Wants Infrastructure Prove It

Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a joint statement with the AFL-CIO supporting President Obama’s call for increased public investment in infrastructure, which read: Whether it is building […]
Bill Scher

Making America the Best Place on Earth to Work

Not the wars. Not greenhouse gasses. Not even the deficit. The issue most important to Americans is jobs. Despite that, jobs failed to make an appearance in the State of […]
Leo Gerard

The Tax That Turned Ronald Reagan Right

With the centennial of our 40th President’s birth fast approaching, how about a shout-out for the soak-the-rich tax rates that he so despised — and more civic-minded Hollywood stars so […]

The Wall Street Empire Strikes Back

The FNinancial Crisis Inquiry Commission describes the housing bubble as the "spark" that ignited the 2008 inancial crisis, but suggests it only became a firestorm because of misguided ideology and reckless behavior.
Richard Eskow

The Congressional Progressive Caucus A Time to Stand

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus convene today in their first-ever strategy retreat. The meeting will be opened by newly selected co-chairs Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Rep. Keith […]
Robert Borosage

US Chamber Attacks FCIC as Job-killing Wikileakers

In a response to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission releasing its final report on the financial crisis today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pitched a hissy fit calling the report […]
Mary Bottari

Social Security Fight Not Over

Last night, the President pledged to improve Social Security “without putting at risk current retirees” and “without slashing benefits for future generations.” With the State of the Union speech out […]

Paul Ryan Selling Economic Pain With a Smile

To hear some progressive bloggers tell it, Paul Ryan’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address was an utter failure, and the GOP blundered in picking him to […]
Terrance Heath

Conrad on SOTU Hey Kent What about Jobs

The retiring Kent Conrad, Democratic Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, released his own statement on the State of the Union (see below in full). He praises the president for […]
Robert Borosage

Winning The Future Brought To You By GE

Here’s an interesting interpretation of Winning the Future: After two years of federal spending to boost the economy, the ground has shifted decisively in Washington: On Tuesday night, the most […]

The Story So Far

I received a notice from my employer earlier this month, announcing changes to our health care plan. Under the topic “Health Care Reform Mandates Changes,” the first four items read: […]
Alan Jenkins

No Social Security Cuts in the State of the Union

Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post just wrote an article entitled “Obama won’t endorse raising retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits,” where she reports that the State of the […]
Richard Eskow

Set the Course Finish The Job On Financial Reform

Two years into his first term, President Obama can claim credit for two passing historic reforms — health care reform and financial reform. However, both were merely a beginning — […]
Terrance Heath

What Social Security Crisis

We’re working with some of the best state-level bloggers from around the country to help us tell the truth about key economic and social policy issues, and to draw the […]

Obama’s Less Trusted Than Bush On Social Security

Social Security Works has assembled a set of slides that illustrate the Democratic Party's striking decline in voter opinion on the issue of Social Security. They're all worth seeing, but one of them especially demands attention
Richard Eskow

Set the Course Obamas Challenge in the State of the Union

Will the president’s State of the Union address next Tuesday be another transcendent Obama moment? As we’ve witnessed repeatedly, from the moment he burst on the national scene at the […]
Robert Borosage

Set The Course Create 1 Million Jobs In 2011

In the much-buzzed-about Sunday New York Times Magazine article by Peter Baker on President Obama’s search for an “exciting” jobs plan that could be offered in his State of the […]
Isaiah J. Poole
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