Liveblogging The Rating Agencies Hearing

Buffett is already defending Moody’s with statements that appear to be reasonable, but are in fact completely incoherent. Here’s what he says about the top brass at bailed out banks: […]
Zach Carter

Warren Buffett, Rating Agencies and Corruption

Today’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearing on credit rating agencies promises to shed quite a bit of light on one of the most profitable and corrupt businesses in Corporate America. […]
Zach Carter

Law and Order: AIG

President Obama’s Department of Justice announced last week that there would be no indictments in the collapse of AIG, an event which led to a worldwide economic collapse and cost […]
Richard Eskow

Of “Epic Foolishness” And Epic Fails

The change agenda at America’s Future NOW! REGISTER NOW for AFN 2010 Bob Herbert’s latest New York Times column, "Our Epic Foolishness," could (and perhaps should) serve as the introduction […]
Terrance Heath

Why the Deficit Dominates DC Thinking

Washington politicians are convinced that the public is demanding cuts in spending, even over creating jobs and restoring the economy. This pressure comes because much of the public believes that […]

Must Congress Always Cave at Crunch Time?

With millions of Americans out of work and hurting, lawmakers who claim they worry about budget deficits spent last week forcing ‘compromises’ that will save hedge fund kingpins billions in […]

The Jobs Deficit & The Breaking Point, Pt. 2

The change agenda at America’s Future NOW! REGISTER NOW for AFN 2010 The deficit fear mongers are right that America faces a deficit that threatens to cripple our economy and […]
Terrance Heath

The Jobs Deficit: Tell Congress To Act

The jobs deficit is our No. 1 domestic economic priority, but today members of both houses of Congress behaved as if it’s no big deal. The House was scheduled today […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Jobs Deficit & The Breaking Point, Pt 1.

Like the college professor he is, Dr. Bernard Anderson, member of the National Urban League President’s Council of Economic Advisors, came to this weeks "Putting America Back To Work" forum […]
Terrance Heath

GOP Wants a Country by Corporations for Corporations

Tea Party darling and Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul spoke last week like the political novice he is – revealing unfiltered GOP “truths.” First he informed MSNBC talk show […]
Leo Gerard

Car Dealers and Consumer Protections

Richard (RJ) Eskow wrote a couple of days ago, in Traded-In: These “Used” Senators Sold Out The Troops For Auto Dealer Cash You know why Americans place car salespeople at […]

Emergency Alert: Blue Dogs Impeding Action On Jobs

Even though House Democrats have cut back on the size of a jobs and tax extenders bill Thursday night, the legislation is still facing uncertainty in both the House and […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Scaling Back Our Bloated Financial Sector

It’s been apparent for several weeks that the largest U.S. banking behemoths will remain as big and dangerous as they are today once President Barack Obama signs off on the […]
Zach Carter

What Is An Emergency? Afghanistan Or Our Children?

Congress is about to pass an additional $32 billion to pay for the war In Afghanistan. It will have overwhelming bipartisan support, with legislators eager to display their fealty to […]
Robert Borosage

100% Pure Wall Street Astroturf

Astroturf is the term for manufacturing an artificial appearance of grassroots concern about an issue. The idea is to pump a bunch of money into a PR campaign that makes […]

Ben Bernanke Thinks We Are Idiots

Ben Bernanke Thinks We Are Idiots Or that we have the attention span of a tadpole. Or he mistakenly read a speech written in 2006 when Alan Greenspan was still […]
Robert Borosage

China Dialogue – No Currency Agreement

The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue has concluded. It is remarkable for two countries to engage in a dialog such as this, and efforts like this to constructively manage differences […]

Don’t Kill Schools To Keep War Alive

The Senate is starting debate this week on a $60 billion supplemental spending bill that includes additional money for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as money for […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Bank Fight Continues, Now it’s Lincoln vs. Obama

This week, the U.S. Senate passed a financial reform bill that was far stronger that what had been proposed by the Obama administration and passed by the House. Now it’s […]
Mary Bottari

Safety Awards That Endanger Workers’ Lives

BP, Massey Energy and Tesoro all have hauled out plaques celebrating safety achievements to deflect allegations of corporate recklessness in the aftermath of explosions in April that killed 47 of […]
Leo Gerard

Week Of Action on Jobs

On the one side there are millions of people needing jobs and millions more “underemployed,” the economy is still mired in a very, very slow recovery that is a recovery […]
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