Rebuilding The Dream This Is OUR Time

On June 23, Van Jones, and a broad cross section of progressive groups launched the Rebuild the Dream Movement. This is a movement of necessity: the American Dream – the […]

Conrad’s 50-50 Proposal Is a Good Sign

The following is an statement distributed to the news media earlier today. You can call on your representatives in Congress to support a deficit reduction plan based on “shared sacrifice” […]
Roger Hickey

The Debt Deal Operation Conditional Surrender

So, just when it looked like President Obama was finally calling the GOP’s bluff debt ceiling negotiations, it turns out he was preparing to fold. Obama administration officials are offering […]
Terrance Heath

Giving Away The Argument

The latest pas de deux: Obama administration officials are offering to cut tens of billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid in negotiations to reduce the federal budget deficit, but […]

Boehner Math The Bush Tax Cuts Cost 500000 Per Job

Today, Speaker Boehner promoted a statistic concocted by the Weekly Standard claiming that President Obama’s Recovery Act (aka “the stimulus”) cost $278,000 per job. The stat is simply the overall […]
Bill Scher

Minimum Wage Not to Blame for Teen Unemployment

In his latest attack on the minimum wage,Casey Mulligan charges in his NYT Economix post that the 2007-2009 minimum wage increases are adding to teen unemployment. He writes that “Many […]
Anne Thompson

Bachmannia The 2012 Epidemic & Beyond

Remember Sarah Palin? I know she hasn’t really gone anywhere (except back home to Alaska until her bus tour resumes, on some date known only to her and possibly her […]
Terrance Heath

Will Democrats Embrace a Foul Deal

We now have sorry news of the foul deal that the White House is pushing in the debt ceiling talks. About $1.5 trillion in spending cuts — including $200-300 billion […]
Robert Borosage

Is it Politics

New York Sen. Charles Schumer spoke today at the Economic Policy Institute about the need for Congress and the White House-Republican budget deficit talks to focus on America’s most important […]
Eric Hunt

States Face An Unhappy Fiscal New Year

July 1 starts the fiscal new year in many states around the country, and thanks to economic policies pushed by conservative governors or state legislatures, combined with gridlock at the […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Holding Our Economy Hostage For 25 People

Republicans are perpetrating a fraud. They say they’re concerned about reducing government deficits. But you don’t need to look at how they treat all of the country’s biggest corporations (which […]
Richard Eskow

Milwaukee Rebuilding the Dream

The Congressional Progressive Caucus’s "Speakout For Good Jobs" tour rolls into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, tonight, on what could hardly be a more auspicious day for workers in that city, as Gov. […]
Terrance Heath

Walmarts World Pt 3

As my husband and I watched anxiously for news of the outcome of the New York state senate vote on marriage equality, my thoughts drifted back to one last worrisome […]
Terrance Heath

Legitimizing Anti-Sociality

Perlstein Rant: Often folks ask me how America can be saved from its present course. Not by changing wingnuts—they will always be wingnuts, same methods and worldview since the 1950s; […]

The Not-So-Loyal Opposition

In the debt-ceiling debate Republicans are holding the country hostage again, demanding that the country shift to a radical pro-big-corporate/big-wealth agenda as the ransom. At the same time the Tea […]

Our Double Bubble of Economic Trouble

‘Asset bubbles’ have been roiling our economy ever since America’s wealthy started supersizing three decades ago. But another bubble, this one enveloping those wealthy, may be just as essential to […]

Detroit Rebuilding the Dream

It has been called the city that moved America; the city that spawned the sound of a generation. For decades, Detroit was the assembly line of the American Dream. Its […]
Terrance Heath

Its Walmarts World Pt 2

The Supreme Court’s Dukes vs. Walmart, raising the bar for plaintiffs in class action suits, means workers who already have it bad in this economy probably won’t have it any […]
Terrance Heath

Public Educations Shock Doctrine Summer Rolls Out

As American public education arrives at the summer of its discontent, we have to contemplate how a system that has already had over 201,600 jobs wrung from its payrolls since […]
Jeff Bryant
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