WASHINGTON – The health care industry is blatantly failing to deliver on its promise to listen to people’s ideas about how to create high-quality care for every American, according to a new Internet video produced by the Campaign for America’s Future for a coalition of hundreds of groups working to fix our nation’s broken health care system.

As part of the insurance industry’s new “listening tour,” the industry-funded Coalition for An American Health Care Solution launched a hotline for individuals to share ideas about how to improve and expand the health care system. Unfortunately, calls to the hotline go straight to an answering machine. In response, the Internet video asks, “What else would you expect from the health care industry?”

The video was produced for the Health Care for America Now coalition, which was launched last month. Between now and Election Day, the groups plans to spend $25 million in paid media and have 100 organizers in 45 states.

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Internet Video – 50 sec.

The health insurance companies say they want to hear from you… They’ve even launched a hotline for you to share your input… Call now! 1-800-289-1136. They say they want to listen to your thoughts on health care. [Dial tone, phone dials number.] Oh Really?

MESSAGE MACHINE: Thank you for calling the Coalition for an American Health Care Solution. No one is available to take your call right now, so please leave your name phone number and a short message.

CALLER: Hey, this is Bob from Detroit. This is the fifth time I’ve called you today. I’ve heard you’ve started some listening tour. But if you really want to listen, pick up the phone.

ONSCREEN: What else would you expect from the health care industry? Fight Back. Produced by Campaign for America’s Future.

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