Progressives Push “straight Talk” In Their Fall Agenda

New Campaign for America’s Future Poll Shows Opening For Progressives

WASHINGTON – Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg joined Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage at a news conference today to release “Straight Talk”—a manual for candidates and activists that outlines how to argue the progressive case for this fall’s elections. The manual details the progressive argument on the economy, on security and on strategic initiatives from energy independence to health care to reclaiming our democracy.

Citing numbers found in a new Campaign for America’s Future poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Borosage said progressives should be emboldened, not simply in the hope of taking back Congress because of corruption and incompetence, but in proposing a bold reform agenda that asserts a new politics of the “common good,” putting government back on the side of the people.

“In area after area, the majority of Americans stand with progressives against the conservative idea,” said Borosage. “Similarly, on broad policy initiatives—in area after area, progressive initiatives receive remarkable levels of support—with far more intensity and support than signature conservative polices. Washington has been consumed by scandals and incompetence, but there’s a far larger, potentially far more momentous sea change taking place.”

“We were asked, with this poll, to find out if the country has reached a tipping point,” said Stan Greenberg. “The answer is yes. The conservative world view is in the deepest possible trouble at its very core philosophical underpinnings.”

The Campaign for America’s Future’s poll shows that although the failure of the conservative revolution has undermined confidence in government, Americans in overwhelming numbers favor progressive solutions on a wide range of policy areas, including standing up for America’s economic interests, universal education, supporting American employees in the workplace, a multilateral approach to world affairs, and new modern approaches to energy and healthcare.

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**NOTE: Electronic copies of the “Straight Talk” manual and the new Campaign for America’s Future poll are available at Download a copy of Stan Greenberg’s polling presentation here. Copies of Robert Borosage’s statement on Straight Talk are available here.**