A Serious Party Takes Climate Seriously

When Sen. Ted Cruz wanted to talk to the nation about health care, he read "Green Eggs and Ham." When 30 senators seized the Senate floor last night for an all-night talk-a-thon about climate change, they delivered the facts.
Bill Scher
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A Thought for the Web’s Silver Anniversary

Let's learn from our not-so-distant past and share the gold. New technologies don't have to bring us new inequities. The prime example from our past: The advent of television in the decade right after World War II.

The White House Budget: A View From the Left

The Democratic Party, and especially President Obama’s wing of it, must not define the leftmost boundary of political debate. If we are to see a “dream budget,” we need to dream bigger than this.
Richard Eskow
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Wingnut Week in Review: Benghazi on the Brain

This week, the world watched as Ukrainians threw out their Russian-puppet president, and Russian president Vladimir Putin prepared to invade. Conservatives, naturally, have decided that it’s all President Obama’s fault.
Terrance Heath
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February Jobs Report: We’re Going Nowhere Fast

The February jobs report is more of the same: an economy that is not growing fast enough to put Americans back to work or to provide any lift to wages. This isn't due to the weather; it is due to the perversity of politicians.
Robert Borosage
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Paul Ryan Gets It Backwards On Families and Poverty

In his latest attack on the poor, Rep. Paul Ryan repeats the old conservative trope that the “breakdown of the family” is the main cause of poverty. Ryan has it backwards.
Terrance Heath
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The Tea Party Just Turned Five — and It’s Not Going Away

Some date the advent of the tea party to 2007, when Ron Paul held a “tax day tea party” fundraiser to fill his campaign coffers. But the broader movement began five years ago last week — shortly after Barack Obama was sworn into office
Joshua Holland
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We Need An Economy For All

We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the top 1 percent. Income inequality is finally getting some long-overdue attention from our lawmakers, but we need less talk and more action to make our economy work for the 99 percent.

No, Romney and Palin Were Not Right About Russia

Romney's complaint was that Obama wasn't supporting long-range missile defense systems over Russian objections. But Bush did support them, and the same thing happened.
Bill Scher
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An Oscar Shutout For Financial Fraud

Here's a final question before Sunday night's relatively unmemorable Academy Awards gala fades from memory. Why were the only two films to deal with financial scams also the two surprise shut-outs of the night?
Richard Eskow
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Rights Only for the Right People

According to the GOP, some Americans are sub-citizens who don’t deserve rights equal to those enjoyed by, well, the right-wing. Republicans think they’re right, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t deserve rights.
Leo Gerard
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A Tax Turnabout in the Ranks of the Right

A prominent conservative in Congress has released a tax reform package that actually will not leave the rich significantly richer. Should progressives be grateful for small blessings — or suspicious? Or both?

Wingnut Week in Review: The Rise And Fall of Gay Jim Crow

When the week began, Arizona governor Jan Brewer thought she had all the time in the world to decide whether or not to veto Arizona’s “Gay Jim Crow” bill. By the middle of the week, Brewer learned differently. Conservatives lost it.
Terrance Heath
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Has the Left Surrendered? The Overdue Conversation We Need

In a Harper's essay and an interview with Bill Moyers, Adolph Reed Jr. argues the American left has ceased to exist as a viable political force. This has the potential to jumpstart some long-overdue conversations.
Richard Eskow
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Know Who Is “Cashing In On Kids”

In the Public Interest and the American Federation of Teachers offer progressive education activists a new resource for pushing back against efforts to turn public schools into private profit centers.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Tax Reform: Republicans Abandon Their Own Ship

When Republican Rep. Dave Camp released a comprehensive tax reform plan, Republicans ran for the exits. They worry about the details that offend corporate lobbies. We should worry about the assumptions that offend common sense.
Robert Borosage
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The Education Spring’s ‘Year Of Action’ Revs Up

The 'new populism that is defining the economic debate in 2014 is also firing a new movement to reject failed education policy. This movement has developed substantial new organizational capacity and a much more powerful voice.
Jeff Bryant
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A Dirty Word Gets Clean

If 43% of Democrats are now willing to call themselves liberal, it is obviously no longer a shameful label. I don't know why, but 43% of one of the major parties is a big constituency. It's a plurality, and it's growing.
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Want 5.8 Million New U.S. Jobs? Do This.

A report released by the Economic Policy Institute says we could create millions of new jobs and speed up economic growth if we act to end global currency manipulation. Simple as that.
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