Why is the Costly, Confusing Part D Prescription Drug Program Dropping Millions of Seniors into the Donut Hole?

Millions of seniors on Medicare Part D are falling into the gap known as the donut hole, in which they get no prescription drug coverage coverage at all even while still paying monthly premiums. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is launching a $10 million dollar ad campaign to tout the Bush administration program and the vulnerable members of Congress who support it. This dichotomy of special interests touting government programs that benefit their bottom line while the American people suffer the consequences is commonplace under the current Congress and administration.

This report details how under the reign of conservatism, pharmaceutical companies are making record
profits from Part D and Republicans are receiving valuable campaign contributions, while millions of American seniors are stuck with nearly a $3,000 donut hole gap in coverage in a prescription drug program that is needlessly costly and confusing.