Executive Pay Excess A New Battlefront

Taxpayers, once again this year, are subsidizing over-the-top CEO pay by the billions. But now on the table: a promising new proposal that encourages corporations to share that excess — […]

Obamas Open Mic Night

Of the two top items in my newsreader, I’m not sure which I like best. First, there’s President Obama’s open-mic incident after his big speech. Apparently, Obama had what he […]
Terrance Heath

Budget Deal A Raw Deal For Working Families

Our sister site, TheMiddleClass.org, is taking a dim view of the budget deal struck Friday between the White House and Congress for fiscal year 2011. It concedes that it is […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Presidents Speech Rated Against the Citizens Guide

The President got big things right in his budget speech. He defended Medicare and Medicaid against the Republican effort to end them, and pushed accurately for reforming our health care […]
Robert Borosage

The Citizens Guide to the Budget Debate

On Wednesday, the President will lay out his principles for deficit reduction, responding to the Republican FY 2012 budget put forth by House Budget Chair Rep. Paul Ryan. The Ryan […]
Robert Borosage

This Time President Obama Tells The Story

RELATED POST Robert Borosage rates President Obama’s speech against his “citizen’s guide” to common-sense standards for the budget debate. Earlier this week at The Nation, Melissa Harris-Perry wondered if President […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Wrong Deficit

Deficit fever has swept through our capital, and President Obama has finally caught it. However, his speech is focusing on the wrong deficit. And that’s because, quite sadly, our political […]

Not Needed An Accountant In Chief

The following was originally published by Politico. With his Wednesday address to the nation, President Barack Obama enters the lists in the debate over the nation’s deficits. His path, no […]
Robert Borosage

Why Progressives Keep On Losing and the Right Keeps On Winning

Congratulations! The “grand compromise” will cut nearly thirty nine billion dollars in needed government spending, which proves how “serious” everyone is about reducing the deficit. The grand compromisers could have […]
Richard Eskow

Cutting The Economy And Jobs

Cuts are all the rage now in Versailles D.C. They cut taxes for the rich (again), then to pay for the tax cuts they cut the things We the People […]

Colombia FTA Rewarding Promises Instead of Performance

Tragically, the government of Colombia exhibits the behavior of an addict. And, just as regrettably, the United States is co-dependent, so addicted to so called free trade that it plans […]
Leo Gerard

Paul Ryan & Welfare Reforms Catastrophic Success

When conservatives start talking "welfare reform," progressives usually respond one of two ways. We either: (a) start inching towards the exits; or (b) stand in open-mouthed wonder, asking one another […]
Terrance Heath

Move Over Chamber of Commerce Meet TheMiddleClassorg [VIDEO]

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Campaign for America’s Future Co-Director Roger Hickey joined MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to discuss the re-launch […]
Roger Hickey

TheMiddleClassorg Rates The Ryan Budget Plan Thumbs Way Down

TheMiddleClass.org, the website that evaluates legislation and congressional votes based on their impact on middle-class people, is being officially reintroduced today with a scathing indictment of the House Republican budget […]
Isaiah J. Poole

GOP Offers No Death Panels Just Death From Lack of Care

Republicans concocted death panels in an attempt to terrify Americans about health care reform, then propagated the lie because they wanted insurance corporations to profit from illness and injury unfettered. […]
Leo Gerard
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