President Signals Desperate Policy Shift On Medicare

WASHINGTON – Campaign for America’s Future Co-director Roger Hickey today criticized President Bush’s desperate attempt to curry favor with seniors increasingly disappointed with his new prescription drug law. Responding to recent public opinion polls, President Bush today shifted his public position on importing prescription drugs at a campaign event in Hudson, Mo. Hickey leads the Take Back Medicare Coalition.

It is becoming increasingly hard for seniors to afford prescription drugs. Seniors will pay more for their prescriptions with the President’s new prescription drug law, according to the non-partisan Consumers Union. Drug prices across America are 200% higher than they are in Canada, according to Families USA.

The White House and big drug companies have a long history of opposing the importation of affordable prescription drugs from other countries. Drug companies and HMOs are major campaign contributors to President Bush and his allies, according to Public Campaign.


“The president has fought to keep prescription drug prices high at every turn. His new prescription drug law prohibits Medicare from bringing down prescription prices in America. The Bush administration has brokered deals with foreign governments that would allow only expensive drugs into the United States to protect corporate profits instead of real people’s lives.

The president’s flip-flop won’t bring down the price of prescription drugs for seniors who need them. The president should change his new prescription drug law to force Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and make it legal to import affordable drugs from other countries.

The White House has worked hard to block access to affordable medicines. Seniors — who have overwhelmingly rejected his prescription drug plan — will not be fooled.”