What’s Missing From The Jobs Report: A Construction Boom

With the federal government stymied in its ability to help state and local governments launch long-term public infrastructure projects, we're seeing the ripple effects in the employment statistics.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Wingnut Week In Review: Hobby Lobby and “Beyoncé Voters”

Just in time for mid-term election campaigning, the Supreme Court handed conservatives the perfect opportunity to remind Americans that their number 1 obsession is policing women’s sex lives by any means necessary. Wingnuts rejoiced.
Terrance Heath
  • 17

June Jobs Report: Good News, No Fireworks

The Bureau of Labor Services reports an increase in 288,000 jobs in June, a greater than expected number that will cheer investors. But perverse political malpractice continues to get in the way of the recovery we need.
Robert Borosage
  • 19

The Cost Of Leaving Educators Off The Education Agenda

As too few of the expectations of the policy wonks in D.C. seem to catch hold in schools and classrooms, what certainly has ‘trickled down’ is the attitude that the voices of teachers don’t matter much.
Jeff Bryant
  • 17

The Good Jobs Offensive

The Supreme Court's gang of five has piled onto the war on workers and their unions. It's time to strike back. President Obama can lead with a Good Jobs Executive Order.
Robert Borosage
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Asian Steel Industry Eats America’s Lunch

We’re not seeking special deals, subsidies or handouts. We’re asking Congress to implement the trade laws to level the field of competition. If the same rules apply to everyone, U.S. industry can compete and win.
Leo Gerard
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Not A Good Day To Be A Woman Or A Public Employee

The latest rulings from the Roberts Court make one thing abundantly clear. It's a good time to be an abstract legal concept called a corporation. A woman, not so much. Neither is it a good time to be a public employee.
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Wingnut Week In Review: Mississippi, Goddam!

Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran defeated primary challenger Chris McDaniel with the help of black Democrats, and the tea party exploded with rage. Now, to quote Nina Simone, “Everybody Knows About Mississippi, Goddam!”
Terrance Heath
  • 19

Some Democratic Words for July 4

From Paine's Common Sense and Jefferson's Declaration to FDR's Four Freedoms and MLK's I Have a Dream, progressive words have inspired us to make America more free, equal and democratic. Here's a host of them to recite on July 4.
Harvey J Kaye
  • 239

The GDP Fiasco: It’s Been One Snafu After Another

This was the worst quarter for the GDP since the peak of the Great Recession. The American people might be forgiven for doubting the experts and leaders who should be counted on to make responsible decisions.
Richard Eskow
  • 22

Will Anyone Stop Charter School Corruption?

Recent reports from several states reveal a cavalcade of charter school corruption. Yet lawmakers around the country are proposing and enacting new policies to feed more children into the charter chain pipeline.
Jeff Bryant
  • 27

Hillary’s Hard Choice

Despite the recent gaffes, Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite for president. But to avoid a failed presidency, she'll have to choose to break from the policies of her former boss and her husband.
Robert Borosage
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‘Making America Work’ Means Confronting Race

At a panel on "The Next America," Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) perfectly demonstrated the primary barrier to bettering the economic situation of most racial and ethnic minorities in America.
Emily DiVito
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Panel Addresses Jobs And America’s Poverty Crisis

The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institute began a two-day summit June 19 entitled "Addressing America’s Poverty Crisis." One panel focused on minimum wage policies and work-sharing.
Kitty Lan
  • 18

Republicans Should Fear An Obama Executive Order On Immigration

On immigration reform, President Barack Obama retains the upper hand. House Republicans have five weeks to accept reality and pass legislation, or ignore it and give Obama another chance to lead, like with climate and minimum wage.
Bill Scher
  • 34
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