2006 Post-Election Poll Results: Americans Issue a Populist, Anti-War Mandate

The Campaign for America’s Future 2006 post-election poll-conducted in partnership with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research-revealed the following: Beyond looking for a change in course in Iraq, voters are seeking legislators who will put government on their side, challenge entrenched corporate lobbies and policies, and put forth an economics that works for working people-from fair trade policies, to investment in education, to action on affordable health care.

The 2006 election marks the end of a conservative era, and the end of Bush’s one-party misrule in Washington. Now the struggle begins for how best to deliver what the voters have asked for.

Poll Briefing Video


POLL RESULTS: America’s New Direction – Democracy Corps and Campaign for America’s Future Post-Election Poll

Stan Greenberg
Robert L. Borosage

Poll Presentation
PDF, 76 slides

Poll Remarks & Analysis by Robert L. Borosage

Poll Analysis by Stan Greenberg

Poll Instruments/Results
PDF, 23 pages

OPINION: A Populist Anti-War Mandate
Robert L. Borosage, 11/8/2006

Media Releases and News Coverage

MEDIA RELEASE: Poll: Democrats Have a Clear Mandate

Silla Brush, “We Won! Now What the Heck Do We Do?”
U.S. News & World Report, 11/12/2006

Susan Jones, “‘McCain Republican’ Enters the Lexicon”
Crosswalk.com, 11/15/2006

Anne Thompson, “New Report Shows Progressive Populism Driving Force in Midterm Elections”
OpEd News, 11/14/2006

Edward Luce and Alim Remtulla, “Economic populism pays for Democrats”
The Financial Times (London, England), 11/11/2006

Jeanne Cummings, “Outcome Shakes Up ’08 Calculus For McCain, Clinton and Others”
The Wall Street Journal, 11/09/2006

NEW REPORT: Truth in Advertising: 2006 Campaign Ads Reveal Progressive Populism

CAF analyzed how candidates in eleven contested, battleground-state races presented themselves to their constituents. The TV spots, speeches, websites and policy agendas of successful candidates were remarkably populist. This report explores what that means for the 110th Congress and ’08 elections. See the report »