Trump Speaks Truth To The Tea Party at CPAC

Believe it or not, the appearance of Donald Trump at CPAC was not the most surreal moment of my first day at the conference. That came later, but not by […]
Terrance Heath

J-O-B-S CPACs Four Letter Word

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » I have to admit, I got a little excited during […]
Terrance Heath

Succor the Rich Suffer the Child

The blizzard of budget numbers flurrying around Washington is disorienting. Republicans are talking about cuts in the next seven months. The president’s budget proposes cuts in FY 2012 that begins […]
Robert Borosage

The GOPs Pyrrhic Victory Why It Wont Work Pt 4 of 4

President Obama is right. The Democrats got a "shellacking" in the midterm election. But not from the people who voted. And in a sense, the pundits and prognosticators are maybe […]
Terrance Heath

Budget Choice Govern Or Gut

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Governing for We, the People, or gutting for the benefit […]

Republicans Are CUTTING Jobs Programs

The country has been waiting for the promised action on jobs and unemployment since the new Congress came in. Nothing yet. We’ve had the show-vote on health care, we’ve had […]

President Antes Up 15M New Jobs GOP Folds

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » There’s a risk that the budget battle descends into a […]
Bill Scher

Conservatives Closing The Roads To Jobs And Recovery

LISTEN Deborah Weinstein of the Coalition for Human Needs explains how irresponsible federal budget cuts being proposed by conservatives in Congress will ultimately make the economy worse. The federal budget […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Beyond Hysteria Common Sense about Deficits

With the submission today of the President’s proposed budget for next year (FY 2012), Washington descends further into the furious debate about less. How much less will government do? The […]
Robert Borosage

The Republican Budget Is Madness

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure the American people didn’t vote last November for fewer jobs, teachers and cops and more sickness, pollution and hunger. In fact, I’m sure […]
Bill Scher

Jobs No Narrow Rape Definition Yes

The new Congress was elected by promising things to voters, but now in office they are doing different things. It is as if they said what they needed to say […]

The Depressing Phony War in Washington

There were three of us on Warren Olney’s “To the Point” public radio program, one of the more enlightened shows on NPR. But the program, addressing the coming debate on […]
Robert Borosage

Finding the Good in the Good Old Days

It’s federal budget time, and they’re talking 1950s on Capitol Hill. Well, sometimes we can move forward by turning the political clock back. But we have to know exactly where […]

House GOP Heralds The Salmonella Protection Act Of 2011

Today, the House is expected to approve a Republican resolution that would effectively cut all federal government “non-security” spending by nearly 20%. Their political objective is contrast Republican budget slashing […]
Bill Scher

Governor Mayor Speak Out Against Job-Killing Budget Cuts

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter are having some success in creating jobs for their residents in a tough economic climate. And Republicans in Congress are working […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Conservative Cuts Have Consequences

Whatever you may think of him, you’ve got to give Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) credit. He said he would present his own budget, and now he’s done it. He’s even […]
Terrance Heath

Balance Trade—Make Jobs

Summary Our present severe recession, though officially over, lends urgency to tackling U.S. trade issues. Without the announcement effect of a trade bill, manufacturers will continue to shutter factories and […]

Philly Mayor Warns Washington Dont Cut The Recovery

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has declared this week “jobs week” […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Obama’s Half Measures Won’t Save the States

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Much could be done to help state budgets and reduce […]

Why We Need A Jobs Summit

To break the inside-the-Beltway consensus that a robust, government-led effort to lower the unemployment rate this year should not be on the table for legislative debate, the Campaign for America’s […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Revisiting the Reagan Nightmare

"Now that he is safely dead, let us praise him." poet Carl Wendell Hines wrote of Martin Luther King Jr., after his assassination. Ronald Reagan has been "safely dead" for […]
Terrance Heath

A Business Case for Greater Equality

If our business leaders spoke Norwegian, President Obama wouldn’t have to beg them to do the right thing. A new report offers a fascinating window into the Scandinavian business mind. […]

Obama at the Chamber Strategic Retreat

President Obama’s visit to the Chamber of Commerce always seemed bizarre. Reaching out to the U.S. Chamber isn’t like reaching out to business. Under the guidance of Tom Donohue, the […]
Robert Borosage

The Chamber Of Commerce Is Anti-Business

President Obama is speaking today to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The press is reporting this as an effort to be “pro-business,” to “patch up” relations with business, to “reach […]

Its Not Going To Be Changed By The Corporations

Earlier tonight, Robert Borosage appeared on MSNBC to analyze the President’s appearance before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Excerpts from his remarks are below the video clip. Visit for […]
Robert Borosage

Jobs Los Angeles 3010 Initiative

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been pushing what he calls the 30/10 Initiative. The idea is simple: take all of local transportation projects around the country that are planned […]


The Democratic Leadership Council, according to press reports, is broke and closing its doors. For anyone who cares about working and poor people, this is a demise that should have […]
Robert Borosage
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