A Look Back Debt Ceiling Debate Then and Now

September marks the 26th anniversary of the introduction of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, the much- maligned deficit reduction process that budget historians and analysts generally consider to have failed miserably. What […]

Stop The No JOBS Bill

Originally published at UnemployedWorkers.org. What do you call a bill that would let states seize all of the federal funds now allocated for unemployment insurance benefits to long-term unemployed job-seekers, […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy Be More Equal

If we grow apart as we grow economically, three psychological researchers show in a landmark new study, we will never grow more happy. Why haven’t Americans become happier over the […]

Death By 1000 Medicaid Cuts

TAKE ACTION. Tell Vice-President Biden: No Bad Deals. No Cuts to Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Budget-cutting can be a bloody business, depending upon where and how deeply one cuts. […]
Terrance Heath

Hutchison and Sessions Attempt to Kill Social Security

Retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-No Shame, TX) today unveiled a plan to steal Social Security from Americans by cutting their benefits and lying to them about it. In […]
Josh Rosenblum

Atlas Slumped

Like all of you I’m sure, I’m deeply concerned about the revelations that emails were exchanged between Anthony Weiner and a porn star and what that all means for the […]

Buy American Jobs

Efforts by those who never want to hear someone say, “Bye-bye American manufacturing,” converged coincidentally to make June Buy American month. First, at the forceful urging of U.S. Sen. Bernie […]
Leo Gerard

Chart o the Day Workers Share of National Income

Workers’ share of U.S, national income is collapsing: David Frum asks: Two questions for the Republican presidential candidates: 1) Is this a problem? 2) If yes, what can be done […]

Tim Pawlentys Dippy Dive into Deep Doo-Doo

One of the three ‘serious’ candidates for the 2012 Republican White House bid says the tax cuts for the rich he’s proposing will expand America’s ‘entrepreneurial’ class. What does history […]

Demand A Full-Employment Agenda

Conservatives are masters at manipulating public expectations for their ends, and they are doing it to particularly disastrous effect when it comes to what we should expect on jobs. The […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Jobs Its Past Time to Get Loud and Surly

"It’s an employer’s world," said Rebecca Penny, a 55-year-old widow who was laid off over a year ago from her job at a Chevrolet plant in Tennessee. "I lost my […]
Robert Borosage


That’s the word I’d use to describe the recent leadership of both Political Parties on American jobs, and especially factory jobs. The only development on Monday more depressing than President […]

CNN Asks The Right Question Republicans Have No Answer

Yesterday, I proposed CNN ask the Republican presidential candidates, “Why didn’t the Bush tax cuts create jobs?” CNN’s debate moderator John King asked that precise question to Tim Pawlenty in […]
Bill Scher

Is Obama Too Focused On Wall Street

Yesterday on MSNBC in a segment titled “Is Obama Too Focused On Wall Street,” Robert Borosage responded to questions about the President’s pursuit of campaign contributions from Wall Street, and […]
Robert Borosage

When Will Obama Sound the Alarm About Jobs

The sudden weakening of the economic recovery is now undermining even the stock market. As usual, however, Wall Street is worried about profits and a possible double-dip recession. But what […]

Economists’ Moral Duty On Jobs

Originally published on the SCEPA Blog The Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke could not avoid admitting this week that the American economic recovery was faltering. GDP growth of less than 2 […]

We Cant Cut Our Way To Prosperity

The following is an oped published in USA Today, rebutting the paper’s editorial stance against additional stimulus. You can read the editorial board’s case here. Twenty-five million people are in […]
Robert Borosage

Florida The Petri Dish For E Coli Conservatism

There are unfortunately many states where we will be able to see the disastrous effects of conservatism run amok over the coming months, but Florida bears particular watching. The Republican-dominated […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Executive Action on Jobs

Conservatives in Congress and their echo chamber have backed President Obama, and the American people, into a dangerous corner.  Private sector job creation is desperately needed for our national recovery […]
Alan Jenkins

Senate Democrats Stand Up For Medicaid

Every once in a while, something extraordinary happens in Washington, D.C.: Lawmakers actually pay attention to what Americans really want, and then stand up for policies that reflect what most […]
Terrance Heath

The Values Of Education Get Lost In The Numbers

Just as climate scientists warn Americans to brace for a long hot summer, anyone paying attention to the nation’s public schools can expect a summer of more of the same, […]
Jeff Bryant

Will the President Pass the Warren Test

It really is very simple. Will the President name the best leader — Elizabeth Warren — to head the Consumer Finanical Protection Bureau? Nominate her. Challenge the Senate Republican threat […]
Robert Borosage
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