A Southern California District Resists Bad Education Policy

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos say public schools are a failed idea and we need other options. But a school district in Southern California is showing that given sufficient resources and supports, public schools can get the job done.
Jeff Bryant
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If Hell Had a Budget: The GOP Breaks the Ten Commandments

If hell had a fiscal policy, it would look a lot like the House GOP budget. It's a wish list for millionaires, billionaires, and corporate special interests. It also breaks most of the Ten Commandments, which is more than a little ironic.
Richard Eskow
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It’s (Loan) Shark Week: Families are Biting Back!

The most dangerous predators this year aren’t on TV or at beaches – they're the financial-industry sharks menacing families with their support of the CHOICE Act in Congress.
Jessica Juarez Scruggs
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On the CFPB’s Birthday, Stand Against Sharks

The six-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created after a Wall Street crime wave led to the 2008 financial crisis, is a day to celebrate and a day to fight.
Richard Eskow
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A New NAFTA Must Help, Not Hurt, Workers

Substantial progress must be made for workers in a renegotiated NAFTA. A goal of "do no harm” is grossly inadequate for the administration that promised to cure the injury that international trade inflicted on America's workers.
Leo Gerard
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Trump Is No FDR: Public Electricity Proves it

Trump is no FDR, no matter what he claims. To see why, we need look no further than his efforts to dismantle one of FDR’s greatest achievements: public investment in electric power.
Bryce Oates
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The Lessons of Love Canal

In 1978 in Love Canal, Lois Gibbs forged a new model for activism focused on the human cost of environmental destruction and grassroots power to change it. Forty years later, we’re at another crossroads in the fight for climate justice.
George Goehl, LeeAnn Hall
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Republicans Working Against Workers

Ever since Republicans took power, they've labored to destroy worker protections. They’ve taken money from workers’ pockets and handed it to one-percenters on a silver platter, bought by contributions form the same one percent.
Leo Gerard
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Why Teachers Don’t Trust Betsy DeVos, And Neither Should You

"There is no reason to trust this woman," is what NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia says about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons not to trust her, based on her dark-money past and her current behavior.
Jeff Bryant
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Get Back Your Right To Take Your Bank To Court

The Trump administration wants to keep you from joining others to challenge wrong or unfair charges to your bank and credit-card accounts. Now's the time to stand up, and here's how you can join the fight to defend this right.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Keep the Internet Open and Fair for Small Businesses

Small businesses can’t compete without an open Internet, so activists and businesses, big and small are coming together for a Net Neutrality Day of Action. Why does this matter? Because freedom, and fairness, matter to everyone.
Josh Crandell
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Worried Sick About Prescription Costs

Drug corporations are bleeding Americans dry. Too many families have to choose between buying medications or putting food on the table, and the proposed health care repeal will only make things worse.

Medicare For All Is Coming, No Matter What They Say

Medicare For All, which until recently was rarely mentioned in mainstream political and media circles, has gained so much momentum that it was recently the answer to a question on the quiz show Jeopardy. Is it coming to a town near you?
Richard Eskow
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Health Care Debate Should Also Focus on Jobs in Indian Country

Medicaid is a major job creator for women, supporting at least 3 million direct jobs.The Indian Health Service is the single largest employer in Indian Country. Preserving these jobs should be a priority in the health care debate.
Mark Trahant
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The Big Fix: Will the GOP Turn to Dems to Fix Obamacare?

If GOP leaders carry through on their "threat" to work with Democrats to fix Obamacare, what should Dems demand in return? Lawmakers must show they are committed to extend our right to affordable health care, not reduce it.
Robert Borosage
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 There’s Only One Way to End the War in Afghanistan

The United States continues its longest war – now in its 16th year – without a clue about how to win or how to get out. President Trump shows no sign of changing course, and the troop surge he plans to authorize is not the answer.
Robert Borosage
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American Workers Seek Trade Enforcement, Not Protection

Importers try to characterize U.S. workers as crybabies seeking unfair protections. But all we really want is enforcement of existing trade laws, so there can be both fair competition and national security.
Leo Gerard
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There’s a Big Hole in the Center of the Democratic Party

Consultants Mark Penn and Andrew Stein want to steer the Democratic Party safely away from calls to restore economic justice, end pointless wars, and to protect women and people of color. They're the ones who are way off course.
Richard Eskow
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Why Democrats Should Unite On A Charter School Moratorium

The NEA and NAACP want a moratorium on new charters that aren't subject to democratic governance and aren't supportive of the common good in local communities. Now Democratic leaders to join this call.
Jeff Bryant
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Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Philosophy of Government

In 1776, we actually had a sizable number of rich people who challenged the notion that the rich have a natural right to rule. Now we have a president who considers governing to be like Mar-a-Lago, an exclusive enclave for the rich.

Why We Need to Know What Trump Says Behind Closed Doors

Trump's secretive remarks to wealthy donors are just the tip of the iceberg. We need to shine more daylight – on his relationship with the GOP, and his financial ties around the world. We need more journalism, and more activism, too.
Richard Eskow
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Love Your Country? Save Health Care!

We have one more chance this Independence Day to stop the GOP’s health care repeal before it sickens, bankrupts, and even kills many of us. Remember: grassroots pressure works.
Sarah Chaisson-Warner
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Save Health Care for Nevada’s Small Businesses

GOP Senators like Nevada's Dean Heller can take a stand for small businesses and working people by rejecting any plan that hurts not only communities and the economy, but also worsens the lives of tens of millions of ordinary people.
Peter Frigeri
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Water, Jobs & Justice

Judith LeBlanc, director of the Native Organizers Alliance, talks about "Water, Jobs & Justice" at the People's Summit in Chicago with David Hunt, Lashaya Darisaw, Dennis Houlihan and other speakers.

Campaigning & Governing for Transformational Change

Roger Hickey, co-founder of Campaign for America's Future, talks about "Campaigning & Governing for Transformational Change" at the People's Summit in Chicago. Other speakers include Joe Salazar and Rep. Mark Pocan.
Roger Hickey
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Down-Ballot Revolutionaries

Amanda Weaver, executive director of Reclaim Chicago, speaks about "Down Ballot Revolutionaries" at the People’s Summit in Chicago, Illinois, with Khalid Kamau, Laurel Wales and other progressive organizers.
Amanda Weaver
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We Know What Society’s Sickness Is, and We Are the Cure

While my family is suffering, I am truly optimistic, because it has never been clearer: this is no longer left versus right, it's the bottom versus the top. I'm proud to stand down here with my boys and about 300 million friends.
Daniel Doubet
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Trump Is Vulnerable On Education. Do Democrats Care?

After a string of special election defeats, Democrats are retooling their messages about the economy and healthcare. They should update their message on education, too; there's evidence voters would welcome a change.
Jeff Bryant
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Taking the Resistance to Another Level

Trump is breaking a lot of the rules, and norms of the office of the president. I think that a kind of resistance will have to move to another level: it will come out of local communities and local strategies, then take off like wildfire.
George Goehl, LeeAnn Hall
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A Vicious Cycle of Poison and Poverty

America takes our most vulnerable families - poor or working poor - and houses them next to polluting industries, poisons their children and now wants to take away their access to health care. Let's fight back to end this vicious cycle.
Lois Gibbs
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What Happened to America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It

There's actually trillions that could be used to fix our roads and schools: the wealthy just don't want you to know where it is. It's time to stop the hiding of wealth in offshore accounts and complicated trusts.
Chuck Collins
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