New York Leaders Join Forces To Fight For Energy Independence And Good Jobs

ALBANY, N.Y. – New York labor, business, environmental and community leaders launched a new coalition at a news conference today, challenging candidates for public office to endorse bold plans for clean energy that create good jobs across the state. The coalition, called the New York Apollo Alliance, released a 10-point plan outlining methods to further reduce oil dependence, promote renewable power and make buildings and vehicles more energy efficient.

The new coalition includes the Environmental Business Association of New York State, the Sierra Club, the United Steelworkers, the New York State United Teachers, and others. A group of about a dozen officials from the alliance announced the group’s formation at the Legislative Office Building in Albany.

“New York has historically been one of the nation’s leaders in renewable energy and efficiency and we are proud they have joined us in this fight,” said Jerome Ringo, president of the Apollo Alliance. “It is time for the public to rise up and challenge our leaders to commit to freeing America of its dependence on foreign oil and to creating good American jobs, and the people of New York are helping lead the way.”

“Despite rising gas prices, war in the Middle East and growing signs of global warming, we’ve seen precious little effort from Washington to promote renewable power or cut oil use,” said Chris Ballantyne, the Sierra Club’s senior regional representative. “It’s time for voters to know where candidates stand on this pivotal issue.”

“Investments in clean energy and more efficient infrastructure could make up for a significant share of the 130,000 manufacturing jobs lost in New York since 2001,” said Ed Murphy, executive director of the Workforce Development Institute. “A significant investment in renewable power components is the wave of the future in the manufacturing sector.”

The New York Apollo Alliance is the eleventh state chapter of the Apollo Alliance, a national coalition of labor, environmental, social justice, and business groups united in the fight for clean energy and good jobs.

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