Press Advisory: Stanley Greenberg, Gore Advisor, To Present Analysis Of 2000 Election Results

Campaign for America’s Future to releaseGreenberg poll on voter response to candidates’ election messages at November 10th press conference.

Washington, DC — On Friday, November 10 pollster Stanley Greenberg, one of the key campaign advisors to Vice President Gore, will present the findings of a nationwide poll of voters begun just after balloting closed on election day. The poll and Greenberg’s analysis were commissioned by the Institute for America’s Future, the research and education arm of the progressive Campaign for America’s Future.

Greenberg, who is one of the Gore advisors most associated with Gore’s decision to campaign as a populist on behalf of working families, will share insights into the electorate’s changing views of the candidates, the debate within the Gore campaign about the message of the campaign, and, perhaps most importantly, how both presidential campaigns (and both parties) succeeded or failed at winning support from the key voting groups they targeted.

The press conference will also hear from Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future, and from Celinda Lake, president of the political and issues polling firm, Lake Snell Perry and Associates.


Release of new poll and post-election analysis by Stanley Greenberg

Stanley Greenberg, Greenberg, Quinlan Research & Gore advisor

Robert Borosage, Co-Director, Campaign for America’s Future


Celinda Lake, Lake Snell Perry and Associates 

12 noon, Friday, November 10th

Zenger Room, National Press Club, 13th Floor

529 14th Street, NW