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Trump's Big Infrastructure Con

The administration’s infrastructure proposal, released this week, bears no resemblance to Candidate Trump’s campaign pledges. It shamelessly shirks the funding burden, and stops government construction projects that serve the public good. Candidate Trump boasted that...

Promises, Promises, and More Broken Trade Promises

The U.S. Commerce Department announced this week that the 2017 trade deficit rose to the highest level since 2008, a biggest and best figure that no U.S. President would brag about, least of all Donald Trump, who pledged repeatedly and forcefully that he would slash...

GOP Tax Break Sucker Punches Wisconsin Workers

Early Wednesday morning, David Breckheimer, a United Steelworkers local union president at a Neenah, Wis. paper factory, was gathering the last of his gear for a snowmobiling vacation. At 7:45 a.m., less than two hours before he planned to leave, he got a call. It...

America Needs Cops on the Trade Beat

The Trump Administration's abruptly announced tariffs on washing machines and solar cells imported to the United States provoked wailing and the gnashing of teeth worldwide. The same over-the-top beating of breasts can be expected if the administration penalizes steel...

The Fake Largesse of CEO's One-Off Bonuses to Workers

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced this week that the company would repatriate $252 billion, give or take a few billion, then invest in America and create some American jobs – for a change. This is a result of the massive tax cut Congressional Republicans awarded...

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