Time to Stand Up and Fight for a More Perfect Union

The irony of American politics is that the right is far weaker than it appears and the left far stronger than it asserts. That strength is too often subsumed under more centrist, far-better-funded Democratic candidates and operations.
Robert Borosage
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How to Build a Powerful People’s Movement

How do we build a people’s movement? We start with vision. Prophetic moral vision seeks to penetrate despair, so that we can believe in and embrace new futures. It does not ask if the vision can be implemented
Rev. William Barber
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What Frightens The Right Should Empower Progressives

The "Young Gun" authors of the new conservative manifesto "Room to Grow" never mention the progressive labors and popular struggles that created the first-ever middle-class nation. But the Populist Majority must.
Harvey J Kaye
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We Are In a Crisis — a Moral Crisis

Like justice, caring for the vulnerable, embracing the stranger, healing the sick, protecting workers, fairness to all members of the human family, and educating children should never be relegated to the margins of our social consciousness.
Rev. William Barber
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Why Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Run for President

Sen. Bernie Sanders may actually run for president. Assuming he rejects the Naderish option of running as an independent, a Sanders run could be excellent news for Democrats — in the next presidential race and beyond.
Why Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Run for President
Michael Kazin
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Elizabeth Warren: Standing Between You and Total Bank Domination

There’s really a storybook quality to Elizabeth Warren. How did this cookie-baking housewife from Oklahoma end up staring down the most powerful financial powers on Planet Earth, causing them to tremble in their wingtip shoes?
Lynne Stuart Parramore
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I Remember The Day FDR Died

It was never apparent that FDR’s New Deal materially made a difference in my father’s life, but this I know, and I know it for certain: he believed President Roosevelt was on his side, fighting for common people like him.
Bill Moyers
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Directly Destroying Democracy

The rich can buy more of everything. More food. More cars. More houses. More vacations. More boats. But for a democracy to function properly, they should be forbidden from buying more votes.
Leo Gerard
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Billionaires…First They Came For The Economy

First the oligarchs came for our economy, and we said nothing. Now, they’ve come for science. Thanks to Republican-backed austerity measures, our nation’s scientific infrastructure has been hit with devastating budget cuts.

The New Populist Movement: Organizing to Take Back America

A new progressive populist movement is rising up in the United States. Inspired by an expansive vision of greater economic opportunity for all Americans, this new movement is also fueled by anger over politicians’ broken promises.
Roger Hickey
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Enough Recrimination. Let’s Build a Populist Movement.

What are we really arguing about? People seem to have brought years of smoldering resentment to this conversation. Enough. We need to talk about transformation – and about electoral politics.
Richard Eskow
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Has the Left Surrendered? The Overdue Conversation We Need

In a Harper's essay and an interview with Bill Moyers, Adolph Reed Jr. argues the American left has ceased to exist as a viable political force. This has the potential to jumpstart some long-overdue conversations.
Richard Eskow
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A Death Cult Run By Billionaires

Right wing ideologues are no long just preaching their beliefs and trying to persuade people to go along. They know they cannot allow facts and knowledge to be shared with the public or the results of their handiwork will be obvious to all.
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GOP Denies Workers’ Right to Unionize

Organized labor stands for everything the GOP hates: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and the 40-hour work week. So the GOP denounces workers exercising concerted action, at the workplace and in Washington, D.C
GOP Denies Workers’ Right to Unionize
Leo Gerard
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A March In North Carolina For The Soul Of America

There is a growing populist resistance to the conservative extremist agenda, and Saturday's Moral March on Raleigh was designed to launch the next phase of a nationwide push-back against tea-party Republicans.
Isaiah J. Poole
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CBO Report: Obamacare Will Make Us More Free

A dominant conservative narrative is that government saps our freedom. But good government can increase our personal choices and make us more free – freer to pursue our own individual paths.
Joshua Holland
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Populism: The Democrats’ Great Divide

Democrats are remarkably unified behind the jobs and inequality agenda the president ticked off in his State of the Union address. But beneath this surface calm, there is a growing divide within the Democratic Party.
Robert Borosage
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The State of the Union: Give America A Raise

The president's State of the Union address drew clear lines against Republican obstruction. But the president also suggested that the economic crisis was behind us. He'll have a hard time selling that.
The State of the Union:  Give America A Raise
Robert Borosage
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So Long, Pete, It’s Been Good to Know You

Pete Seeger knew that what comes first is the poetic reality, the musical reality, the realities of the heart. The heart must be inspired by the beauty of the dream. And the beauty of the dream is the cadence of the song.
Richard Eskow
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