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Since the Democratic National Committee seems to sponsor Democratic presidential debates only once in a blue moon, progressive activists in Iowa have organized their own presidential forum in Des Moines – "Putting Families First" – on Saturday.

If you can make it to Des Moines, register here.

For the rest of us who can't be there in person, the big TV networks won’t carry it, but people all over the country can watch it live on streaming video . The live stream featuring​ the presidential candidates responding to questions ​will start at ​1:​30​ p.m. Central time (2:​30 p.m. Eastern).

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are confirmed to participate. Hillary Clinton is under considerable pressure to show up as well. You are encouraged to use e​mail or use social media to reach ​the Clinton campaign to urge Clinton​ to attend this forum organized by the people of Iowa.

​The grassroots Iowa group organizing the event (at First Christian Church, in Des Moines) is the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

They have organized the forum with goal of getting beyond the canned speeches of the presidential candidates. Instead, “our grassroots leaders will be on stage demanding real solutions from the candidates. Dorian Warren, an MSNBC contributor, will moderate the forum and Rekha Basu from the Des Moines Register will be on stage with our leaders.”

The forum is also co-sponsored by the Center for Community Change.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is the state affiliate of National People’s Action, the national organizing network. In 2015, NPA joined with the Campaign for America’s Future to release "The Populist Platform for the People and the Planet."

So that document will be all over the forum – and it will guide the questions that local activists put to the candidates. NPA’s national director, George Goehl, will speak in the morning session.

We hope you will connect with the “Putting Families First” presidential forum.​

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