How to Talk About the Economy

Almost everyone agrees that our economy is in big trouble. The challenge for progressive political candidates is shaping a message that will rally voters around a solid agenda for change — policies that will empower workers, curb financial speculation, hold corporate executives accountable and enable all Americans to prosper in a global economy.

This page offers ammunition for the fight. It links to the latest information and most persuasive arguments that will help candidates and their supporters make that case for change.

This guide to the economy, produced by the Campaign for America’s Future and the AFL-CIO, features information on what has gone wrong in the economy, what Americans think about it and how to talk about it. There are briefs on the central issues, economic facts, and key votes by state and resources political campaigns can draw upon.

Because the state of our economy is in constant flux, we will be regularly updating and augmenting the content here. Check back regularly to find rapid responses to changing events and new, creative ways to make the case.

The AFL-CIO will also carry the guide and continue to provide timely resources at

Presentations to Help You Make the Case

Use these slide shows with the chapters at the right to sharpen your economic arguments.

Winning Everywhere: The Power of Pocketbook Issues

The Power of Pocketbook Issues

This six-minute video includes examples of congressional campaigns that succeeded by using the right economic messages.

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