One Night Of Gop Compassion, Four Years Of Failure

WASHINGTON – Campaign for America’s Future Co-director Robert Borosage today said that President Bush’s policies are hurting working families and are a far cry from being compassionate. Republicans plan to highlight their compassion tonight at their convention in New York City.

The Campaign for America’s Future has a proven record of bringing progressive groups together around issues that working people discuss around their kitchen tables late at night. The group fights for an economy that works for working people, good jobs with good benefits, affordable health care, a secure retirement, high quality public education and energy independence.

The Campaign for America’s Future is helping to lead the largest mobilization for public education in history to rouse the nation to make our public schools a priority at every level of government. The Campaign also established a nationwide coalition of citizen groups that are challenging lawmakers to stand with seniors and against drug companies and HMOs by pledging to fix President Bush’s new prescription drug law.


President Bush’s compassion doesn’t go beyond the corporate board room to help real people. We need real compassion for victims that pay the price for Bush’s broken promises and corporate payoffs:

Compassion for the seniors who will pay more for their prescription drugs because the president, in a sellout to drug companies, pushed through a bill that actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating a better price for seniors. Compassion for school children whose school’s budgets are cut, teachers laid off, after school programs eliminated even while the president is cutting taxes on millionaires.

Republicans can hide the right-wing zealots in the closet, but they can’t hide President Bush’s failed policies that are adding to the burdens of working Americans, not relieving them.

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