SS On The Table But BS Not

The President has a commission looking at ways to reduce the budget deficits which were caused by tax cuts for the rich and military spending increases. Social Security – which […]

Fairy-Tale Social Security Policy

Lots of kids believe in Santa Claus. This is because people repeat the fable to kids over and over, telling them that Santa Claus will deliver presents to them if […]

Chris Dodd is Embarassing Himself

Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., is grasping at straws to block Elizabeth Warren’s nomination as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He’s making a fool of himself, and hurting his […]
Zach Carter

Whats the Hold-up on Elizabeth Warren

Nobody seriously disputes whether Elizabeth Warren is the best-qualified candidate to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Everybody recognizes the bipartisan political appeal that Warren has with voters, and Democratic […]
Zach Carter

Job One For Congress Respond To The Jobs Emergency

The House of Representatives, which returns from its summer recess today, and the Senate, which returned Monday, really only has one legislative priority it should be focused on before members […]
Isaiah J. Poole

New Bank Regulations Would Bless Lehmans Risk-Taking

International bank regulators have finally agreed to a new set of rules to rein in financial excess, and the reviews thus far are cautiously positive. But the new capital requirements […]
Zach Carter

Handcuffs For Wall Street Not Happy-Talk

The Washington Post has published a very silly op-ed by Chrystia Freeland accusing President Barack Obama of unfairly “demonizing” Wall Street. Freeland wants to see Obama tone down his rhetoric […]
Zach Carter

Declare a Jobs Emergency on September 15

Sometimes job cuts have a way of sneaking up on you — a few teachers here, a police officer there and another fire department that is not open when you […]
Mary Bottari

Lets Help Rush Limbaugh Pack His Bags

Did you hear the big news? Yesterday on his show, Rush Limbaugh vowed that he would leave the country if health care reform passes! LIMBAUGH: I’ll just tell you this, […]
Brian Dockstader

Way Past Time For Symbolism On Climate Crisis

The White House has agreed to meet with climate activist Bill McKibben about his quest to get the White House to bring back the solar panels that President Jimmy […]
Bill Scher

Deficit Death Panel

I know the conservatives want to cut “entitlements” but literally killing off old people seems extreme even for them. But they seem to think that the elderly are being profligate […]

Citibank Will Anyone Hold Rubin And Prince Accountable

Former Citibank Chairman Robert Rubin knew about mounting subprime mortgage losses at his company, but still allowed executives to mislead to Citibank’s shareholders about those losses, according to the SEC. […]
Zach Carter

The Chamber of Commerce Without Shame or Sense

The Chamber of Commerce is rolling out its “jobs and economy” political initiative today. As Politico reports, the blitz is “designed to drive voters toward ‘5 Questions to Ask Your […]
Robert Borosage

Liveblogging the Wachovia and Lehman Brothers Hearing

3:45 Clearly the best FCIC hearing to date. Tough questions all around. Everybody comes out of it looking bad, bankers and regulators alike, as they should. *********************** 3:30 This hearing […]
Zach Carter

Liveblogging Bernanke & Bair

1:20 All done. Lesson: Break Up The Banks. ****************** 1:00 Most of the discussion surrounding too-big-to-fail at this hearing has dealt with a relatively short period in time: the decision […]
Zach Carter

Bernanke Admits It Too-Big-To-Fail Lives On

Last week, Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke finally acknowledged that his preferred “solution” for ending Too-Big-To-Fail is likely unworkable. When the financial crisis exploded in 2008, top Fed and Treasury officials […]
Zach Carter

The Obama Speech in Cleveland

President Obama traveled to Cleveland to deliver an address on the economy designed to highlight the “differences in governing philosophy” between his view and that of the Republican opposition. (A […]
Robert Borosage

Obama Jobs Plan Needs Industrial Policy

Speaking in Ohio today President Obama described his new jobs and economic programs. (Full text here.) The two major pieces of Mr. Obama’s package — expanding and making permanent a […]

Five Years After Katrina Conservatives Still Want To Gut FEMA

We know the pathetic disaster response to Hurricane Katrina by the Bush administration was rooted in anti-government, pro-privatization conservative ideology. President Bush removed FEMA from the cabinet, repeatedly appointed FEMA […]
Bill Scher

With A Compass Not A Roadmap

The complaints are starting on the new Obama administration. Some are concerned that he filled his administration with former Clinton hands, reflecting the old school (if more competent), not the […]

Holding Arpaio Accountable

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for housing inmates in tent cities in the desert and making them wear pink clothes as humiliation, but also for allegations of […]
Alan Jenkins

American Jobs Tragedy

The stimulus worked but was not enough. Here is the result: This is known as “the scariest jobs chart,” from
1 198 199 200 201 202 271