What You Need To Know About John Kasich

Ohio governor John Kasich, the 16th candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, is neither the moderate Republican nor the “compassionate conservative” he pretends to be, but he still won’t get the nomination.
Terrance Heath
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Who Said This About Conservative Warmongers? Obama, or Reagan?

Who said this? "I think that some of the people who are objecting the most and just refusing even to accede to the idea of ever getting any understanding ... down in their deepest thoughts, have accepted that war is inevitable."
Bill Scher
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Cheaters Never Win … Unless the SEC Lets Them

Dodd-Frank was an attempt to make sure executives could not profit from cooking the books, but unless the SEC cracks down on accounting fraud, executives still have every incentive to fire up their burners.
Cormac Close
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Bank Reform Five Years Later: Still Incomplete

Today is the fifth anniversary of the passage of Dodd-Frank, the complicated legislation designed to reform Wall Street after it blew up the economy. With finance still bloated, much more needs to be done.
Robert Borosage
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Workers In The Sharing Economy Need Shared Security

Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has proposed a way for workers in the "gig economy" to have such benefits as a living wage, health insurance, paid vacations and sick leave, and retirement savings.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Wingnut Week In Review: The Sting

This week, wingnuts attacked Planned Parenthood, with deceptively edited video that would make James O’Keefe proud, got "trumped" again by Donald Trump, and freaked out over the Iran anti-nuke deal.
Terrance Heath
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Lighting a Legal Fuse

Climate action is finally gaining ground in Washington. No, not that Washington. Following their victory in a Seattle court, eight children are pressing Washington State’s Department of Ecology to crack down on carbon pollution.

The GOP Sugar Daddies of 2016

When Republicans finally choose their nominee for president, he or she will be already bought and paid, for by one or more of the GOP sugar daddies of the 2016 election.
Terrance Heath
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Smashing the Austerity Idols

What European leaders don’t understand — nor do Republicans — is that in hard times, you can’t cut your way to prosperity. But when times are hard you need government to provide economic stimulus to grow your way to prosperity.
Donald Kaul
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These Loans ‘Should Most Definitely Be Illegal’

The story of one borrower from a payday lender shows why it's important, at least as a first step, for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to implement tougher regulations to protect consumers.
Cormac Close
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Solar Power To The People: Getting Everyone In On Green Energy

Last week’s announcement of a set of White House actions to expand renewable energy access to low- and middle-income households continues a streak of executive actions by President Obama that tackle climate change.
Joshua Ferrer
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Jeb! Cracks the Whip

As a result of Bush’s “work harder” scolding, Americans know what that symbol is at the end of the name Jeb! on all his presidential campaign literature. It’s a whip handle and blood splotch. As President, he’d crack Americans into shape.
Leo Gerard
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Hillary Clinton’s Economic Story: Stuff Happens

Hillary Clinton presented what aides described as a framing speech for her economic policy on Monday. Her speech reflected both the scope and the limits of the populist advance in the Democratic debate.
Robert Borosage
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Reaction to Greece Austerity Deal: “#ThisIsACoup”

The deal that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has reached with European Union leaders seems less a bailout of Greece's economy and more of a prelude to an overthrow of the leftist Syrzia majority running the country.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Seven Things You Should Know About Scott Walker

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has scored the biggest sugar daddies in the GOP presidential primary, but it may not be enough to get him the Republican presidential nomination, or the White House.
Terrance Heath
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Scott Walker Begins His 2016 Run for the White House

Scott Walker will announce for president today. After standing for 25 primary and general elections in 25 years, Walker has now set his eyes on the White House. Here is what you need to know about Walker’s record.
Mary Bottari
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Wingnut Week In Review: Lowering The Flag

The Confederate battle flag at South Carolina’s capitol was finally lowered today, after flying for more than half a century. Many American’s cheered as the symbol of hatred and bigotry finally came down. Wingnuts, not so much.
Terrance Heath
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Now That The Confederate Flag Is Down, We Must Banish Its Legacy

As of this morning, the Confederate battle flag no longer flies at South Carolina’s capitol. The work to remove this symbol of hatred from the capitol is finished. Now begins the work of exorcising the legacy of the past it represents.
Terrance Heath
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Careful How You Attack Jeb

Jeb's not wrong to focus on the problem of underemployment, and it does Democrats no good to mock him when he does. Where Jeb is vulnerable is that he offers no serious solution to the problem.
Bill Scher
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