Urgent Fast Track Trade Deal Alert

Fast Track should be as much of an electoral test for progressives as Social Security is. Progressives have to make this a line that cannot be crossed. This is about democracy vs big-corporate dominance of our economy and society.

Unemployment and the GOP’s “War on Christmas”

If there’s a “war on Christmas,” it’s being waged by congressional Republicans who are willing to let emergency unemployment benefits expire at the end of the year, just as they did for emergency food stamp spending.
Terrance Heath
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Want to Cut Food Stamp Spending? Raise the Minimum Wage

The right way to cut spending on government assistance is to decrease the need for that assistance, not cut assistance for those in need. Raising the minimum wage boosts the economy and cuts government spending on food stamps and other programs.

Food Stamps Cut Just In Time For Thanksgiving

This is that time of year when newspapers bother to write about how there are hungry people in America. But this year is special. As the recession drags on for the non-1%, cuts in Food Stamps have completely swamped the capacity of food banks.

A Little Light in the Dark Corridors of Power

Four and a half years after the "recovery" began, economic pain remains widespread. Yet the Washington/Wall Street tell Americans, "Have patience." Now, Larry Summers suggests a core economic assumption of the American elite might be dead wrong.
Jeff Faux
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Huge, Huge Victory For Political Sanity Today

Kids, don't say Harry Reid never did anything for you. He and the Senate Democrats just ended the use of the filibuster for executive branch appointments and lower court judges. Right-wing dominance of our judicial system will be diluted.
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A Peek Behind The TPP Curtain.

Americans got a peak behind the curtain of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and what we found is frightening. Wikileaks published a draft of the “intellectual property rights” chapter, and it poses a serious risk to free speech and information access.

Why Do We The People Have To Read TPP On Wikileaks?

If this agreement becomes law it will fundamentally alter the relationship between our government, other governments and giant multinational corporations. But the only reason we get to even read it at all is because it was leaked to Wikileaks.

Now Is Not The Time For Trade Deals

Considering the recent performance of the U.S. economy, and the ongoing, relentless pursuit of austerity it's, an especially bad time to be making any "trade deals." So let's just table that little project for the time being, shall we?
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The Senate Passes ENDA. What’s Next?

The Employment Nondiscrimination Act passed in the Senate on Thursday, in a historic 64-32 vote. America has never been closer to protecting LGBT workers from discrimination on the job. Here’s what needs to happen next.
Terrance Heath
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ENDA And America’s Journey Towards Justice For All

This week the Senate will very likely a pass a bill prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination in the workplace. The President and a majority of the American people support it. Only the GOP stands in the way of an important step towards justice for all.
Terrance Heath
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To Gov. Christie, From The Teacher He Screamed At

I took the opportunity to come hear you speak on your campaign trail. I asked you one simple question yesterday. I wanted to know why you portray New Jersey public schools as failure factories. Apparently that question struck a nerve.
Melissa Tomlinson
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Starving Them Out: Food Stamps and The GOP’s War On The Poor

The GOP’s hostility towards the poor and unfortunate has become an all-out “war on the poor.” The consequences of the painful cuts to food stamps taking effect today offer a glimpse of the casualties and collateral damage to come.
Terrance Heath
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47 Million Americans Are Going Over the “Hunger Cliff”

Millions of Americans will go over the “Hunger Cliff” when $5 billion in cuts to food stamps go into effect Friday. While Congress negotiates even bigger cuts, more Americans will have to negotiate where their next meal will come from.
Terrance Heath
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The Stupid Runs Strong When It Comes To Obamacare Hysteria

That they voted 46 times to repeal it, and shutdown the government to delay it should make the Republicans reluctant to pretend they are worried about how the Obamacare website is working. But shameless is their name and hypocrisy is their game.
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Stop The TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership could have a dramatic impact on the American people, yet we're being kept in the dark about what it contains. Thankfully, some groups are standing up for our right to know the details of this trade deal.

The GOP: Still “Letting Them Die”

Republicans are still targeting the Affordable Care Act, but their answer to the problems health care reform is already solving for millions of Americans hasn't changed much from that infamous audience response at the September 2011 GOP presidential debate.
Terrance Heath
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Today’s Villager Wisdom

Ruth Marcus fills us in on what constitutes "reasonable" now that the Republicans have proven themselves asses with their government shutdown. And, you guessed it, it's time for Democrats to compromise and agree to cut "entitlements."
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It’s All Over, Until Next Time

Remember in 2009, when Jim DeMint said health care reform would be President Obama's Waterloo? Four years later, defunding health care reform became the GOP's Alamo. But Republicans aren't done damaging their party, or the rest of the country, yet.
Terrance Heath
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The Moustache Of (Mis)Understanding Strikes Again

This Thomas Friedman column is so bad,you have to read the whole thing to experience the full horror of it. It reads like something the messaging shop at Fix the Debt put together to sound like Thomas Friedman.
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Fast Food With A Side Of Poverty, And What It Costs Us

Low-wage jobs in the fast-food sector are costing American taxpayers nearly $7 billion every year. More than half of fast-food workers must rely on programs like food stamps and Medicaid to make ends meet.
Derek Pugh
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End Game: John Boehner Doesn’t Even Have to Cave

Seven days into a government shutdown, and 9 days away from a potentially catastrophic breach of the nation’s debt limit, and the question everyone is asking is: who will blink first?
Joshua Holland
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A Revolutionary Change Of Revolutionaries

Whatever happens with the current shutdown and various hostage negotiations, the fundamental definition of the Republicans as the de facto competent party --- the proverbial grown-ups --- has probably finally been shattered.
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Testing GOP Resolve

Sorting out the allegedly "moderate" GOP Senators is a good place to start the week. The dynamic may very well be different from the House, where certain Republicans hate the shutdown, but aren't rushing to end it. Let's test this in the senate too.
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