Five Things People “Know”

The things that people “know” are very different from the “reality-based” things those of us reading a blog like this know, and those things seem to always, always serve the […]

Why Almost Anybody Can Be a CEO

The takeaway from the latest top gun flame-out at Hewlett-Packard: Chief executive ‘success,’ in America today, essentially demands no more than greed and a developmentally arrested ego. The tall tales […]

Conservatives Want To Live On Monopoly Money

Do today’s economic conservatives actually want to live in a functional society, or are they striving for an economy that runs on Monopoly Money? NPR’s Planet Money recently did a […]
Zach Carter

Our Politics of Powerlessness, Continued

I’d started thinking that I was too hard on our power company last week, when I agreed with Gov. O’Malley that their service was less reliable than power in some […]
Terrance Heath

Why Are Democrats Losing the Social Security Issue?

The Republican Party’s attempt to privatize Social Security under George W. Bush was wildly unpopular. At least one Republican Congressional candidate is openly calling for Social Security cuts, and Rep. […]
Richard Eskow

What’s Rand Paul Smoking?

To be more specific, what’s Rand Paul smoking these days? His musings that America was a better, freer place when African Americans had no civil rights protection, and no one […]
Terrance Heath

One Reason Top End Taxes Must Be Raised

Billionaire Steve Schwarzman compares Obama’s call for taxing private equity income as income, just like everyone else, a “war, like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.
Robert Borosage

Go on gal, don't take me for no fool. I ain't gonna quit you, pretty mama, while the weather's cool. Around your back door, honey, I'm gonna creep. Just as long as you bring me two-and-a-half a week. I stood my corner, hey hey!
Trevor Davis

The Uh-Ohs: A Decade of Conservative Failure, Pt. 2

If you were among the wealthiest 1-2% of Americans, it was the best of times. For the rest of us, it was "The Uh-Ohs," a decade of conservative failure and its aftermath.
Terrance Heath

China Springs The Trap

China has a national economic/industrial policy and we don’t. They create the conditions for key industries to thrive and we don’t. They make sure all of the infrastructure, finance, supply […]

American Opinion: Rebuild America, Don’t Sack It

“I still believe that this will be largely a referendum on the administration’s policies,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, explaining why the […]
Robert Borosage

Our Growth Is Outsourced, Like Our Jobs

In the news today, a familiar story: imports increased, exports declined. About $50 billion in one month alone. The trade gap isn’t just costing jobs, it’s a significant factor in […]

Save American Manufacturing

The following was originally published by Politico. These days, Republicans can’t suppress the gloat. The “Party of No,” leading in most polls, is said to be on the verge of […]
Robert Borosage

Tax Cuts Are Theft: An Amplification

Dave Johnson’s post on the broken contract that’s allowed private interests to siphon off our public wealth for the past 30 years is incredibly important. His basic argument is this: […]
Sara Robinson

Trade Deficit Inaction Assures A Jobless Non-Recovery

The Commerce Department on Wednesday is expected to release new international trade figures that will underscore how critical it is that Congress and the White House move forward with an […]
Isaiah J. Poole

What’s Green, White and Blue? American Jobs

Red, as in furiously red, defined the day last fall when a consortium of companies announced it wanted $450 million in U.S. stimulus money to build a wind farm in […]
Leo Gerard

Gibbs on the Left: Dog Bites the Man

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs went off the other day on the "professional left," which is never satisfied. The White House apparently is miffed at the criticism they get […]
Robert Borosage

First, ‘Death Tax’; Now, ‘Birth Tax’?

As the right continues to flail for new ways to justify its assault on progressive taxation, Robert Samuelson has come up with a doozy: If we raise taxes to reduce […]
Isaiah J. Poole
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