Liveblogging Bernanke & Bair

1:20 All done. Lesson: Break Up The Banks. ****************** 1:00 Most of the discussion surrounding too-big-to-fail at this hearing has dealt with a relatively short period in time: the decision […]
Zach Carter

Bernanke Admits It Too-Big-To-Fail Lives On

Last week, Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke finally acknowledged that his preferred “solution” for ending Too-Big-To-Fail is likely unworkable. When the financial crisis exploded in 2008, top Fed and Treasury officials […]
Zach Carter

The Obama Speech in Cleveland

President Obama traveled to Cleveland to deliver an address on the economy designed to highlight the “differences in governing philosophy” between his view and that of the Republican opposition. (A […]
Robert Borosage

Obama Jobs Plan Needs Industrial Policy

Speaking in Ohio today President Obama described his new jobs and economic programs. (Full text here.) The two major pieces of Mr. Obama’s package — expanding and making permanent a […]

Five Years After Katrina Conservatives Still Want To Gut FEMA

We know the pathetic disaster response to Hurricane Katrina by the Bush administration was rooted in anti-government, pro-privatization conservative ideology. President Bush removed FEMA from the cabinet, repeatedly appointed FEMA […]
Bill Scher

With A Compass Not A Roadmap

The complaints are starting on the new Obama administration. Some are concerned that he filled his administration with former Clinton hands, reflecting the old school (if more competent), not the […]

Holding Arpaio Accountable

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for housing inmates in tent cities in the desert and making them wear pink clothes as humiliation, but also for allegations of […]
Alan Jenkins

American Jobs Tragedy

The stimulus worked but was not enough. Here is the result: This is known as “the scariest jobs chart,” from

On Labor Day Work to Save the Middle Class

This Labor Day feels gloomy. It’s a celebration of work when there is not enough of it, a day off when too many desperately seek a day on. America has […]
Leo Gerard

Wanted Economic Patriots to Save American Dream

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka yesterday described the upcoming elections this way: This election is about economic patriots, and it’s also about corporate traitors. Economic patriotism resonates among working people and […]
Tula Connell

The Robespierre of the Hedge Fund Revolution

A hedge fund manager’s “investor letter” – really more of a staged, theatrical tantrum – has been getting a lot of attention lately. Daniel S. Loeb’s diatribe demonstrates that banker […]
Richard Eskow

Trade Enforcement Works Thank You Mr President

Nearly one year ago, President Obama invoked a trade law known as “421” for the first and only time in the decade the law has been in effect and imposed […]
Steven Capozzola

MLK March To Labor Day

Last weekend was the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington For Jobs and Freedom, and Labor Day is next weekend. Last weekend Glenn Beck tried to hijack the […]

Starving The SEC Won’t Fix Wall Street

Ezra Klein has a pretty silly post up about the Wall Street regulation bill and the SEC’s funding. He argues that since the SEC failed miserably in the years leading […]
Zach Carter

The Real Bait and Switch on Social Security

The Wall Street Journal assails President Obama for “bait and switch on Social Security,” because he’s criticizing Republican plans to privatize Social Security, which the Journal says don’t exist. The […]
Robert Borosage

CNBC Does Not Understand How Regulation Works

A lot of CNBC anchors do not seem to understand how regulation works. In fact, it seems like the network’s anchors don’t really get how competition works. If you’ve tuned […]
Zach Carter

In Detroit, The ‘Dream’ March The Media Missed

You wouldn’t know it from this past weekend’s media coverage of Glenn Beck’s effort to co-opt the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the site of his famous […]
Isaiah J. Poole
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