Liveblogging The Paulson-Geithner Hearing

2:20 I agree in theory with just about everything that Tim Geithner said over the past two hours. The trouble is, his solutions– a systemic risk regulator, giving regulators more […]
Zach Carter

Tuesday’s Primaries: Tea Party 0, Democracy 5

Suppose they gave a tea party and nobody came? That’s pretty much what happened on Tuesday, as the first wave of Tea Party primary candidates all went down to abject […]
Sara Robinson

Liveblogging the Bear Stearns Hearing

9:00 Here we go. Bill Thomas is offering a very silly analogy between the automobile and the financial system. Both were simple 40 years ago, then both got complicated, and […]
Zach Carter

JPMorgan Still Hates The Economy

J.P. Morgan Chase, America’s largest warehouse of arrogant financial elites, has issued yet another deceptive lobbyist smear in the guise of an “analyst report.” Yesterday, the megabank’s Chief Economist James […]
Zach Carter

Long-Term Unemployed Want—And Need—Government Action

There’s a new study today that shows once again how insanely wrong conservatives are when they say that extending unemployment benefits in today’s economy only discourages people from finding work. […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The Other 98% Takes Wall Street

I am a founding member of The Other 98% and I am really proud of this growing organization. We are speedily closing in on 30,000 facebook fans since the beginning […]
Alex Lawson

Conservative & Corporate Failure in the Deepwater Disaster

The only things more astounding than conservatives’ record of failure, are their denials of "personal responsibility" for the ensuing disasters, and their attempts to blame somebody — anybody — else. […]
Terrance Heath

Audit The Fed!

Despite all of the attention heaped on the Treasury Department and the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Federal Reserve served as the chief bank bailout engine in the U.S. economy […]
Zach Carter

We Need Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. And Jobs.

Things are good for the plutocrats. Stock market soaring, bonuses are big… Thinks are going mighty fine. So fine, in fact, that the urgency of extending unemployment, COBRA and programs […]

Blanche Lincoln Rambos Wall Street

The financial services reform bill is on the Senate floor this week. The recently announced criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs, the bumbling testimony of Goldman’s “Fabulous Fab” and the rocking […]
Mary Bottari

Conservatism’s Barnum & Bailey World

OK. Maybe just a Barnum world — P.T. Barnum, that is. This legendary promoter of famous hoaxes comes to mind once again as I watch the various congressional hearings related […]
Terrance Heath

Stand Up To Wall Street Today

Today is the big day: thousands of people will march on Wall Street this afternoon to protest big bank abuses. After watching Wall Street stack the economic deck against, well, […]
Zach Carter

Lies, Damned Lies and Employers

Don Blankenship, the man ultimately in charge of Massey Energy’s West Virginia mine where 29 workers died in an explosion April 5, assured financial analysts last week that safety is […]
Leo Gerard

Orwellian Obstruction: Republicans on Financial Reform

Senate Republicans have perfected the art of saying no. But in blocking a debate on financial reform, they have begun to imitate Goldman Sachs traders, selling positions that they are […]
Robert Borosage

Race & Reality, Pt. 1

Tim Wise says what I was thinking a few weeks ago: What if the tea party was black? Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is […]
Terrance Heath

China’s Stimulus Payoff

Yesterday I compared China’s stimulus plan with our own. China made a major investment in public infrastructure but a key strategic part of that was that they focused on developing […]

Liveblogging The Goldman Sachs Hearing

10:00 Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein won’t appear before Levin’s committee until this afternoon, but his written testimony is here: http://hsgac.
Zach Carter

Lessons From China’s Stimulus

China and the United States have both engaged in economic stimulus plans. This provides an opportunity to compare, and hopefully to learn. China’s stimulus brought them through the economic crisis, […]

Suffering From Deficit Allergies

The following was originally published by Politico This spring, much of Washington is afflicted with deficit allergies. The Senate had to break a filibuster just to pass a one-month extension […]
Robert Borosage

Republicans Filibuster Our Financial Future

Last night, Senate Republicans proved beyond any doubt that when it comes to the economy, they stand with Wall Street and against everybody else. Joined by lone Democrat Sen. Ben […]
Zach Carter

Shorting Democracy

This may be the single biggest lie in modern American history: “Most Republicans want a bill,” said Sen. Richard Shelby, “but they want a substantive bill.” We’ve criticized the Democrats […]
Richard Eskow
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