Progressives Stand Up At Democratic Convention

BOSTON, MASS. – Campaign for America’s Future Co-director Robert Borosage today said that progressives aren’t debating whether to support John Kerry and take on George Bush because they already are. Filmmaker Michael Moore and former Governor Howard Dean, D-Vt., will make a splash at the Democratic convention in Boston today when they rally thousands of progressive activists planning to attend the Campaign for America’s Future Take Back America events. Political pundits are filled with speculation about whether progressives, anti-war activists, Dean supporters, African American and Latino activists will get out and work for John Kerry this fall.


Progressives aren’t sitting around debating whether to stand up for John Kerry to take on George Bush. They already are. Progressives gave the party its voice in the primaries, demanding a bold challenge to the failed right-wing policies of the Bush Administration.

Progressives broke the money primary. They showed that big money can be countered by people raising money in small amounts over the web. Progressives, led by, launched the air war that countered the blizzard of negative ads by the Bush campaign. Progressives created and staffed new groups outside the party structure and drove voter registration that makes up the ground operation of this campaign. The progressive base of the party — labor, citizen activists, young people, environmentalists, women, civil rights campaigners — are creating the largest citizen mobilization in modern politics in this election.

Will progressive activists mobilize for Kerry? They already are. And that is already reflected in Ralph Nader’s plummeting poll numbers. Progressive energy against Bush will render the Nader campaign a true fool’s errand.

For progressives, this election poses a big choice. Between the failed policies of the right and a new era of progressive reform. Between pre-emptive war and global leadership. Between top end tax cuts that create more jobs in Shanghai than in Saginaw and investment in America that puts people to work here. Between a politics of division and fear and a politics of unity and hope. Progressives are in the field and on the march — and their energy will make this a defining election.

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