Give Up, GOP: Climate Change Is The New Gay Marriage

They got burned on gay marriage. Now Republicans risk getting burned on climate. Just as there were signs in 2004 that Republicans were on the wrong side of history, so are there today.
Bill Scher
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The Choice of the Century

Democrats have a choice. They can refill their campaign coffers for 2016, or they can come out swinging. It’s the choice of the century. Democrats have less than two years to make it.

More Than The Minimum

The Campaign for America's Future joined Good Jobs Nation and the co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to urge President Obama to issue executive orders that would boost wages and strengthen worker rights.
Robert Borosage
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One House Republican Tried To Pull a “Willie Horton.” He Lost.

As Nebraska's second congressional district is 82% white and only 10% black, Rep. Lee Terry may have thought the "Nikko" ad would rally the white majority to his side. Instead, Terry sparked a backlash that contributed to his demise.
Bill Scher
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Demand Representation from the Reds

Republicans could wrongly perceive their big victory as a mandate. But exit polls show something different: Voters don’t like GOPers any better than Democrats. What they mainly think is that the economy stinks. And they want DC to fix it.
Leo Gerard
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The New Bipartisanship: The Big Sting

All the talk is about "governing" and "getting stuff done." But when the two parties begin to agree, Americans should hold onto their wallets. This is the way the rules get rigged to favor the few.
Robert Borosage
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The Peasants Still Have Their Pitchforks

Americans want what 21st century politics has so far not delivered: real options for challenging concentrated wealth. That's one conclusion from new polling that gave Americans a choice of seven tax policy options.

It’s Time To Work On America’s Agenda

For all the talk of change in Washington, families are getting squeezed by an economy that isn’t working for them. The solution requires recognizing the kind of changes needed if families are going to get a shot at building a secure future.

Center Finds Voter ID Laws Helped Make For An Unfair Election

Outright violations of voters’ rights, or incidents that hindered voters’ ability to get out or actually vote, were prevalent throughout the 2014 midterm elections, according to the director of an election command center.
Kitty Lan
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Our Government is Broken: Ballot Initiatives Prove It

Ballot initiatives are useful to make a point, but they're no way to govern. Ballot initiatives can't allocate school funding, negotiate trade pacts or calibrate criminal sanctions. We need our government to do that.
Eric Lotke
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The Ads That Worked For Democrats

Two Democrats in competitive Senate races bucked the Republican tide. What did they do that the other campaigns didn’t? And how should that inform progressive strategy going forward?
Bill Scher
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The Coalition For An Education Agenda Isn’t There, Yet

Results from the midterm elections revealed an education agenda has yet to become part of a populist coalition. Advocates for public schools won’t win until they join that coalition and pressure Democrats adopt more populist causes
Jeff Bryant
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The Major Moral Victory In North Carolina

The diverse coalition that makes up the Forward Together Moral Monday movement came out in record numbers on Tuesday to express one sentiment in particular : We will never go back and we'll never sound retreat.
Rev. William Barber
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Debacle: Get Ready for the Real Fight

The election debacle puts Americans at risk. With a Republican Congress rewarded for its obstruction, anything that gets done in Congress is likely to serve the few and screw the many. Get ready for the fight to come.
Robert Borosage
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Midterm Ad Watch Recap: How The Republicans Really Ran

Republicans may have control of the Senate in their grasp, largely thanks to a skewed 2014 electoral map. But Republican ads showed they couldn't get there by running as conservative ideologues.
Bill Scher
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Vote for Yourself Today

It’s time for politicians to focus on the needs of the 99 percent. For that to happen, the 99 percent must vote for themselves on Tuesday – for their self-interest, their wages, their health insurance, their Social Security.
Leo Gerard
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Full Employment: The Recovery’s Missing Ingredient

Economists come up with complexities when a shave with Occam’s razor is all that’s needed. The bargaining power of most American workers is at a historical low point. The best way to restore it is to get the economy back to full employment.
Dean Baker
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Clear Lessons from Tuesday’s Election Muddle

Key elections are going down to the wire. Activists are mobilizing; dark money is flooding in. But some lessons seem clear. We're witnessing not a conservative revival, but the beginnings of a populist upheaval.
Robert Borosage
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