Republicans Should Fear An Obama Executive Order On Immigration

On immigration reform, President Barack Obama retains the upper hand. House Republicans have five weeks to accept reality and pass legislation, or ignore it and give Obama another chance to lead, like with climate and minimum wage.
Bill Scher
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GOP…The Pro-Death Party

We’ve known for a while now that suicide rates tend to increase under conservatives governments, when money is going to corporations and the wealthy, at the expense of everyone else. Look at the suicide rate in America from 1999 to 2010.

FIve Steps To A Family-Friendly Economy

As the White House holds a Summit on Working Families today, here are five policies with broad popular support that could make a family-friendly economy a reality.
Terrance Heath
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What Is Currency Manipulation?

Inside of every country and every system there are competing interests. Investors want their own currency to be strong at any given time and manufacturers want their own currency to be weak at any given time.

Wingnut Week In Review: Scott Walker’s “Criminal Scheme”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is back in the news, following prosecutors' allegations that Walker was at the center of a "criminal scheme" to bypass state election laws, by illegally coordinated spending between conservative groups and his campaign in 2012. Is the former GOP star in freefall?
Terrance Heath
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Time to Stand Up and Fight for a More Perfect Union

The irony of American politics is that the right is far weaker than it appears and the left far stronger than it asserts. That strength is too often subsumed under more centrist, far-better-funded Democratic candidates and operations.
Robert Borosage
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Conservatives Feign Concern For Working Families

The White House will hold a Summit on Working Families on Monday, and Republicans are trying to get in on the action with a fake agenda meant to distract us from their lack of real solutions.
Terrance Heath
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Want Transportation Funding? Close This Egregious Tax Loophole

A leading House Democrat says that making it harder for corporations to use overseas affiliates to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes would help shore up a fund for transportation projects that's about to run dry.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Dirty Secret In The Education Wars: Money Matters

The dirty, little secret is that spending more money on schools is what most people really want – and for good reason. Yet what we’ve been seeing is a 'reform' agenda that emphasizes anything but.
Jeff Bryant
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How to Build a Powerful People’s Movement

How do we build a people’s movement? We start with vision. Prophetic moral vision seeks to penetrate despair, so that we can believe in and embrace new futures. It does not ask if the vision can be implemented
Rev. William Barber
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The Case For Making Federal Contract Jobs Good Jobs

President Obama could sign an executive order today that would help halt wage theft and place over 20 million Americans on a pathway to the middle class, according to a report by the think tank Demos.
Derek Pugh
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How Inequality Shapes the American Family

A growing body of evidence suggests that inequality is changing not only American family structures, but the roles men and women play and the calculations they make in pairing and establishing households.
Lynne Stuart Parramore
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Private Wealth, Public Squalor: America’s Dilemma

America is plagued by too much public squalor and too much private wealth. Partisan obstruction blocks even modest reform. Americans will continue to struggle until they force a new politics.
Robert Borosage
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Wingnut Week In Review: So Long, Eric Cantor

As House Minority Leader Eric Cantor exits stage right, it seems appropriate to recall some of his most memorable wingnut moments, and consider what we may be in for as David Bratt waits in the wings.
Terrance Heath
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Recipe for Ripoffs

The United States has inked free-trade deals with 20 countries over the past three decades. It’s now clear that this zeal benefits corporations while hurting the rest of us.

Six Things You Need To Know About the Science of Global Warming

There is nothing controversial about the work of climatologist Michael Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center. Here are six things he’d like you to understand about the scientific consensus on global warming.
Joshua Holland
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What Happens When The Tea Party Goes To Washington

It’s time to say enough is enough, and stop letting Tea Partying libertarians drive the agenda in Washington. We need to restore the economic policies of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s that allowed all Americans to have an equal shot at success.

The Hidden Story Behind Student Loan Debt

President Obama's executive order on student loan payment caps brought student debt to the news this week. Here are some of the budget trade-offs we could make to help Millenials attain higher education without burgeoning student loan debt.

Standards Scolds Are Getting Us Nowhere

Support for the Common Core is eroding away, and you have to wonder what the Obama administration and a significant wing of the education establishment are going to be left with.
Jeff Bryant
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