Stan Greenberg Joins Bob Borosage to Release New Election Day Poll on Voter Attitudes and Implications for Democratic Strategy

Washington, D.C., November 4, 2010—Stan Greenberg, a leading Democratic pollster and political strategist, will join Campaign for America’s Future’s Co–Director, Robert Borosage to discuss the results from a new Election Day survey. The poll, which includes voters and those that voted in 2008 and sat out this year, highlights the message conveyed on Tuesday. Voter fears about the economy drove this election, as well as deep anger at the failure of government to make it work for middle class families, even as Wall Street got bailed out.

“Democrats and the President paid a big price for failing to make a case for bold action on the economy, and for continuing Bush’s Wall Street policies,” said Borosage. “Those suggesting this election represents an ideological shift are simply wrong,” said Greenberg. “Voters are not buying what Republicans are selling, particularly cuts in Social Security and Medicare, education and the environment. And, voters are offended by the partisan posturing which Republicans will have a hard time transcending even with the House majority. Americans are still looking for answers, and not happy with the ones they’ve been getting from either party.”

Greenberg and Borosage will be available for questions after the presentation.

The polling results will be available after the call at


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