Reports Show States Benefitting From Matching Investment In America With Administration Request For Iraq Reconstruction

Beginning today, citizen activists across the country are releasing reports, which project the likely impact of investing as much money in America for U.S. jobs, health care and infrastructure as President Bush is requesting for Iraq reconstruction – as required by the America Parity Act, introduced by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL).

Of Bush’s $87 billion supplemental request, $20.3 billion is earmarked for a rebuilding plan for Iraq.  No such plan exists to create jobs and growth in America, despite many unmet needs and deepening financial crisis.

The Institute for America’s Future has produced 50 state reports analyzing what an equivalent funding commitment to create jobs, build schools, and improve healthcare here at home would mean to the nation.  Grassroots groups around the nation are releasing these new reports to communities who have borne the brunt of the Administration’s failed economic policies of tax breaks for the wealthy.

While supporting America’s goal of getting the job done in Iraq, activists are asking: “If the Administration can afford to rebuild Iraq – why can’t the Administration afford to rebuild America?”

The new reports highlight the many unmet needs in each state that continue to worsen despite massive tax breaks given to the nation’s affluent.  The new reports also show examples of what each state could accomplish with their share of Parity Act funds, like building schools and hiring teachers.

Visit for sample report.  Other reports are being released by grassroots groups over the course of the next week.

For more information on local release schedules and participating groups call 202-955-5665.  To view released reports visit