Center Finds Voter ID Laws Helped Make For An Unfair Election

Outright violations of voters’ rights, or incidents that hindered voters’ ability to get out or actually vote, were prevalent throughout the 2014 midterm elections, according to the director of an election command center.
Kitty Lan
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Our Government is Broken: Ballot Initiatives Prove It

Ballot initiatives are useful to make a point, but they're no way to govern. Ballot initiatives can't allocate school funding, negotiate trade pacts or calibrate criminal sanctions. We need our government to do that.
Eric Lotke
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The Ads That Worked For Democrats

Two Democrats in competitive Senate races bucked the Republican tide. What did they do that the other campaigns didn’t? And how should that inform progressive strategy going forward?
Bill Scher
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The Coalition For An Education Agenda Isn’t There, Yet

Results from the midterm elections revealed an education agenda has yet to become part of a populist coalition. Advocates for public schools won’t win until they join that coalition and pressure Democrats adopt more populist causes
Jeff Bryant
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The Major Moral Victory In North Carolina

The diverse coalition that makes up the Forward Together Moral Monday movement came out in record numbers on Tuesday to express one sentiment in particular : We will never go back and we'll never sound retreat.
Rev. William Barber
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Debacle: Get Ready for the Real Fight

The election debacle puts Americans at risk. With a Republican Congress rewarded for its obstruction, anything that gets done in Congress is likely to serve the few and screw the many. Get ready for the fight to come.
Robert Borosage
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Midterm Ad Watch Recap: How The Republicans Really Ran

Republicans may have control of the Senate in their grasp, largely thanks to a skewed 2014 electoral map. But Republican ads showed they couldn't get there by running as conservative ideologues.
Bill Scher
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Vote for Yourself Today

It’s time for politicians to focus on the needs of the 99 percent. For that to happen, the 99 percent must vote for themselves on Tuesday – for their self-interest, their wages, their health insurance, their Social Security.
Leo Gerard
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Full Employment: The Recovery’s Missing Ingredient

Economists come up with complexities when a shave with Occam’s razor is all that’s needed. The bargaining power of most American workers is at a historical low point. The best way to restore it is to get the economy back to full employment.
Dean Baker
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Clear Lessons from Tuesday’s Election Muddle

Key elections are going down to the wire. Activists are mobilizing; dark money is flooding in. But some lessons seem clear. We're witnessing not a conservative revival, but the beginnings of a populist upheaval.
Robert Borosage
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Democrats Run Away from Success of ‘Obamacare’

Stealing a page from the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl playbook from last year, the Democrats have spent the fall campaign hiding from the most successful federal government program since Medicare.
Dean Baker
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Wingnut Week In Review: The Nuttiest Candidates of 2014

Every election year, the GOP comes up with a new crop of wingnut candidates for office. This one is no exception. Will any of this election's nuttiest wingnuts become the next Todd Akin or Christine O’Donnell?
Terrance Heath
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Big Money Taking Over Education Politics

Big money is now altering the electoral process in school board elections and state level contests for school administration. The results are apt to be the same we’ve seen in more popular elections – a distortion of democracy
Jeff Bryant
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How Racist Policies Made Ferguson a Pocket of Concentrated Despair

An elaborate mythology blames a “culture of poverty” for pockets of concentrated despair, like Ferguson. Another view holds that whites simply fled such areas. But a new study blames a century of intentionally discriminatory policies.
Joshua Holland
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New Insight Into A Democratic Populist Path To Victory

Stan Greenberg still sees a way for Democrats to have a good outcome Tuesday – and it's through the party's base in the "rising American electorate." But to get there, Dems will have to pivot to a more populist message.
Isaiah J. Poole
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7 Signs That the American Dream is Dying

The key elements of the American dream—a living wage, retirement security, the opportunity for one’s children to get ahead in life—are increasingly unreachable for all but the wealthiest among us.
Richard Eskow
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Empathy Deficit Disorder

Almost two-thirds of working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. And they’re worried sick about whether their kids will ever make it. At the very least, they need leaders who empathize with what they’re going through.
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