"The Republican Party is caught in the middle of Rep. Tom DeLay’s web of corruption. As Rep. DeLay’s defense continues to fall apart, Republicans from the U.S. House to the White House will be forced to decide if they still stand with DeLay or with decency. The Republican money laundering machine can’t spin its way out of this one."

—Toby Chaudhuri, Campaign for America’s Future Communications Director

  • The RNC Helped Tom Delay Funnel Corporate Money To Right-Wing Texas Candidates And Violated Texas Laws Through Deputy Chief Of Staff Terry Nelson. According to the indictment, Jim Ellis, DeLay’s co-conspirator, asked Terry Nelson, the RNC’s deputy chief of staff, to make contributions to select candidates for the Texas House of Representatives with a contribution from TRMPAC. (State of Texas v. John Colyandro
  • Tom Delay’s Co-Conspirator Delivered $190,000 In Corporate Money And A List Of Candidates To The RNC. The indictment alleges that Jim Ellis proposed to Terry Nelson that the RNC make contributions to seven candidates in exchange for the TRMPAC check. (State of Texas v. John Colyandro,Associated Press, Oct. 4, 2005)
  • Terry Nelson Is A Longtime Advisor To President Bush And Was The Political Director Of His 2004 Campaign. According to the press, Terry Nelson a long time advisor to Bush and the Bush/Cheney ’04 political director, was named in the DeLay indictment as the RNC official through whom the corporate money flowed. (Associated Press, Sept. 28, 2005; National Journal, March 9, 2005)

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