Putting Lawmakers On Notice in Idaho

Idahoans are fed up with lawmakers like Gov. Butch Otter who cave to the interests of deep-pocketed donors rather than than step up to defend quality, affordable health care in […]
Adrienne Evans
  • 299

Opening a New Way for Democrats to Run and Win

Conor Lamb’s stunning win in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th House District showed the blue wave building as the November midterms approach. It also triggered an immediate debate about […]
Robert Borosage
  • 198

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Speaks on Rollback of Bank Reforms

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks about proposed changes to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which she helped pass to curb risky lending practices in the wake […]
Tim Wilkins
  • 92

Now Is the Time to Fight for Health Care in Idaho

Every Idahoan deserves quality, affordable health care. That’s the simple truth, and a vast majority in our state believes it. Now we have a chance to come closer to that […]
Adrienne Evans
  • 30

The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks

Why would Democratic senators join their Republican colleagues in pushing a bill that lays out a rich banquet of goodies before some of America’s worst bankers, and increases the risk that taxpayers will have to bail them out?
Richard Eskow
  • 305

A Penny for Your National Security

Some say tariffs will raise costs at home, but most Americans are willing to pay an extra penny per six-pack to ensure their country has the domestic aluminum smelting and steel forging ability that is crucial to national security.
Leo Gerard
  • 360

Marching Backwards For Freedom

In 2018, many of us still do not vote because of state laws rooted in white supremacy, someone lied and told us we can’t, we are or were in prison or have a conviction in our past. So it’s time to revive Dr. King's movement for voting rights.
Kenneth Glasgow
  • 283

The Progressive Challenge

Progressives must push to define what the Democratic Party is – the fundamental reform agenda that is needed, the coalitions that need to be forged, the transformations of how we do politics. This is our time; people are looking for change. Let's get to it.
Robert Borosage
  • 32

WV Teachers Tell Us Why Public Schools And Unions Matter

The West Virginia teachers’ strike is not only a startling victory for labor rights; it’s also a reminder of the important role public schools and public school educators can and should play in progressive populism.
Jeff Bryant
  • 241

Republicans Attack the ACA, One More Time

Emboldened by the legislative success of GOP tax cuts, 20 states led by Texas and Wisconsin have renewed efforts to weaken and undo the ACA, even though the health-care plan and its reforms are more popular than ever.
Valarie Blake, Simon Haeder
  • 267

The Kerner Report at 50: Still Separate, More Unequal

Fifty years ago, the Kerner Commission warned our society was becoming "separate and unequal." Today, this is even more true. Kerner's solutions were simple and potent, yet remain unheeded: combat racism with housing, jobs and reform .
Richard Eskow
  • 218

U.S. Aluminum and Steel Workers are an Endangered Species

The United States can’t assure its own national security if its steel and aluminum mills and skilled mill workers are extinct. Tariffs on imported metals will give U.S. producers time to recover from illegal practices that undercut them.
Leo Gerard
  • 236

Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party

Will the Democratic Party open up to the wave of grassroots energy and activism rising across the nation, or will it continue to do business as usual, backing candidates favored by deep-pocket donors over insurgents and new coalitions?
Robert Borosage
  • 89

Ben Carson’s Redecoration of HUD is Worse Than You Think

About Ben Carson's $31,000 dining room set: that's roughly three times the average income for a rural household that receives rental assistance from Housing and Urban Development, the department Carson is redecorating for Donald Trump.
Richard Eskow
  • 28

The Wealthy, the Poor, the Vulnerable

Societies where large numbers of people live in constant danger of falling into poverty, new evidence shows, concetrate more wealth at the top. The deeply unequal United States has four times more economically vulnerable than Japan.

Will Lawmakers Make Schools the Sacrificial Lamb for Gun Control?

The media's big lie is that "we've done nothing" to address school shootings since Sandy Hook. Actually, we've done the wrong things. We've spent millions on armed school personnel that harm learning and don't decrease shootings.
Jeff Bryant
  • 233

Yes, You Can Talk To Strangers

Talking with strangers is never easy. But getting to know your neighbors helps achieve lasting change in this country. That's why ONE Northside is getting out, knocking on doors, and breaking down barriers in Chicago.
Hannah Gelder
  • 230

Gun Control Legislation Is Constitutional

It’s time to stop letting the NRA scare the burgeoning  gun safety movement led by courageous student survivors  into accepting small-bore reforms out of a mistaken belief that stronger gun safety laws would be unconstitutional.
Miles Mogulescu
  • 107

Janus: Billionaires Take on Public Employees and their Unions

If the Gorsuch Supreme Court prevails in Janus, they will succeed in weakening unions, lowering wages and benefits for public employees, while exacerbating the savage inequality that already subverts our democracy.
Robert Borosage
  • 75

Picture the United States Without Student Debt

A new report concludes that cancelling all student debt would create more than a million jobs. To those who say we can’t afford to cancel this debt, the report poses a new and different question: Can we afford not to?
Richard Eskow
  • 274

Black Children Have the Right to be Children

Black children in the United States are all too often robbed of their most essential right: the right to be children, who can play, learn and grow up with nourishment, love, educational opportunities, health care and safe homes.
Jacqueline Bediako
  • 256

How to Argue With Gun Nuts

Pro-gun advocates almost never argue the merits of specific legislation. Their constant tactic is to use logical fallacies to sidetrack the discussion. Here is how you can respond.

We Can Reclaim Democracy, One Heart at a Time

The revolution may not be televised, but in 2018 the resistance is being electoralized. People’s Action members are going door to door nationwide to do our part and win back democracy - one heart, one conversation and one vote at a time.

A Pledge to Transform the Resistance, and America

Resistance to Trump is vital, but it is not enough; it only defines what we're against. If today's resistance is to become a lasting movement, voters must decide what we're for: a new pledge from leading progressives points the way.
Richard Eskow
  • 296

St. Paul Teachers Score a Win for Kids Over Big Money

State and local governments claim there's "no money" for public services like education, yet lavish huge tax breaks on corporations and the wealthy. The St. Paul teachers' union has shown progressives how to fight back, and win.
Jeff Bryant
  • 49

Trump’s “Harvest Box” Delivers an Empty Promise

"America's Harvest Box" is Trump administration's bid to "reinvent" food assistance to the poor. All it really does is heap shame on the hungry and offer private interests a new opportunity to enrich themselves at public expense.
Richard Eskow
  • 113

Trump’s Big Infrastructure Con

Candidate Trump boasted he would double what Clinton said she’d spend on infrastructure. But the scheme he released this week fails to do that. Instead it robs vital safety-net programs to pay for a pittance of improvements. It's a con.
Leo Gerard
  • 248

Kim Jung Un’s Sister Crushes Pence for Gold in Korea Peace Olympics

If peace  diplomacy were an Olympic sport, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, won the Gold Medal hands down, while Vice President Mike Pence crashed and burned. That's a good thing for the possibility of world peace.
Miles Mogulescu
  • 109

A Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

The fatal shootings at a Florida high school result from our elected officials' self-serving refusal to control weapons designed for mass killing. Once again, we have failed our sacred promise to protect all children's future.
Richard Eskow
  • 286

Black Families Flee Extended School Year

School “reformers” have argued to lengthen the school year. Yet, there’s little valid data because so few public schools do it. New statistics from Washington, D.C. show that such schools lost a substantial number of black families.

What Is the Price of Love?

Living paycheck to paycheck can strain even the most loving of relationships. But as former billionaire Tim Blixseth learned the hard way, spectacularly large paychecks can doom loving relationships right from the start.

Forget Trump; His Party Is the Problem Now

Here's what voters need to know. If Republicans prevail – with or without Trump – the country will face $50 road tolls, a plundering of common wealth, and more deaths of poor and working people. That's what we need to focus on and stop.
Richard Eskow
  • 191

Pelosi, Paul and the ‘Return to Regular Order’

The two-year bipartisan budget pact contains substantial wins, but comes at a high price for Democrats and DREAMers and hangs by the thread of a promised return to civility which, by current measures, strains the imagination beyond belief.
Tim Wilkins
  • 238

The Real Reason Workers Can’t Get A Raise

Beneath the recent stock-market gyrations, the mechanics that shackle average workers' wages have been exposed - not in the White House or Congress, but in the supposedly apolitical operations of the Federal Reserve.
Robert Borosage
  • 157
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