Do We Need A Democracy Tariff?

We need a Democracy Tariff, imposed at the border on goods that are brought in from countries where the people have not been able to build a strong democracy that […]

Forget Teddy Roosevelt! If the Rich Pay, Everybody Pays

There’s a new undercurrent in Washington debate, an unstated drive to undo the bipartisan consensus that’s governed American policy for a century. New pieces by Fareed Zakaria and Clive Crook […]
Richard Eskow

Conservatives Are Clueless On Jobs

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is the Republican Party’s latest effort at putting forward a credible economic ideologist. His recent interview with Ezra Klein reveals this effort as a complete failure. […]
Zach Carter

The State Aid Vote Today Is Not About The Deficit

The Senate is expected to vote today on providing $26 billion in aid to fiscally distressed states and cities. The vote is about many things. Jobs. Health care. Tax fairness. […]
Bill Scher

Alan Greenspan: Stopped Clock of the U.S. Economy

Even a stopped clock, the saying goes, is right twice a day. Taken figuratively, it means that even the people who have been most disastrously, abysmally wrong can occasionally get […]
Terrance Heath

Should Vanity Candidacies Have Us Worried?

A new study says super-rich candidates who personally bankroll their own campaigns almost always lose. But that, unfortunately, doesn’t make the rest of us winners. The ticker on billionaire Meg […]

The Strengthen Social Security Campaign

Social Security is once again under attack. Time after time Social Security has come under attack. Do you remember the Bush “privatization” campaign a few years ago? Each time the […]

LBJ: Medicare Because We Owe It To Them

On the 45th anniversary of the passage of Medicare, the blog corrente offers this charming story about LBJ talking with his press secretary, Bill Moyers, about why he’s for Social […]
Robert Borosage

Mort Zuckerman Is Not Incompetent

Mort Zuckerman’s recent opinion piece in the Financial Times, “Obama needs to stop baiting business,” is a tawdry, sorry spectacle. Paul Krugman’s already explained how Zuckerman, the publisher of US […]
Richard Eskow

The Conservative Smear Machine Has Failed Conservatism

Earlier this week, highlighted the above clip of Conor Friedersdorf and myself discussing the effectiveness of, in Conor’s words, the attitude of parts of both conservative and progressive […]
Bill Scher

Our Politics of Powerlessness

In the metro-D.C. area, if it isn’t electricity it’s the water. The wind shifts direction or a simple summer storm is all it takes to knock out one or the […]
Terrance Heath

An Interview With Howard Dean

Yesterday I co-hosted The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur. Our first interview was with Howard Dean, in a wide-ranging conversation that covered his continued enthusiasm for Barack Obama (but not […]
Richard Eskow

There Are Zero Good Reasons To Block Elizabeth Warren

No reformers question whether Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She’s a lauded scholar, an inspiring advocate who will draw talented and […]
Zach Carter

The Carnage Never Told

Washington is enmeshed in a partisan debate about gestures — with Republicans now boasting that Americans will reward them for saying no to just about everything. No to forestalling the […]
Robert Borosage

Elizabeth Warren and Her Discontents

Somebody really, really doesn’t want Elizabeth Warren to run the new Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, or “CFPB,” which she first envisioned and proposed. Who? The big banks, for sure, as […]
Richard Eskow

Hey CEOs. Want Certainty? Cap Carbon.

Conservative corporate executives — many of whom are raking in profits while refusing to create jobs — continue to complain that President Obama’s agenda is blame for the weak economy […]
Bill Scher

Dear Mr. President: Time To Man Up

"It hurts me that they didn’t even try to attempt to see what is happening here, they didn’t care." Shirley Sherrod – on her forced resignation from the USDA within […]
Terrance Heath

The Bank Lobby Smear Against Elizabeth Warren

Ezra Klein needs to stop repeating bank lobby smears against Elizabeth Warren. He’s sympathetic to the charge that Warren is “too dismissive of the benefits of financial innovation,” because, well, […]
Zach Carter
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