Hope Is in the Cities and States

Over the next two years, Washington will be a horror show. But that doesn’t mean we can’t win progressive victories in 2015. We can dramatically change policy by focusing on cities and states.

Economic Policy Myths of 2014: Dead and Enduring

With the holiday season upon us, the time for end of year lists is fast-approaching. To beat the rush, today I give my list of the top dead and enduring myths of 2014.
Dean Baker
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Bad Trade

Bad trade has battered the American dream. And more damage is threatened by pending trade deals and a so-called fast track process to approve them without in-depth deliberation.
Leo Gerard
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The Bipartisan Cromnibus Saga: A Final Assessment

With the passage of the spending bill, the keepers of convention – like The Washington Post editorial page – want applause for bipartisan achievement. But if that "spirit might flourish," most Americans will pay the price.
Robert Borosage
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Wingnut Week In Review: Through The Looking Glass

If this week is a preview of what we’re in for with the next Congress, get ready to step through the looking glass and into a world where executive actions are impeachable offenses, and Duck Dynasty is Broadway bound.
Terrance Heath
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The Ominous ‘Cromnibus,’ A Budget Bill That Should Have Died

With all of the bad stuff that is in the 2015 budget that the House struggled to pass late Thursday, there is also a major story to be told about what's not in the bill. In an ideal world, it would have been voted down.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Who’s Really Failing Students?

New standardized tests hitting most of the nation this school year have been engineered to increase failure rates. But what too few are asking is who really is the failure here.
Jeff Bryant
  • 20

The Budget Bill: They Can’t Help It; This Is Who They Are

This $1 trillion dollar spending bill contains the first signs of the resurgent Republicans. Their signature touches of governing for the rich and the powerful are the first slush of the Republican winter to come.
Robert Borosage
  • 24

Call Congress To Oppose Backroom Wall Street Deal

We're calling for an all-out push today to stop a backroom deal that would reopen the Wall Street derivatives casino that caused so much damage in 2008, with taxpayers stuck with the bill for cleaning up the mess.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The Senate Torture Report: What You Need To Know

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a summary of its report on the CIA's detention and interrogation program. Here's what you need to know.
Joshua Holland
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Wall Street Moves In For The Kill

Wall Street isn't just trying to get another friend into a powerful position and win back taxpayer guarantees. It wants to make its own agenda seem inevitable. It wants to crush an incipient populist resistance.
Richard Eskow
  • 155

Urgent: Tell Congress To Not Reopen The Wall Street Casino

The Wall Street caucus in Congress is trying to slip a major attack on hard-won financial reforms into a spending bill designed to keep the government running. We're asking people to sign an emergency petition.
Isaiah J. Poole
  • 28

Time For a Democratic Tea Party?

Can the populist wing of the party expand its influence over the business-friendly wing, and will congressional Democrats will use their leverage to scuttle any White House-blessed bipartisan deals in 2015?
Bill Scher
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Moocher CEOs

CEOs somehow are not derided as moochers, even though their million-dollar pay packages are propped up by tax breaks. It is CEOs, not the working poor, who deserve public scorn for their dependence on government handouts.
Leo Gerard
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The “Ferguson Story” Is America’s Story

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly assured us that the “Ferguson story” would be over in a week. That was before a grand jury declined to indict an NYPD officer for killing Eric Garner, and a Cleveland, OH cop killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice.
Terrance Heath
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Wall Street’s Democrats

America can’t tackle widening inequality without confronting the power and privilege lying behind it. If the Democratic party doesn’t lead the charge, who will?

We Don’t Need More Public Service From Wall Street Bankers

We have a very serious problem of financial regulators who serve Wall Street and not the general public. Our financial regulators have done a terrible job for everyone except the people they are supposed to be regulating.
Dean Baker
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Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders put out a 12 point Economic Agenda for America. His reforms break the bonds of the limited debate in Washington, but they already have remarkably strong support in the country.
Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet
Robert Borosage
  • 232

Wingnut Week In Review: How Low Can They Go?

Already reeling from the Ferguson grand jury ruling, America was stunned to learn there would be no indictment in the death of Eric Garner. Right-wingers wasted no time proving how low they’re willing to go.
Terrance Heath
  • 24

November Jobs Report: Good News Coming

The Department of Labor's November jobs report exceeded expectations, amid signs that working people may finally be seeing the first signs of the recovery that officially is in its fifth year.
November Jobs Report:  Good News Coming
Robert Borosage
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Low Wage Workers: “We Can’t Breathe”

Even as protests over the Eric Garner grand jury swept the country, low wage workers walked off their jobs in over 180 cities, protesting jobs that leave them with no way to breathe. Senator Sanders stood with them. Will others join?
Robert Borosage
  • 88
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