Public Educations Shock Doctrine Summer Rolls Out

As American public education arrives at the summer of its discontent, we have to contemplate how a system that has already had over 201,600 jobs wrung from its payrolls since […]
Jeff Bryant

Its Walmarts World Pt 1

It’s Walmart’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it. That seems to be the take away from the Supreme Court’s ruling in Duke v. Walmart. The […]
Terrance Heath

Sealing the Debt Deal

January 2011: At the House GOP retreat in Baltimore, “Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) delivered a stern message that the debt ceiling will eventually have to be raised to keep […]

The Texas Miracle Is A Mirage

There is no “Texas miracle” for workers and job-seekers. There is a Texas mirage, painted vividly by conservatives and being sold as the real deal by arch-conservative Texas governor Rick […]
Isaiah J. Poole

NLRB Success Shows Value Of Recess Appointments

A government agency is blocked from functioning by obstructionist, party-over-country, Republican Senators. The President makes recess appointments to get government functioning again and the agency starts doing its job. The […]

Inside the Corrupt Process

It looks like it won’t only be the Republicans who take “Obamacare” apart piece by piece. This article in the Washington Monthly gives us a glimpse behind the curtain of […]

Medicaid and the Myth of GOP Cost Cuts

In the first post in this series, I noted that in the "Path to Prosperity" — which Republicans approved unanimously — Rep. Paul Ryan cited Medicaid as one of the […]
Terrance Heath

National Speakout for Good Jobs Tour

The and the Congressional Progressive Caucus launched the Speakout for Good Jobs Tour in Minneapolis Saturday. They will hold Speakout events in 11 cities across the country. This is […]

AARP Lies to Defend Support for Cutting Social Security

AARP claims that their openness–read: support–for cuts to Social Security benefits is based on an understanding that tax increases alone will not close the program’s modest funding gap. But that’s […]
Daniel Marans

A Look Back Debt Ceiling Debate Then and Now

September marks the 26th anniversary of the introduction of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, the much- maligned deficit reduction process that budget historians and analysts generally consider to have failed miserably. What […]

Stop The No JOBS Bill

Originally published at What do you call a bill that would let states seize all of the federal funds now allocated for unemployment insurance benefits to long-term unemployed job-seekers, […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy Be More Equal

If we grow apart as we grow economically, three psychological researchers show in a landmark new study, we will never grow more happy. Why haven’t Americans become happier over the […]

Death By 1000 Medicaid Cuts

TAKE ACTION. Tell Vice-President Biden: No Bad Deals. No Cuts to Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Budget-cutting can be a bloody business, depending upon where and how deeply one cuts. […]
Terrance Heath

Hutchison and Sessions Attempt to Kill Social Security

Retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-No Shame, TX) today unveiled a plan to steal Social Security from Americans by cutting their benefits and lying to them about it. In […]
Josh Rosenblum

Atlas Slumped

Like all of you I’m sure, I’m deeply concerned about the revelations that emails were exchanged between Anthony Weiner and a porn star and what that all means for the […]

Buy American Jobs

Efforts by those who never want to hear someone say, “Bye-bye American manufacturing,” converged coincidentally to make June Buy American month. First, at the forceful urging of U.S. Sen. Bernie […]
Leo Gerard

Chart o the Day Workers Share of National Income

Workers’ share of U.S, national income is collapsing: David Frum asks: Two questions for the Republican presidential candidates: 1) Is this a problem? 2) If yes, what can be done […]

Tim Pawlentys Dippy Dive into Deep Doo-Doo

One of the three ‘serious’ candidates for the 2012 Republican White House bid says the tax cuts for the rich he’s proposing will expand America’s ‘entrepreneurial’ class. What does history […]

Demand A Full-Employment Agenda

Conservatives are masters at manipulating public expectations for their ends, and they are doing it to particularly disastrous effect when it comes to what we should expect on jobs. The […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Jobs Its Past Time to Get Loud and Surly

"It’s an employer’s world," said Rebecca Penny, a 55-year-old widow who was laid off over a year ago from her job at a Chevrolet plant in Tennessee. "I lost my […]
Robert Borosage
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